Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday

One of our extended family, Xerxes.
He shares his home, and chair, with his buddies,
 in Knob Noster (say that 3 x fast, hahameow)...

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Here is the photo from our very first Wordless Wednesday post, way back in December 2008. It a photo of Kely Bray, one of our catfamily that came back to us due to family problems. This photo was taken when Kely was still a youngster, and now she is 12 years old. But she still acts very kittenish and you can see in her eyes she has a lot of life left to enjoy!

Purr for her today, cuz she is having her teeth cleaned and a couple may have to come out. And she has 2 small masses on her face that need to come off and be biopsied...Keep your paws crossed for her today, ok...

Update: Kely's in recovery and did fine during the procedure. No extractions needs and the 2 lumps came off, and will be biopsied just to be sure. Here is a cute photo of Kely in her recovery cage. She took the bedding and made a tent out of it and is sitting right on top of the Snuggle Safe (a microwavable heating pad)...

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Our BlogPaws 2013 Tails (& Tales), Part 1

herding cats photo: Herding cats herding-cats.jpg

Where to begin? 
There's so much going on in our lives right now...

Big changes in Teri's day hunting place, and she's both excited and anxious...

And we are having to adjust to some new kitties in the house! Five of our extended catfamily have come back home because of family problems, and while most are behind closed doors...we still know they are here!

But we'll tell you all about all that some other day, cuz right now...We gotta tell you all about the BlogPaws 2013 Conference we got to go to last week!

This time the conference was in our vicinity, so all 3 of us got to go! Last year, it was in Salt Lake City, so only Coco got to attend as Teri had to fly there.

And so we could all mix and mingle to the max, we stayed at the conference hotel instead of coming back home each night!

Yep, that's Brighton and Teri on the poster!
Because it was so close, Teri took everything but the kitchen sink and actually had to make 2 trips to get everything to the hotel!

Which one of these is not like the others?
She was hosting a little party in her room the night before the conference started, so there were party supplies, and the Mini Swag Bags we made for our friends, with yummy sardine cookies inside for the kitties and doggies.

And of course, us boys wouldn't be caught showing up in the Pink Catillac again, we made Teri bring both the Ladycat and the Mancat strollers.

And then there were all our outfits! We had more clothes hanging in the closet than Teri did, hahameow! But MeWowZa, we sure wow'd the crowd with our cat couture!

Photo by Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair

This time, Teri said she felt like she was Cat Juggling, trying to give us all equal time with our adoring fans! We were having so much fun that Teri actually missed a few of the sessions she had wanted to go to! 

She remembered one attendee saying that having your pets along was fun, but a bit distracting when it came to absorbing the educational seminars, because (as it should be) we are the priority and our needs come first!

Fortunately, all the sessions were being recorded and will be available online for attendees sometime in the future. Teri said she's glad to hear that cuz she kinda took less-than-stellar notes, too. Heck, she hasn't even gone through the notes she took at the veterinary conference she went to this month, so maybe she should just write off this BlogPaws as a social event and leave it at that!

Photo by Bernadette Kazmarski of The Creative Cat
Oh, it was social! We got to see some of our old friends again... and make some new ones, too! Amy, of Sebastian, the Sensitive Soul, had to smother Disco with hugs and kisses. 

And then there's our 4-Legger friends that were there! Here's two of them, Snotface and Papua Piig!

And we met some doggies we had only read about in blogs, like Carma Poodale and Sophia Loren! As you can see, we weren't the only fashionistas at BlogPaws this year! We should have gotten a group photo!!

We got to listen to Steve Dale, the world famous animal behaviorist (Teri says he's her idol and if you click on that his name, you can hear his presentation, which was inspiring!) and hear  David Frei, the world famous dog show emcee, talk about his life with dogs and Angels on a Leash. Click Closing Ceremonies to hear David's presentation and the awards ceremony. It was very uplifting being around true friends of animals for 4 days! 

Disco and Teri even got interviewed by Pete, The Vet, the Blogging Vet from Ireland! (Warning, you can watch the video but if you read some of the comments...just let it slide over you like water off a duck's back...that's what he told Teri to do...)

And then Disco and Brighton had their sketches done by the talented Bernadette Kazmarski of The Creative Cat  (who Teri met at the very first BlogPaws in 2010). Teri said it was one of the highlights of the conference to watch Bernadette get to know us kitties and then put pencil to paper! Here they are sitting in a sun puddle, unaware that they are being sketched. And here's the link to Bernadette's sketches, Daily Sketches at BlogPaws.

And then there were all the sessions to choose from! Over 35 of them in 3 days! Teri made some wrong choices, which is kinda sad as she only made it to 4 of them! She is going to hope that some of the speakers get asked back next year...and she will try and get to listen to the good ones she missed this year!

