Saturday, June 30, 2012

Caturday Saturday

We boycats have been lovin' on Teri (and Coco) ever since they got back from BlogPaws... we missed them big time, even though our petsitter and her kids put the lovin' on us when they watch us.

In fact, Jordan loves Coco so much, Teri made him a little Flat of Coco for him to take home with him, hahameow!

It is going to be very hot here this weekend, like near 100 and really sticky humid, so Teri got up early to let us have some 'Tent Time' before it got too hot.

What's Tent Time? Well, the big 'tent' that used to be used for birthing kittens and where they hung out til they started bobbling about now is our 'Cat Condo' out on our upper deck off our kitchen (yes, OUR kitchen...Teri never eats in there, hahameow).

We love sniffin the air and getting up close and purrsonal with critters like birdies and lizards and squirrels. Not as up close and purrsonal as
Eric and Flynn get, but it's an adventure for us housecats!

Here's a video of us enjoying 'The Great Outdoors'...

We know Coco's been getting a lot of press this week, and we keep forgetting to tell our followers about 2 other articles that bloggers have written about us.

We thought they did a very good job with making strollering look fun and not silly, and with interviewing Teri about pet overpopulation from a breeders viewpoint.

Here are links to both the articles:

My Cats Have Their Own Stroller

The Controversy of Cat Breeders

Teri was supposed to go and see the stage play Xanadu today with some friends, but because we had a big wind storm in the area last night, many places have no power, and the theater is one of those places. She is bummed, but they may be able to go tomorrow! Here's what she's missing:


At least we have power and A/C and the internet, so maybe we can get a little visiting our friends in today! We hope whatever you do this weekend, it's fun and cool, too!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fashion Friday?

As if you haven't seen enough of Coco this past week, what with BlogPaws, The Pink Catillac and The Catification Lounge...

We end the week with Coco as Cover Girl (along with snakes and Wooly Mammoths, but who's looking at them?!) on the latest edition of National Geographic Kids Magazine!

Way back in November 2011, we all went up to a cat show in Ohio and once again, Coco in her pink wig kinda stole the show!

We have been waiting for this issue to come out and our friends over at We Have a Situation let us know they have a copy and want it pawtographed by Coco, too!
Us boycats think we will have to kick it up a notch, to get our handsome faces out there when we go to our next cat show or to BlogPaws next year! It can't be All About Coco, All The Time!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Isn't this a cozy scene? This is Sammy, snuggled in a fuzzy cat bed in what Teri calls 'The Library Room' aka the Litter Box Room to us, hahameow!

You will be seeing a lot more of Sammy in the future, and we think he will be THANKFUL for that, because Teri is trying to get him 'integrated' into our house, to see if he can adapt to sharing his space with multiple cats.

Sammy is the cat formerly known as 'Stud' here at Furrydance Cattery (aka Our House) and he got to retired (aka Be Neutered) in March 2011, but because he has lived most of his life in The Stud Room (aka Man Cave/Den) he really doesn't know how to be a real housecat, or how to interact in a friendly way with the other cats.

He really only got to had brief  'dates' with the girl cats, and his companion, Taddy Porter, got to retire a year before Sammy and he found a forever home, so Sammy has been kind of a loner since then.

Sammy isn't sure how to behave around Disco, Brighton and Coco when he is out of his 'comfort zone', and he will hiss and swat if they come too close.

And with Disco's history of spraying when stressed, Teri doesn't want to get him feeling defensive. 

So, while they are outside in their Tent, enjoying the breeze and Cat TV, Sammy puts on his undies (yep, Teri isn't sure he is 100% over spray marking yet, so he has a custom made 'thong' he wears around the house) and he gets to do what normal cats do!

He curls up in cat beds, he lays in the sun, he scopes out the birdies in the back yard...and he is learning to share his space...

It will be a while before Teri will feel comfortable letting him have free run of the house 24/7, so for now he sleeps in his Man Cave at night and kicks back in there when Teri's not home.

Because of severe resorptive disease a couple of years ago, he had to have most of his teeth extracted, so he can't put the bitey on anyone, but he can still intimidate or claw, so until everyone is getting along amicably, slow and steady is the best way to help everyone through this transition.

And if Sammy does adapt well, Teri will consider letting him go to live with a nice lady who just lost her Cornish Rex, Toby...and that would be wonderful for both Sammy and Bobbi to fall in love!

Oh, as a sidenote, Clem and Hero are doing great in their new home and just had their first weekend at the beach house and loved it! They did get a little carsick, but once they got to the cottage, they had a blast and even slept with their family's friends who spent the weekend, hahameow! And so far, no problems with 'Out of Litter Box' experiences!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

OK, enuf of Coco! Todays's pix need no words, and please don't salivate on the keyboard or lick the know who we are talkin' to!

Oh, we know we have missed the past couple of Mancat Monday-Disco's Diet updates, but Disco is kinda at a standstill, weighing this week at 14# 6 oz, but some of that may be due to eating heartily while Teri was away (added some Fancy Feast to tempt him and some varieties has wheat gluten in it--carbs).

We will get back on track again and get under 14# real soon, but he is looking slimmer, less cellulite and more active now, so we are happurry about that!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BlogPaw Memories 'n More!

Teri is so glad she took a couple of extra days off her Day Hunting job, cuz it's enabled her to wind down, unpack (which usually takes a week, hahameow) and catch up with laundry. Brighton and Disco say they're ready for BlogPaws 2013!

She got all the 100+ photos downloaded! If you are one of our Facebook friends, you can see our BlogPaws 2012 photo album there, and she might try and figure out how to do a slideshow she could put on our blog...

