Friday, August 30, 2013

Caturday Saturday...

We have some guests staying at our B & B, so there has been a little 'Cat Juggling' going on around here.

The Country Suite is Kely and Bebe's room when no one is staying with us, but they agreed to give up the nicest room in the house to Neelix and Tasha, cuz they are kinda fraidy cats and the Country Suite has a big bed to hide under. . .

You can see Tasha's laser eyes from inside the carrier on the left, Neelix is more relaxed and letting Teri pet him today...

So Kely and Bebe moved into the Library Room, which is fine with them cuz that's the room they stayed in first when they came back home to us. . .

BUT the Library Room is Carlos and Zeuss's room, so they had to move down stairs into Sammy's Room (which Teri still calls the Stud Room even though Sammy isn't 'studly' any more, hahameow). . .

So you might wonder where Sammy is! He is in the kitchen in our Condo Tent and seems content to twiddle his dewclaws and doesn't seem bored at all.

Teri is thinking that if she rents out the basement (she will have to get a house mate to meet expenses since she lost her job and when she gets a new job it will more than likely pay less) that she will set up the big cage that is in the stud room.

It's 6' tall and 4' wide and has resting perches (this photo is from the catalog, but Sammy would have heated beds and hammocks to lounge on, too).  She will put it in the kitchen so Sammy can be more 'part of the goings on' and he'll like that.

And we have another guest, an elderly gentlemancat named Old Boy. He doesn't get around much and is very frail, so he is staying in our half bath off the kitchen.

His owner, who is an L.V.T. friend of Teris (she watched us when Teri went on vacation last April) says as long as he has his blankie and his heating pad, life is good. . .so that's what he has and he seems content.

He gets meds twice a day, but is an agreeable patient and Teri tempted him with some of our Rabbit canned food and he ate a whole 6 oz can yesterday! He wasn't too interested in his food, so it's good she tried something new and he liked it!

And Soc and Spike participated (without a fuss) in a fashion shoot today, too! Teri had some outfits out that she was deciding if she was going to sell or not and put them on the girls and set up the 'studio' (a cardboard display with pretty sparkly fabric draped over it) and took a couple of photos to send to their Cat Mom. They turned out pretty cute!

So that's what's going on here on the last Caturday of August! Pretty busy round here, and Teri says she is going to work on the basement on Sunday and Monday and try and make some headway down there.

Her mom helped her clean and purge the rest of the house, but the basement mess is mostly stuff that needs filing or putting away. Teri is a great one for saying 'I'll just set this here til I can put it away' and it just sits and sits and sits there. Just multiply that one thing by about how many toes we have and you'll get the picture!

She read a quote yesterday that hit home with her and her procrastination issues. . .

So, how's your Caturday going?? Hope you have time to Hop, too!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fashion Friday

Do you all know the month most weddings happen?

It's June! Yes, June! 

Why do you think we are exclaiming about that??

Well, it's way back in June, Teri and us 3 kitties got to go to The Wigglebutt Wedding and finally, Teri is blogging about it!

We know there have been a whole lot of Fashion Fridays between then and now, but we thought you all would love to hear about our excursion to our very first wedding. . .

We had our chauffeur drive us up to Connecticut to a really nice hotel, a real home away from home with a kitchen and everything!

We had a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, but we had a little cocktail party inside (for humans). . .

And the closet was filled with all our fancy outfits, because we had to Dress To Impress, of course!

We were Dressed to the 9's, as was everyone who attended the Wigglebutt Wedding!

There was dining and dancing and prizes to win. . .
After the Yappy Couple had exchanged vows, of course!

 All for a good cause. . . 
To benefit Life's Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue!

A grand time was had by all, and we got to meet many of our fashionable friends in purrson, too. We can't wait til next year, when the Wigglebutt Warriors put on another soiree, HollyWoof!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Teri says she's Thankful that she could help out these kitties family. . .

She's Thankful they could help Teri out, too, since she lost her job, and catsitting is helping buy us stinky goodness and cat litter and Teri's nom's and gas, too!

