Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday...'n More!

Something about pumpkin orangey kitties and Autumn leaves!

Teri just loves this photo she took last just says 'October' and has a crisp, chill in the air feel, doesn't it?! Teri bought a little 'dog house' and heating pad to put inside but she isn't sure TomTom will use it but she hopes so, cuz it would be cozy! He probably has a burrow someplace, lined with moss and leaves, maybe...

This photo of TomTom was going to be for Mancat Monday but our secreTeri is falling down on the job (except for taking photos, hahameow!) and it's Thursday already!! Brighton hovered round her desk, trying to encourage her to let him blog, but to no avail!

But now Teri has a 'second' job...exercising and taking her vitamins and Calcium EVERY day instead of just when she remembered! Yeppers...her human vet told her that her bone density test said she has osteopenia in her neck and back, and osteoporosis in her legs!

It had been 2 years since she had a test and back then it was just osteopenia and her human vet told her to exercise and take her calcium every day...did she listen?? Not so much!

Even her therapist told her that exercising was the next goal for Teri to work for, and Teri said if her test came back bad...that would be all the incentive she needed. So on Friday, she took Disco out in the stroller (he was handy...the rest of us were napping) and she walked 4 miles.

Then she went out by herself on Sunday and Tuesday and walked the same distance, this time with weights (instead of pushing weighty Disco, hahameow!). She says, soon she hopes she will be fit and trim and that her bones will be helped, too!

Then on Saturday, we had a visitor! Our friend, Carol of Coffee, Cats n' Yarn. She and Teri talked and talked while Teri straightened up the messy kitchen, while we got some extra attention!

Then they went out for Mexican food while we took another nap! Here's a pix of Disco restin' his 'ham' on Carol's cheek--how sweet and tender!

Today, we are home alone, and Teri is taking the train up to Connecticut to visit Simba and Sadie and their humans. They were both born at our house, and Teri hasn't seen them since they left home for their new this will be a good visit! And she won't be so lonely since she will have them to cuddle and play with...

Our regular petsitter is about to have a baby herself, so we will have a new one this time...but she comes highly recommended! She is the vet tech at the cat hospital where Teri works and Teri hired her and we know Teri has good judgement! Well, except when it comes to exercising and taking her vitamins!

We also have a couple of guests at our house too! We haven't seen them yet, but we know they are behind the door to OUR guest bedroom. They were born at our house too, and you might remember them from some pix in past posts.

Their humans are on vacation so they are staying at our B & B for a couple of weeks! Remember Jasper and Clover? They are Coco's kids, from the litter that was all named after flowers. Clover's name stuck, and Teri would have to look in the baby book, but she thinks Jasper used to be called Dandelion, like the weed, hahameow!

They arrived last Sunday and will stay with us until November 12th and Teri promised their humans to take a lot of photos of them during their stay with us...kinda like 'summer vacation' pix!

Well, that's all the news for now. Teri is going to try and get to some more 'blog hopping' in now!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have you ordered your 'Tocktober Ham yet?

We know we just posted this photo on another blogpost, but when someone said it looked like a Pork Chop...we knew it had to be our 'Tocktober photo entry!

Wordy (Whiskerhump) Wednesday...

Warning...Whiskerhumps ahead!

Our secreTeri has been so busy at work (they are building a new website) and busy on the weekends (another cat show last weekend) that her free time to help us blog and visit our bloggie friends is non-existent! So this Wednesday, we are really chatty catties!

We are trying to keep up with everyone on Google Reader and on the Cat Blogosphere, and visit our furriends who need purrs, and maybe when daylight savings time ends, Teri will sit down and help us blog again! Til then, here's a few pix from past couple of weeks, so you can see what we've been up to!

Teri got to go and visit Kiki, Cheddar and Colby in Merryland, and they let her know they are very happy!

Kiki maybe recognized Teri, which is to say she didn't hiss at her and she let Teri hold her and kiss her on the top of her head, which made Teri purr, too!

Then she went to a foodie festival with Kiki, Cheddar and Colby's family and it was a perfect day to be outside with friends!

And of course, we have been busy, too, perfecting our napping skills--burrowing and sunpuddling and bunwarming (aka laying on the clothes dryer, hahameow!)

Oh yeah, then there was the cat show last weekend! Brighton and Coco got to 'work the crowd' on the catwalk, MeWowZa!

A special friend named Jeff brought us some cool toys, too! He knew we liked Kong toys, so we got a crackly lil bug and a 'birdie ball' that peeped at us! Here's a video to prove it!

And Disco stayed home, passing the time on the computer, gazing at his Ladycatfriend, Stella O' Behave, hahameow!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

It rained all day here in Virginia, so here's a sweet photo from sunny California, of Percy and Brinkley, two of our 'extended family' who recently made a long roadtrip from North Carolina to Southern California, where it looks like they have settled in and are enjoying both the sunshine and maybe some birdies?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We have a Winner!

Our purrsonal secreTeri was supposed to announce the lucky cat(s) that had the winning number (according to for our giveaway for the PetSmart Martha Stewart Double Feeder and Mat yesterday!

