Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday and Happy 'n Sad 'n Happy...

(Thank you, Angel Alice, for this lovely image of Toby)

Can one be Thankful and sad at the same time? Yes, as we learned that one of our extended family crossed the bridge unexpectedly on Tuesday...

Those of you who have been following us a long time, might remember Toby, who came back to his birth home here when he was unhappy in his first home and was spray marking everywhere. A busy, boisterous family was not to his liking after many years, so Teri began her rehab with him...

He did very well, but still was not past spraying on the door to his bedroom, where he could smell the rest of our cat family. But a nice young woman came to meet him and she really wanted to give him a off he went to start a new life, and hopefully be happy once again...

Toby has a Visitor

He moved away to Iowa, and then got a doggie brother when Bobbi's dad passed away and she took on his dog. But she told Teri, that if Toby wasn't happy, she would find a good home for the doggie, and that made us smile a little bit...

Tob's and the dog became friends...and then Bobbi agreed to foster a Cornish Rex with multiple health issues, and Teri was a little afraid that maybe Toby would not like the growing family...but he loved his human, and while he and the new cat weren't really buddies, Toby still was behaving as far as the litter box goes. They even went on 'walks' together, with Toby in his 'Travel Bag'...

Then a couple of months ago, when Toby wasn't feeling well and went to the vet, they found something, a mass or enlarged lymph node, in his abdomen. They put him on antibiotics and he got better, and Bobbi was preparing to move and said she'd take him in to meet a new vet when she got settled.

Last week, Bobbi said he was hiding and not eating well, and the new vet said the felt the same mass, but since he hadn't seen him before, was not sure if it was larger or not. He put him on a steroid and wanted to see him again in a week to see if there had been any change.

Bobbi said he began feeling better and we very snuggly and happy again. Then Tuesday afternoon, she came home to find that Toby had passed over the bridge...She called Teri and they talked and talked and cried a little too, but they both felt better knowing that Toby had been given a 2nd chance at happiness and had found love again with Bobbi...She rescued him and he rescued her, and that is what makes the sadness a little softer now that he is gone...

So in your purrayers tonight, think of Toby and send gentle thoughts to Bobbi and to Teri, too...they both have an empty place in their heart, as does everyone who knew Toby along the way...

Ps: Bobbi wrote to us after she read Toby's Mewlogy, and she said "I posted a comment. I hope it's not to long. Once I got started, it was hard to stop. Your eulogy was beautiful and it brought more tears to my eyes. I hope you're doing ok. And let me know how Sammy progresses.

As you might have guessed it has been really tough. I took a nap this afternoon (didn't sleep much last night) and it really felt like he was walking on me and lying on top of me. 

As you say, I wondered how much longer he'd have, but I thought it would be a slower process and I'd have more time to get used to it. I try to tell myself that at least this way I didn't have to watch him decline or suffer."

Yes! She fur sure wants another Cornish Rex, but is kinda worried he or she won't be as wonderful as Toby was and that she would compare them all the time. Teri told her to wait a few months, and get to know Finn better as an only cat, and let the sadness fade a little...

And in the meantime, Teri will start evaluating Sammy (who she thought would be with us here furever) and see if she thinks he would do well with another cat and a dog.

Having been 'a lone wolf' as a stud cat for most of his life, he is a little edgy around Coco, Brighton and Disco when he is loose in the house. But he is fine with them when they are in 'his room'.

When Teri mentioned the possibility that maybe Sammy could be considered as a new addition to her family, Bobbi wrote back "Thank you so much for being willing to let me have Sammy. I think I might be interested, though I worry that I'd compare every cat to Toby. Is Sammy affectionate? I can't remember. Playful (for his age I mean)?

Also, I've wondered what made Toby's fur so smooth and velvet like. Finn's hair isn't like that. In any case, I think I should give myself a bit more time to think about taking Sammy, but I would love to give an old man who lived off by himself some love and attention in his golden years".


  1. We are very thankful that Toby had a good life for as long as he was around. Our thoughts to you and to his loving home for the fact that he did not have a longer life-

  2. So sad, yet so happy he had another chance wif a family that loved him. Purrs.

  3. Even though it is a sad time for Toby's human, and for you, I am so happy he was able to share his life with someone who loved and understood him.

  4. Awwww sweet angel Toby. We are so sorry to hear he has run off to the Bridge. Purrs and hugs to all of you. Take care

  5. We're so very sorry Toby has passed to the Bridge. We're sending soft purrs of comfort to Bobbi and to Teri too.

    (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses.

    Godspeed, Toby.

