Saturday, April 23, 2016

We Love to Eat... Balanced Blends™, a complete and balanced raw diet! Read More Here!

Disco NoFurNo, Sphynx on a diet, baby scale

We like to eat! Some of us more than others, if the baby scale is any indication, and Teri has long been searching for the perfect diet for all of us, so she was pretty excited to have the chance to learn more about the new Balanced Blends™ raw diets!

Over the years, we kitties have eaten a variety of foods, but most recently Teri has been introducing us to raw diets, because she has heard how good it is for kitties, especially those with tummy issues like Disco and Kely have.

Kely Cornish Rex licking her lips
But she doesn't have the time to make the proper raw diet for us herself (it can be messy and time consuming). So she has tried various brands of prepared raw and freeze dried raw diets for us, with varying degrees of success with our acceptance of these new foods.

Cats are very texture and mouth-feel oriented, so cats that started out on dry kibble or on a canned food that is chunky or shredded will need some time to transition to a new form of food. Also, she was having a hard time finding a raw diet for cats that didn't have veggies in it.

Balanced Blends Cat Food ingredient photo

So she was very excited to be asked to try the new Balanced Blends™ raw diets, and to spread the word to our audience about the Balanced Blends™ Kickstarter pre-order campaign! What's not to like?! 

She had been searching for a convenient raw diet to add to our usual diet that she felt good about feeding and that was also made with the best practices. And ordering online and having  our food shipped directly to our house is something she likes, too!

Balanced Blends Raw diet for dogs and cats
(Note: Only the Balanced Blends™ formulas for dogs have vegetables in them)
Balanced Blends™ has formulated complete and balanced raw diets for cats and dogs with meats raised naturally, with no added hormones and antibiotic free. A well-balanced diet requires more than fresh raw meat, bones and organs (and fruits and veggies for dogs).

Coco, Disco, Brighton eating Balanced Blends raw diet

Teri felt good when she read none of their formulas ingredients are sourced from China--even the vitamins and minerals! Not many pet food companies can say that!

Balanced Blends raw cat food ingredients photo

Balance Blends™ uses chicken thighs instead of necks and backs as they believe the bone content is too high if the leading ingredients are necks and backs. They use egg yolks-rich in protein and amino acids that are essential for a well-balanced feline diet. They also do HPP (High Pressure Process) in the final packaging to eliminate the risk of re-contamination from repackaging.

Teri didn't know what HPP processing was, and you might not either, so here's an explanation. It is a water-based process that uses high pressure to kill pathogenic bacteria without heat or cooking.  Balanced Blends™ does not reopen their foods to be formed into patties, nuggets or bite-sized pieces and that eliminates the risk of re-contamination after the HPP process.

Balanced Blends raw diet for cats photo

Balanced Blends™ has answered all her questions about their foods-ingredients, operations, sources and she felt good that their formulas were developed with the help of a well-respected veterinarian who has done a lot of research in feline nutrition! 


We have been eating Balanced Blends™ eagerly for a couple of weeks now and we have made the transition to eating 100% Balanced Blends™ raw diet just this week! We have had no tummy upsets and did not turn our noses up at any of the formulas for cats.

We don't often eat beef, so our preference was the chicken! But we are getting used to the taste of the beef formula now and Teri just mixes the two together sometimes and we gobble it up, even making slurping sounds when we eat, hahameow!

Kely Cornish Rex eating Balanced Blends raw diet

If you would like to learn more about Balanced Blends™ raw diets for pets, just visit their website at They are having a Pre-Order Special that will save you $$$ and it starts on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 and ends on May 27th. 

We want to let you know that if you would like to try Balanced Blends™, and get in on the 'Early Cat' special order pricing, just follow this link to their Kickstarter Project page!

Balanced Blends ™ Kickstarter Project

So for the next month, we will be doing a weekly 'Tasty Tuesday' blog post, with updates and photos and videos of us enjoying our Balanced Blends™ meals, just like Kely is doing here!