But she was a bit out-of-sorts cuz she had to starve for 24 hours for a human vet visit (for a routine old person colonoscopy...TMI) and all she could think about was eating!

She did find some really good Organic Beef Broth that almost tasted like steak, she said, but she didn't care for the Pina Colada Jello (although she said it would have made good Jello Shooters if she had added Rum, hahameow).

She got back home today (test results all A-OK) and she realized that she hadn't remembered to announce the giveaway winner! So she got on and let them pick the number, and while we didn't have a lot of comments, we were happy to know that made the odds of winning for some lucky cat(s) even better!

So with many purrs of delight, we are happy to say that the cats from the sweet blog, Critters in the Cottage, will soon be dining in style with their new 'dinnerware'!

We want to thank everyone who visited and left a comment on our post that day, and we look forward to getting to know some of you new visitors better when we get Teri to let us have some computer time again!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Toysday! Our Review of the Junk Food Flyers...

MeWowZa...One would think testing and reviewing toys would be a slam dunk, enviable job description, wouldn't ya?!

But oh, the pressure!

First of all, some human put some thought into devising a captivating plaything for us.. CatGod luv 'em, they try, but we cats continually frustrate them by choosing to play with Q-Tips instead, hahameow!

We often find very unique and intriguing toys on the cool cat site, ModernCat and when we saw these Junk Food Flyers, we told Teri that they looked like fun, bite sized toys that we could carry around, toss in the air and covet under the bed!

So the lovely lady Kate, from ModernCat offer to send us some to play (or not) with and review! Disco said they sounded Yummy (he has been known to put the bitey on cat food bags) and Coco has a penchant for coveting small toys and burying them under the covers.

And Teri liked the fact that they were recycled trash! So we anxiously awaited their arrival by mail...

Teri took some pictures of them and then handed them out to us...and she waited and frowned when we just sniffed and walked away! Well, she said she was going to have to be 'interactive' and make them FLY...still kind of a bored response from us once they 'landed'.

Then she got the bright idea of sewing a loop on one and attaching it to one of our 'fishing pole' toys! That did the trick! We thought they kind of fluttered like a butterfly and when we 'caught' them, they made a nice crunchy sound!

So we are happy to report we give the Junk Food Flyers our Paw of Approval, we just had to 'customize' them to our own purrsonal taste, that's all!

We want to thank Kate for giving us this oppurrtunity to try them out, too! If you would like some of these 'Green' toys for your very own, you can get 'em at Moderncat's Etsy Shop.

Teri made a little video of us 'interacting' with them on the stick...just to entice you!

Disclaimer: We are happy to be a part of this product review, and we did receive free Junk Food Flyers from Moderncat to use and review, and keep! However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mancat Monday...

Love the Sphinx-like shadow!
This is Edward, one of Furrydance's extended family.
He lives near St Louis, with his brother Billy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fashion Friday!

The Furrydance cats, doing their little turn on the catwalk...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wordless Whisker Hump Day...

Yesterday, we got the purrfect Wordless Wednesday photo emailed to us by this kitty's sweet mom. His name is Furlinghetti and you have seen his handsome self featured on our blog before!

As Teri was looking at his 'reflection' (actually, he has the honor of being 'The Desktop Kitty, too) she noticed he also has fine whiskerhumps!

So today is the perfect day to post his photo, don't you think?!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tabby Tuesday...

Since it's already October, we think it's time for some 'pumpkin colored' kitties today!

This one knows his feminine side, he likes flowers, especially if they coordinate and show off his purrty furs. This is Taddy Porter, who now lives in Pennsylvania, and has a Jack Russell Terrier for a buddy!

And here's a new photo of Mama Katz, who mostly comes around late at night so we might often miss her. We saw her last on September 19th, so it was nice to see her show up for a bite to eat this past weekend. Teri quickly grabbed her camera and snapped this furtive shot.

Our Review, and a Giveaway! New Martha Stewart Cat Line!

After our excursion to BlogPaws in August, a nice lady from PetSmart wrote to us and asked us if we'd like to test out something from PetSmart's new Martha Stewart cat line, the Double Feeder and Mat.

Oh, we said yes, of course and Disco was especially happy as it was a review that had to do with food, hahameow! Teri said she has admired Martha Stewart's dog line, especially the colors and she was glad to know they have expanded to a cat line, too and they are available exclusively at PetSmart!

We saw that a few other cat bloggers had reviewed and given the 'Paws Up' on the Double Feeder and Feeding Mat, and we thought the items pictured looked very cat friendly, well thought out and useful, too and we anxiously awaited the arrival of our package from the man in the brown shorts.

Teri has used a variety of feeding bowls and place mats over the years for us cats, from human plates, casserole dishes and stoneware crocks made for pets. She said she never used plastic dishes as they are prone to absorb odors and harbor bacteria and she said the typical stainless steel bowls weren't very decorative.

Teri even worried about where the crockery and ceramic dishes were made, in case they were made with toxic products. So she thought the nice combination of a stainless steel shallow dish that fit in a well made plastic base was right on target!