  6. Safe journey Toby....we know your "original" mom and your forever mom will miss you.

  7. We are sad to hear about Toby...what a welcoming committee at the Bridge, though. Purrs and hugs to his families.

  8. OMG! Sweet and beautiful history!

  9. All creatures pass. But one ending is always a gateway to a new beginning. We just don't always know what it is.

  10. Oh no, I remember Toby. i am so sorry to hear he had to go. We send many purrs and hugs to his wonderful Mamma.

  11. What a sad ending to such a wonderful story. That's two over the Rainbow Bridge in Blogville today...two too many.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Teri,

    Thank you so much for your touch eulogy. I don't know if I'll every adjust to life without him. He rescued me for sure. He came to me when I'd moved to Iowa and started a new job. He kept me company and even helped me meet my neighbors, since the neighbor kids loved him so much. He was with me when my dad died. He was with me when I lost my job. He was with me when I moved back to MI.

    It's hard to imagine any cat like him. He had such, soft, soft fur. He won over so many people who "didn't like cats". Even at his last vet appointment, he so impressed a lady with her dog, that she said she might want a Cornish Rex. People would so "he looks so weird!" then touch his coat and say "Wow! He feels like velvet." When we traveled, everyone we met at a drive through LOVED him. I'd come out of the bathroom at a rest area, to see people looking through the window and talking to him. He was a big favorite with neighbor kids. When he'd escape, I almost always found him heading for their playhouse. He was so smart! He would do high-fives for treats. When he heard "Happy Birthday" he would meow along. He also meowed along to Bob Dylan's Christmas album of all things!

    It will be very hard to get used to life without him. I still forget for a split second and look for him. He was an amazing snuggler and slept with his head on my pillow. It has been hard to sleep without him. His dog misses him too. They were good buddies. They'd cuddle and even play: if you've never seen a shih tzu on her hind legs trying to "fight" with her front paws like a cat....well, just try to imagine it! And even Finn, the other cat, seems to be looking for him and goes around the house crying at night.

    Although he'll be very missed, and although I keep blaming myself for not treating him sooner, I try to tell myself that he went quickly and without suffering, and that I'll see him again someday. I hope he's romping and playing and purring and cuddling with all the other animals on the other side of the bridge.

  13. Awwwwww! So sad that Toby crossed the bridge, but happy that he had a loving forever home.

  14. We're so sorry for the loss of Toby. Purrs

  15. Toby is in our thoughts.

    Erika and Sebastian

  16. Dear Teri and Bobbie,
    What sad news, if my hug was strong enough to take away your pain, meould start now and never stop.
    Me sends yous comforting purrs,
    Nellie and Mommy

  17. Oh Teri thank you for sharing Toby's story with us...our heart nearly burst at learning about his journey and we are sad that he had to go. You have an amazing way with your love for your creatures and for the humans who come and take them them up as best as they can....some bring them back for whatever take them with open arms and make magic out of the situation...then off they go again for another chance at love and happy days. If I were a cat...I would want to belong to you forever....
    Love Karla

  18. Oh... my heartfelt sympathies to all. So sorry to hear this news about Toby, but am so happy he had such love with Bobbie. A loss of a pet is never easy, but I am glad to hear that one day Bobbie wants to open her heart and home to another deserving cat. xoxo

  19. We are sorry that Toby has gone to the Bridge. We send gentle and comforting purrs to Teri and Bobbi.

  20. I am truly sorry to learn about Toby. When they fly away from us, the void is deep and lonely. We miss their dear little selves, the love they gave us returning all of the love we give them.

    I am grateful he had a loving life. That is all and everything.

    Hugs and purrs to both of you..his mom and to you.

  21. So sorry for the loss of Toby. It sounds like Bobbi was such a wonderful catmama.

  22. Gosh, we are so sorry about Toby but it sure sounds like he was very happy in his home with Bobby. It is so good to hear about cat having such a happy life. And he sure was loved. Sending lots of purrs and many hugs.

  23. Sniff. We are all so sorry and saddened to read this. So glad Toby got to have such a happy, blessed, love-filled life. The loss of our babies is so difficult...thinking of you all with love and prayers. <3

  24. We are purring for eberyone feeling the lost of Toby. Its so hard losing any member of our families. We hope the memories of the good times will be a comfort to everyone.

  25. Oh goodness. We are sorry to read of Tobys passing and send purrs to all involved.

    Yes, our flat selves will be at Blogpaws on Saturday only (if Meowm gets us made). Anyone is welcome to come meet us in purrson too! Meowm syas she will wear her pink Skeezix hat, and if she finds the FL, she will probably wear her Mousebreath t-shirt. Also she will be carrying a bag with kitties on it. It is a Laura burch bag.

  26. Oh, we missed this. Rest in peace Toby. You are well and frisky again, getting into things and you can pee where ever you want.

    I bet Sammy would be a big lovey dovey Bobi and her animal family.
    bonks to all of you and have a safe fun time at the blog fest!


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