These two girls are Soc and Spike, you might remember them from posts we wrote when they came to stay with us in June.

Their home was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and they have been staying with friends and temporary apartments since then. Then their Cat Dad had a medical emergency and things got worse in their life.

That's when their Cat Mom asked Teri if she could have them stay at our B & B until she could move back into their home. So Teri went and picked them up and brought them home to stay with us for a while.

They are very happy here and as you can see! Teri is going to let them have some time out in our the tent this week, just for something interesting and she may even take them out in our the stroller, too!

We think our B & B is a very nice place to stay, with lots to see and do around here!

Oh, and don't forget to Hop!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Teri and Coco wearing her Psychedelic Peace & Love Frock, in Brooklyn NY, while she was there for a photo shoot!

Monday, August 26, 2013

(One) Tabby Tuesday. . .

We were going to save this post for a Thankful Thursday, but since Kely Bray is a Brown Tabby, we said let's do it today!

You might remember Kely from our post back in June, when she and her daughter Bebe came back to live with us cuz of family problems. 

Kely and her daughter Bebe came back to live with us cuz of family problems which included a new baby and an overwhelmed new mom and allergic in-laws. Teri welcomed them back with open arms and she got a little teary-eyed when she saw them again.

Kely is Coco's mom and Bebe is one of Kely's babies! Kely is 13 years old now and Bebe is 10. They have had all their vet care and their teeth cleaned since they came back to us, and they are both in excellent health, so that's one less worry!

Teri tried introducing them to us under supervision, but they are both kinda of scared of us and well, we kinda chase them, too, so that's understandable! She said it would be nice if they could find a new forever home together, but she also thinks they would do OK if they were separated, too, depending on the home. 

Teri says that at first, even Bebe hissed and swatted at Kely, but they settled in and now are sweet and loving with each other again. 

Bebe came home for inappropriate litter box use way back in April 2010 (Click here to read more about that) and Teri let her go back to live with her mom, Kely...with a niggling thought that they might both be returned to her one day. 

She's just glad she was able to welcome them home with open arms, as that is part of her commitment to our extended family! And just a couple of weeks ago, she got a nice surprise in an email from a couple who have two kitties from us already and when they read about Kely and Bebe. . . they started talking about having one of them come to live with them!

They said 'We were hoping you could tell us more about the cats you have recently had returned to you. James and I were talking and might be amenable to trying out taking one more cat on, if you think that would be advisable. Bebe is really really cute, and we know older cats come with challenges, so we would love to hear more.'

So, sometime in September they are going to come and meet Kely and Bebe and see who falls for them (and visaversa) and then will take one home (they live close by) to see who might be the best fit.

Teri is wondering if it might not be best for both Kely and Bebe to go together for this, and then they can keep whoever fits in best with their two boys, Jasper and Clover (who look a lot like Carlos and Zeuss!).

But however it works out, Teri will be there with advice and help and of course, take her back if she is not happy there. . .

So, as you can imagine, Teri is very happy to know that a family who already love and take very good care of two of our cats is thinking of adopting an older kitty now. . . she says she doesn't have to worry 'Is this a good home' cuz she already knows it is! Just look at these cute pix of Jasper and Clover with their Cat Dad!

(It's funny, but they said that just like Carlos and Zeuss... Jasper (the orange one) is the most outgoing and confident, and Clover (the brown tabby and white one) is a little fraidy cat and slower to warm up to strangers. 

ManCat Monday

What?! It's Monday again?! How can that be?!

We missed another Thankful Thursday and Fashion Friday and Caturday Saturday and Simply Sunday, too!!

But just now, when Teri went up to check on Carlos and Zeuss, she saw a photo op and a ManCat Monday post in the making. . .

Carlos was soaking up the rays. . .

And looking very contemplative.

Zeuss was demanding attention. . .

Saying 'Brush Me, Now!'

And after a nice massage. . .

He posed for a pretty picture.

and then claimed the sunny perch for himself!