And none of the placemats she has tried for our 'Feeding Station' fit the bill 100%--either they weren't absorbent, didn't catch spills or prevent us from pushing the bowls around in our eagerness to find every morsel that dropped out of our mouths, hahameow. And she said she loves using the silicone items she has in the kitchen, so she thought the silicone mat with it’s lipped edge just might be purrfect!

The double feeder has cat-sized (vs dog sized, hahameow) stainless steel, rust proof dishes that fit into a well-made nonskid melamine base, and we got the pretty pastel blue one, but it also comes in pink and beige. The set is well made, weighing in at just over 12 ounces, so you can tell, NOT flimsy!

There is a narrow silicone ring under rim of the stainless steel bowls, which makes them secure and stops any rattle as we dig in! The plastic base has clean mod lines and the non-skid bottom prevents us from spilling the contents when we get a little too eager while chowing down and won’t mar the floors, either. On one side of the base, there is a hand-grip that makes it easy for humans to pick up and move the bowls, too.

We cats thought the bowls were just the right size for our sensitive whisker humps. Whoever designed these dishes knew that cats don’t like to have their whiskers cramped when dining!And Teri said the stainless steel bowls made washing them up easy, and they are easily removed from the base by human fingers, but not our paws, hahameow!

Another thing Teri liked was the silicone lids that fit right on the dishes to help keep food fresh if we don’t gobble it all down in one sitting! They say the dishes are dishwasher safe, too but so far, Teri has hand washed them. They advise handwashing the silicone covers and mat.

And we haven’t even gotten to the Feeding Mat! MeWowZa. Teri loves the mat, and the fact that it is also available for purchase by itself and she wants to buy another one! When she does, she'll put our other 'mats' in the donation box.

The Feeding Mat works just as it purported to--non-skid, lip to catch spills and easy to clean! We were a bit confused by our feeding station moving for this test, but had no other issues with using this set, and although we don’t have food out ‘ad lib’ cuz Disco’s on a diet, Teri said she liked the double feeder, in which she put two 3 ounce cans of food for us to share. Even though our muzzles are small compared to beefier cats, we think they are just the right size for 3 ounces of food, and helps with portion control!

The Martha Stewart line is exclusive to PetSmart, and the cat the collection will feature feeding bowls and mats, can covers, food scoops, food jars, beds and a variety of toys. Products will continue to roll out through October, so be sure to check them out and we think you will be impurressed, too!

PetSmart (and Martha we guess) has arranged for some lucky cat family to have their own Double Feeder and Mat! Isn't that cool! Just leave us a comment if you’d like to be dining with your very own Martha Stewart Double Feeder and Mat, and let us know how we should contact you if you are the lucky winner! Only readers with Canadian or US addresses are eligible to win these items.

The winner will be chosen on Monday, October 10th We will let our PetSmart lady know who won and she will deliver the items directly to your address. The items will be shipped directly from PetSmart to the lucky winner to anywhere in the United States or Canada.

The Martha Stewart line is exclusive to PetSmart, and the cat the collection will feature feeding bowls and mats, can covers, food scoops, food jars, beds and a variety of toys. Products will continue to roll out through October, so be sure to check them out and we think you will be impurressed, too!

Disclaimer: We are happy to be a part of this product review, and we did receive a free Double Feeder and Feeding Mat from Martha Stewart/PetSmart to use and review, and keep! However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mancat Monday (or a Stella O' fix...)

Disco December 2006 (when he was still 'fit')

Disco November 2010 (sporting 'Love Handles')

Disco August 2011 (a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Live Strong 2011

We Curly Swirly cats, and Teri, join Zoolatry and The Cat's Meow in focusing awareness of those affected by cancer, by going Yellow for LiveSTRONG Day 2011.

In October 2010, Pet Bloggers worldwide came together, to honor those fighting against cancer, to remember those lost to cancer, and to celebrate those whose cancer is in remission.

Bloggers 'went yellow' for LiveSTRONG Day, and a special blog was created for one and all to share their posts, their photos and their thoughts.

There is an introduction for this years event from The Cat's Meow...

We didn't know we had any yellow outfits, but we do and to show our support, and since it's raining outside, we thought this photo was a good choice!

LiveSTRONG Day helps raise awareness of cancer, those who are fighting the good fight and those who are survivors...both human and animal! While our Teri has not lost a family member to cancer, she has lost two kitties to cancer.

Her very first kitty, Cascais, had intestinal cancer, as did one of her Cornish Rex, Skiddy. They both lived many months after their diagnosis, and Teri knows each extra day with them was a gift.

And brave Trevor, who lived in a home with heavy smokers for most of his life, came back home to Teri when he was an old cat and not too long after that, he was diagnosed with nasal cancer, most likely due to inhaling all that cigarette smoke for so long. To think that his cancer might have been prevented makes Teri sad to have lost him to it.

We are proud to GO YELLOW for LiveSTRONG Day and spread the awareness with the message:

We believe in the Power of the Purr!

To learn more about LiveStrong, visit