She said she was so busy with us that she didn't get to take advantage of the Pet360 Pavillion to get help with her blogging questions, or listen to her friend Robin's presentation on her 'Be the Change for Pets' in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

And, you can probably guess who got to walk down the Red Carpet with Teri...Coco, of course! She had a splendiferous gown on from the designer Pinxie and Teri had a lovely outfit, too (courtesy of finds!). Teri found this wonderful photo of the both of them on the Red Carpet, on the blog, Pugs and Pics!

Here's the link to Kim's post about us!
Teri and Coco attended the Nose-to-Nose Awards ceremony (and she kicked off her high heels under the table!). Somehow, she didn't get a CatBell to help cheer on her Cat Lady friends in the running for an award, but everyone said that the Cat Contingent was huge!! The cats made a sweep, winning Best Video, Best Facebook Design, Best Twitter Design, Best Humor Blog and Best Blog Writing! Here's links to all the Winners Blogs and pages...we sure you will think they are all winners!

Dogs for the Paws (Best Blog Design)

Kol's Notes (Best Bark Blog)

Mousebreath (Best Meow Blog)

Catladyland (Best Humor Blog)

My Mini Pet Pig (Best Wiggle Blog)

Fire Safety Rocks!  (Best Cause Blog)

Oscar Ate My Muffin  (Best New Blog)

Nerissa's Life (Best Blog Writing)

Tales and Tails "Bunny" (Best Blog Photo)

Mousebreath Ferris Wheel for Cat Poop  (Best Blog Video)

The Tiniest Tiger (Best Facebook Design)

Waffles Too Kitty  (Best Twitter Design)

Well, here it is Monday night, 10:15pm and Teri still has a pile of photos to go through...we we think we will chase her off to bed (with us, hahameow) and save the rest of the photos til 'Fashion Friday', ok?!

We hope our BlogPaws post makes you want to join in next year and you's in Las Vegas!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tasty Tabby Tuesday!

No, No - - - The Tabbies aren't tasty...but the Stinky Sardine Cookies will be!

Look what Teri make up for our furriends who are going to be at BlogPaws! We aren't sure we will even get a bite, but maybe the broken ones, hahameow!

And here's Coco, the prettiest tabby ever, in one of the many frocks she will be wearing at Blogpaws this week!

And not to be outdone by Coco this year, the boys will be sporting brocade vests with lace cravats!

Oh yeah, Teri will be learning a thing or two about blogging too, so we hope that gets her butt in gear to get back to helping us blog again!

Besides learning a thing or two, she will be wining and dining with friends and meeting some of our blogging buddies for the first time!

So, the fun begins tomorrow and we will be sure to post updates and photos every day, promise!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Three More Sleeps til BlogPaws!

Yes, we know it's been 1 month and 1 day since our last blog post! We have lots to say but somehow can't get Teri to put our meows into words lately!

We've been super busy--a couple of us were in the ASPCA Humane Feline Handling  slideshow (you can spot Disco and Al in the slideshow).

And Teri went away on vacation and we stayed at a B & B, too!

And 2 more kitties came back to live with us again, and taking care of them is keeping Teri pretty visits, teeth cleaning, medicines to give...but Kely (Coco's mom!) and Bebe (one of Kely's daughters) are feeling better now and maybe soon we will be able to meet them. Right now, they are still in isolation and acclimating here.

Kely is 12 years old...same age as Al, who came back to live with us in March. Oh, he has a new family coming to meet him on June 15th, so keep your paws crossed that they fall head over heels in love with him and he can start a new life with a nice older couple who recently lost their 12 year old Cornish Rex to cancer.

And Teri's also started blogging for her day hunting place and managing their Facebook page, too. She uses that as an excuse why she doesn't have time for keeping up with our blog!!!

Disco said he was sorry to hear that another kitty (the hospital kitty) is having to diet like him, but we think Teri did a pretty good job with the post about Riley's Battle of the Bulge!

And in a couple of days...It's BlogPaws time again!

Last year, Teri flew off to Salt Lake City with Coco and left us all behind to fend for ourselves (well, not really but we didn't get to pawty and schmooze!) but this year, all 3 of us kitty celebrities get to go!

There will be quite a few other celebs there this year, including Sophia Loren! No kidding...and we are sure the pawpawrazzi will be following her around!

But we think we will attract a crowd, be ready to see some scene stealing by us and photos and news every day! We have some snazzy new outfits and we all just had our baths so we are set to go!

Teri said she may have to make two trips to the hotel, good thing it's only an hour away! There's 2 strollers (the Pink Catillac for Coco and something more rugged and mancatly for us boycats!

Then there is our suitcase of couture, and enough beverages for a well stocked bar (for the 2 leggers, not us!). And then there's litter box, ice chest and even though we will be there...even the Flats are going!

As you can see, we are furry busy, aren't we?! But soon we will be chillaxin' at BlogPaws and we are sure Teri will be able to handle the Repurrter duties...because 'Inquiring Minds Want to Know' and we hate to disappoint our fans!