Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank You, Pet Moz!

Many of our friends know of PetMoz, a fun AND informative website about, as they say, 'Everything Pet". They are also on Facebook and Twitter, too.

From dogs to hamsters to cats, on their website you can find informative guest posts, coupons for pet foods, and of course, cute photos!

Sometimes on  Friday's they feature a pet blog, too (Ummm, I see they haven't done that in a while...). Sean Green is very supportive of us pet bloggers, and we encourage those of you who haven't visited his site, do stop by and say hello and put them on your'll be glad you did!

And every once in a while, they have some great giveaways, everything from pet food to gift cards to...the prize we just won! A Kindle Fire HD 7!!!

Yep, we were the lucky pet blogger that won and it arrived overnight and Teri set it up and signed up for Amazon Prime and now just has to learn how to stream movies, hahameow! She even bought a pretty 'skin' for it and is looking for a sleeve for it now.

She said all her friends that have Kindle Fires love them and she said getting it was like an early birthday present to herself! (She turns 61 today--be we told her not to be sad cuz that's only 11 in cat years, hahameow!).

We want to thank Sean and for their great website, and for being so supportive of us Pet Bloggers, too. Like he said when he thought up this giveaway, when he visits our blogs that are linked to PetMOZ, just like when we link to his website, and other blogs we like, we are giving away a part of ourselves in that sharing.

That community and that support is what he wanted to celebrate with this giveaway! We all love the friends we have made here, too and can't wait for the Blogpaws Pet Bloggers Conference in May to see old friends and meet new ones...and we'll have our new Kindle Fire HD with us!

Oh, and don't forget to Hop Today!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happurry Heart Day!

Words Of Love From My Cats To Me...

With you, our hearts rest on a pillow of happiness
(in reality, they steal the pillow and covers, too).

How do we love thee? 
Let us count the ways...
Nom, Nom, Nom...
(True, a way to a cat's heart 
is through it's stomach).

The eyes are the windows to the soul...
(If they stare at me long enough, 
they usually get what they want).

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...
Sounds Yummy!
(That describes my cats perfectly).

To love and be loved 
is to feel the sun from both sides
(Yes, we all love sun puddles, don't we?!) 

To stay - in your arms
Is the dream we pursue
To be sheltered - and safe - from the storm
To be cozy - and ever - so warm
(Ditto, Kitties!)

Happy Valentine's Day to all the Cat Lovers out there!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday, featuring Svelte Coco!

Looking lovely, Coco is ready for Mardi Gras!

And just like every Lady Cat, 
she has her mysterious side, too...

Monday, February 11, 2013

ManCat Mardi Gras Monday!

Bon Temps Rouler! 

Disco's ready for Fat Tuesday, hahameow!

Lookin' good in Green, Purple and Gold!
(Disco's got Ta-Ta's, too!)

Brighton's a member of
The Mystik Crewe of Cornish Rex,
and he's got lotsa beads for the Girl Cats, too!

Handsome 'Party Boys' Disco and Brighton...
Getting ready to celebrate Mardi Gras!