Monday, July 28, 2014

ManCat Monday, Kitten Style

While there is no longer the pitter patter of tiny kitten paws around our house, we smiled when we thought of you all squee-ing over these cute lil Man-Cat-in-Training photos from years gone by!

And here's a cute video of Mancat Brighton educating GirlKitten Fifi...


Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday, Brighton Style

You might remember that a few months ago, 
It said Meow on it...

Well, Teri thought it was soooo cute that she knew that Brighton needed a coordinating one for their excursions together.

(yes, we know...lately it's been mostly Kely and Coco that get to go on excursions!).

So, she ordered one for Brighton that says Purr on it... how cool is that?!

Brighton was more into sniffing the concrete kitty than posing for photos...

He kissed a cat, and he liked it, HahaMeow!

Notice the cocked ear, which says I've had enough of this fashion shoot stuff!

Maybe Disco and Brighton can go to a Yappy Hour sometime soon in their trendy togs!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday..

Teri came across this old photo recently...this was the view she often got when she was sitting at her computer... 

Laptops and flat screens kinda put an 'end' to this scenario, hahameow! Now we have to find other places to warm our the Kitty Cocoons, which we love a lot!

Though they could be roomier, as this video clip shows!

Maybe it's easier just know...Hop!

Monday, July 21, 2014

ManCat Monday, Disco Style...

While searching through the hundreds, maybe thousands of photos Teri has taken of us over the years, she came across this one of Disco (taken at the vet's when he was there cuz of a Brighton caused bitey wound) and she even finds him irresistible in photos! 

Whether he's sporting a wild 'n crazy hoodie he actually stole from Coco...or something more ManCatly, like this red number...

He knows he Wow's the LadyCats and invites them to roll around in the 'Nip with him!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

ManCat Monday

Just in case people think that Coco, the Couture Cat is the only one who can make a Fashion Statement...

Here's a few shots of Brighton shown' some style...

At the National Capital Cat Show last year!

We will be making appearances there again this year, so be sure to stop by if you are in the area!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Frootbat Friday

Well, seeing that last Friday was the 4th of July and we didn't get our pix downloaded in time to post cuz Teri was out with friends watching the fireworks...we thought you might like to see how we spent the 4th!

First of all, we got our red and blue strollers all decked out in purrtriotic finery! And then Teri wanted us to pose for close ups...

And some friends (our pet sitter and her kids) came over to roll us in the Bike Parade...we missed the parade, but got to go on the longest stroll ever, all around our neighborhood and to place called Dolphin Beach...

They stayed for dinner at our place for Hofmann's Red Hot and White Hot dogs and Banana Cream Pie and Root Beer Floats, then they all went off to Dolphin Beach to watch the fireworks! 

Teri said she can't believe we've lived here 13 years and never done the neighborhood celebration! It was great fun and no long drive afterwards! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

You all remember little Bebe? Well, she made a road trip to her new forever home a couple of weeks ago...

Teri met up with Bobbi, a nice lady who used to have one of our extended family who crossed the bridge a couple of years ago...

Bobbi drove 4 hours south and Teri drove 4 hours north and they met a a rest stop and visited for a while and had lunch, while they talked about Bebe...

Then Teri kissed Bebe fare well, and off she went with her new Cat Mom...and this is the first photo of Bebe making herself right at home on Bobbi's lap!

It made us all purr to see that! And so happy we could...


Sunday, July 6, 2014

ManCat Monday

You might recognize one of these two of them is Zeus! 

Zeus and Carlos were returned to us last year due to some family problems, and Teri found a new family to adopt them both...

But Carlos has some behavior issues that seemed unsurmountable for this family, and Carlos came back home to us.

But as you can see from this cute photo collage, Zeus had a new buddy and they are getting along famously now, which makes Teri happy!

And soon Carlos (who's new moniker will be Karl) will be heading off to his new home in Maryland with a senior couple who recently lost their senior Cornish Rex...

Teri hopes this will be the perfect home for Karl, as he has done very well here with us and gets along well with everyone, but he truly loves humans the best!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Frootbat Friday Deja Vu from 12/19/08!

Furrydance Cornish Rex cats gotta be the best kind of Frootbat kitties, next to Skeezix, of course. Why, our ears even flap like a D.O.G.'s when we shake our heads. We've been known to hang upside down like bats, too, MOL. In celebration of our 1st Froot Bat Friday, circa 2008, here's some pix of those ears:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Is this kitty wearing lipstick?

At first glance, that's what it looks like, hahameow!

This pretty little blue-cream girl is Lola, one of our extended family.

She lives with Furlinghetti, who is one handsome ManCat, isn't he?! Yep, he's family, too!

And remember to Hop cuz it's Wednesday again!

Wordless Wednesday... Two Headed Cat?

Now that you have seen it all...maybe you should Hop and see more, HahaMeow!