Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Dress It Up!

Brighton the Cornish Rex in Brocade Vest and Top Hat

Well, anyone who has attended a #BlogPaws conference knows that the ManCats of the Curlz and Swirlz blog know how to "Dress It Up" the above photo shows you just how fashionable we can be!

That's Brigbton, wearing a custom-made Brocade vest and lace cravat, with a handsome top hat to match!

Brighton can also 'Dress It Down' and be casual and kind of a hipster, too!

Brighton the Cornish Rex in red wig and tank top

And his partner-in-crime, Disco NoFurNo usually tries for a more "edgy" look, as the following photo of him in a tattoo print harness and punk styled wig hat shows!

Disco the Sphynx in FooFooFido Tattoo harness and red wig

The ManCats of Curlz and Swirlz have been to a couple of BlogPaws Conferences, the two that were held close to home, and it seems Coco gets all the limelight, they are also quite the fashionistas, too! 

These next photos were taken at BlogPaws 2012, when it was here in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. And just in case you needed more incentive to register for the 2016 conference, Teri always tells people "It's the most fun you can have while learning" and being around true animal advocates, many of them with their beloved pets with them...well, it's just the best experience in the world!

Disco the Sphynx in red plaid shirt and straw cowboy hat

Disco the Sphynx, Brighton the Cornish Rex in FooFooFido harnesses

Disco the Sphynx in brocade vest and lace cravat

Brighton the Cornish Rex in his Route 66 shirt

And every Wednesday, BlogPaws hosts a Blog Hop, which is a great way to meet other bloggers and start  forming friendships that are made even more special if you get to meet them in person at a BlogPaws conference!

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop badge

Monday, February 8, 2016

ManCat Monday

About a month ago, Teri actually sat in on a #BlogPawsChat, her first in many months. And, we were purrty happy about that cuz there was something in it for us, hahameow!

Their sponsor that week was Pet Grass, and since Teri buys us wheat grass from time-to-time, she thought she would tune in and learn more about this subscription service that keeps your kitties stocked with fresh greens ... What's not to like?!

She decided to give it a try for us -- just one time to see what she thought of the product and she got 10% off the order, too. A few days later a box arrived for us! We were very interested in the contents, too!

It came cutely packaged and the instructions were to take one out and keep the other 2 in the fridge to make them last longer (and even put the one we nibble on in the fridge at night, too). PetGrass thought of everything, down to the finest detail!

Teri forgot to do that but each pot stayed green and fresh for about 10 days, much longer that the stuff she usually buys at
P _ _ _ _.

And it was priced only a couple of dollars more than the typical grass and she is sure if she put it in the fridge at night, and misted it daily, she might have been able to make it last even longer!

If your kitties like greens, and the though of a subscription and auto shipments arriving at your door without you having to run out and shop, then we think Pet Grass Whisker Greens just might be something you'd like, too!

Here's a link to their website so you can read all about it! and if you decide to order some, use the code YUM to get 10% off!

Oh, some of you LadyCats might be saying 'Where's the Man in ManCat Monday' ... well, here's something to whet your appetite for more than grass, HahaMeow!

Ps: Nope, this isn't a sponsored post, we just like nomming on fresh greens and thought you might, too!