And guess what she unpacked for us? There were some goodies in her suitcase! Thanks to Moderncat and The Catification Lounge at BlogPaws, Teri won us some stuff! We got a 'Kitty Speedbump' made by

And we had been asking Teri for one of these 'Foraging Toys' and guess what? We won one of the
Aikiou Stimulo Cat Food Bowl from Moderncat, too! They make one for doggies, too!

Here's a video of Disco learning how to 'retrieve' kibble, hahameow!

Teri is still 'Reelin' From The Feelin' from being at BlogPaws! On Saturday, she got to hear Steve Dale speak about 'How to talk to your Vet' and she got some tears in her eyes when he talked about his Devon Rex, Ricky, who he lost to HCM. Teri knows how that feels and they had a real connection there.

Then she listened to the vet, Dr Mahaney, talk about branding (like Coco's pink wig, hahameow) and how that reflects on one's principles. It was a very interesting subject! Then she took a Facebook class, hoping to learn how to decipher the Timelime, which she hates, but it was mostly on contests and wasn't the tips and tricks she was hoping for! She should have taken the session given by a Vet Tech!

Then that evening, the Red Carpet was rolled out and that was very exciting! Coco got to have her photo taken with Flat Brett, hahameow! (Coco in her blue wig...she is "life size').

Teri took a photo of Preston, of Preston Speaks, wearing a Tux, and of some of her Cat Lady friends who were in the running for one of the many Nose-to-Nose Awards and all dressed up, too!

We know all the cat blogs that were in the running, but not all of the doggie blogs, so it was exciting to be there to cheer everyone on, including the winners! They all make a difference in the world and we are purroud to know many of them!

Out of 48 finalists, 12 blogs were honored and without further ado, the envelope please...
Best New Blog: Intrepid Pup
Best Blog Design: Skeezix the Cat
Best Humor Blog: Cat Vs Human
Best Blog Photo: World at my Paws by 
My Brown Newfies
Best Meow Blog: GloGirly
Best Wiggle Blog: Mustelamania
Best Cause Blog: Deaf Dogs Rock
Best Blog Video: Santa’s Little Helper 
by My Favorite Pup, Jasmine
Best Bark Blog: Dogtipper
Best Facebook Design: Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary
Best Twitter Design: @cathykeisha of Stunning Keisha
Best Blog Writing: Black & Orange Cat Foundation

They all got a beautiful trophy that looked like an ice sculpture, and awarded each winner a 5,000 meal donation of Halo's Spot's Stew to the rescue or shelter they picked out!

As you can tell, it was a very inspiring and educational conference and we know it will be part of our annual plans to attend if at all possible! If you would like to get to know these special bloggers, please take time to visit them soon.

Ps: Sometime soon, we will have some BlogPaws swag to give away... so stay tuned to the CurlySwirly channel, hahameow!

Friday, June 22, 2012

BlogPaws, Catification and other creatures...

OMC, Coco says she thinks she MUST be a movie star, cuz all the pawpawrazzi were snappin' pix of her last night at the Catification Lounge!

But that didn't stop her from checking out all the toys and perches and even chilled water, of which she helped herself to...

Teri spent the morning filling the swag bags she brought for our friends.

And then she met her friend Amy (Angelcat Sebastian's mom) for an appointment for tattoos. Yes, Teri said she will be bringing home a new cat from BlogPaws...a Cattoo! We're OK with that!

Then she and Coco went outside to watch some famous doggies perform undoggielike feats like skateboarding and scootering! Coco said she was glad all she has to do is dress up, hahameow!

Then Teri went to Kenn Bells Video Production seminar and learned some great tips and watched a doggie video that Kenn made and she said she got a little sniffly...about a dog! We understand, cuz we know Pit Bulls have a tough life sometimes and the story was all about people who rescued them...

Then the evenings festivities began and Coco got to get snuggly with Skeezix and Chey & Gemini's moms and Teri walked through the sumptuous buffet line more than once!

BlogPaws was having raffles for some cool items, but Teri accidentally gave her raffle ticket to the bartender instead of a drink ticket...and that was before she started drinking! So no prizes for her (or us!)

But, they did get some nice BlogPaws swag, which Coco checked out, and today they'll visit the vendors and see what else they can score, hahameow!

In the course of the evening last night, Coco had 3 fashion changes, and she is going to wear her pink wig to breakfast this morning...Ooh boy, what a Diva!

Well, that's all the mews for now...we hope you are enjoying seeing how much fun BlogPaws is and maybe we will see you there next year! We learned it is going to be in Virginia again in 2013, since Hurricane Irene chased many people away from staying for the conference there in 2011!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Made BlogPaws!

I (Coco) was a trooper-8 hours in a carrier with barely a meow...the same could not be said for the crying baby across the aisle from us! And we didn't take off for an hour as they had a problem with ice! Teri said, 'It's 90 degrees out! But they meant ice for beverages, hahameow. We think if they had taken a vote, the humans on board might have said 'Skip the ice and take off!' Two Gin & Tonics dulled the crying baby it for Teri a little, but we were so happy to get to our hotel room and unwind!

Teri went out to dinner with Jodi (who met her at the airport and the took the shuttle in together) of Kolchak Puggle and they got to know each other better, while I fretted a little cuz I wasn't the center of attention! Heck, she could have taken me into the restaurant...there was a doggie there! But he was a service doggie, so I think he got the VIP treatment cuz he was helping his lady.

Teri managed to snap a few pix of me, making sure that she put all my costumes away neatly, and was happy to see she remembered my pink showcat bed!

And of course, those Flats made it here, too...Cute, huh!

And when the unpacking was all done...well, I crawled in a bag (from BlogPaws 2010 sway) for a nap!

There will be more to stay tuned for more BlogPaws Catification!!