Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Furrydance Percy, soaking up some springtime sun, looking kinda dreamy and ethereal in the soft light...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

This is Furrydance Gweek, but all her friends call her Kiki. She is the other momcat at Furrydance. This photo was taken during the last snowstorm here, but it was sunny and the guest room has the best sunpuddle ever!

The box she is sitting on, with the plaque that says SKIDDY, is the ashes of an old girl kitty I got back from a home a few years ago. I didn't get her back because of her health issues, although she had a them-mammary cancer and asthma. I got her and her companion back because her owner was moving and "couldn't find a place that permitted pets without a huge deposit"...Yep, you read that right.

But at least this person knew how important my cats are to me and she paid to fly Skiddy and Trevor back to me. I was able to find a home for Trevor, in spite of his having HCM (he was my beloved Bo's brother) but not long after that, he was diagnosed with nasal cancer (they had lived with heavy smokers for most of their life) and his new owner, while doing hospice care at home, was against euthanasia and I fear he suffered needlessly before he passed away on his own. That still saddens me, to this day.

I promised Skiddy she would live out her days in carefree happiness here, and she did. And when her quality of life deteriorated, the decision to euthanize her was truly kind and I know she knew she was loved and holds a special place in my heart. Here is a photo of her, just a few days before she became a kitty angel...

Every Furrydance cat has their birth home to come back to, if they ever need to, but I still have lost track of 2 kitties, due to families divorcing and not keeping me updated when they change phone numbers and email addresses. I regret that deeply, and while they were in the right homes to begin with, along the way their owners forgot what they mean to me...and they turned out to be the wrong homes due to circumstances out of my control.

I have had the same email address since I started breeding Cornish Rex in 1988 and while I have moved and changed phone numbers, I am diligent in keeping in touch, as long as I am able. I always am checking PetFinder, Craig's List and Cornish Rex Friends Rescue and egroups, and know there are many Cornish Rex out there that have sadder tales and I have helped a few of them rehabilitate and find new homes. That is gratifying and I still keep track of them, too.

This is Jasmine, who had been in 3 different homes and then dumped in a shelter due to peeing outside the box. Her breeder wouldn't make a trip to spring her from the shelter and she was adopted out, but her problems persisted as each home had kids and she was a very shy and timid cat. I found out about her on the Rexcue Railroad and took her in, she rehabilitated well and has been a happy only kitty, sharing her home with a nice lady and her sweet doggie. Happy ending!

Mancat Monday

This is Furrydance Jasper, looking very elegant, while watching "Cat TV" on a lovely fall day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Caturday Saturday-Kitten Edition

Oh, the kittens! Oh, they got to meet Disco and Brighton and Kiki for the first time yesterday, while Pierro's ladyservant was here visiting Pierro's new brother! (by the way, they are still deciding on a name for him, but the manservant is into sports cars so they are thinking of vroom vroom names!).

So, lots of photos got snapped and I made a couple of movies, too and thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Rosemary and we both said we wish we lived closer than an hour apart. I sent her home with a couple of tinsel "puff" balls to see if Pierro would like them (and Brighton showed off by playing with one up and down the stairs...and guess what! Pierro did too and has a favorite new toy!

Without further ado, here's the new pix, all small so be sure to click on them to biggify!

and a couple of movies:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frootbat Friday!

Hey, it's me...Pierro's new brudder! I don't have huge Frootbatty ears yet, but they are growing still...just like me! My mewmie took me over to visit Pierro's Happy Place bloggie and I am furry excited about everything!! The toys, the food, the house and most of all, having a BIG brother to help me grow up into a good mancat!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This is Furrydance Edward Boddington Dickens, with his doting dad, Dan! Eddie lives near St Louis with his brother Captain Billy Fawkes, and a lady servant, Nancy.

Dan and Nancy first fell in love with Cornish Rex cats when long ago they adopted two brothers, and when they went to the Bridge...they found me and adopted two silly Furrydance brothers.

Eddie and Billy are as different as night and day, which keeps life interesting! and fun! and something to be Thankful for!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

You might remember these two from a couple of weeks ago...Jacob and Elliott, not saying a word!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Kitten Pix!

One of the families waiting for a Furrydance Kitten is a young couple from Annapolis Maryland. They are professional photographers and they always get the most amazing photos of the cats every time they visit! Here is a link to their website, so you can see the fantastic work they do!


The kittens were so busy on their visit on March 14th, that I was sure they wouldn't get any shots that weren't blurry or just the tail end of a running kitten, but I couldn't wait to show of these photos to everyone! Be sure to click on them to biggify!

Our 12th Award!

We got this fun award from Stacy and her kitties over at
On a More Personal Note

Stacy is a very talented art quilter, who you might remember made us kitties our very own Catnip Art Quilts and we love 'em. She sells them on Etsy, and they are kinda expensive but so well made and with lovely intricate details which makes them all the more special. Our mewmie even hung one on the wall...they make lovely art hangings too!

She also makes the cutest quilt cards that are framable, too. You should visit her Etsy site and look around! Unique Quilted Designs

So, we have to pass on this award to five of our most Rockin' furrends, no other rules--that's easy! What's hard is to just pick 5!

Chey and Gemini

Skeeter, King, Pandora and Cricket

Miss Peach

Eric and Flynn

and our newest furrends

Hannah and Lucy

We got "Tagged"

HaHaMeow...that doesn't mean we're on sale, though! We were tagged by the sweet cats at JACQUELINE'S CAT HOUSE to play this game, but we couldn't find the toys! Then we realized it was a game for our mewmie! The rules are you have to find your first photo folder, scroll down to the 10th photo, post that photo and tell the story behind it; you must then tag 5 other bloggers to play the game.

I have many photo folders, some need organizing but I have a folder for Dadcats, Momcats, general Furrydance cats, cats in new homes, but frustratingly, when I got my new Mac (it's not new any more...that was in 2006!) all the photos I transferred somehow ended up with the "date made" as January 1, 1980 and even though I try and name the photos with the date they were taken, I only had the day and month, so sometimes it's hard for me to remember who is who when it comes to kitten shots! So I had to look in my birthing journal to get the info right on this photo.

So here's the pix and the story:

These 2 brown tabby Cornish Rex kittens were born to Kely (Coco's mom) and Taddy Porter (Brighton's dad) on April 12, 2005. They were the only two kittens in the litter, both boys. Their names are Elphindore and Clement.

Elf lives in Virginia with his servant, Nina. He is an only cat, but he does share his home with bunnies and sometimes eats their hay and gets constipated!

Clem lives in Philadelphia and shares his home with another Furrydance kitty named Twiggy. He has two servants, Johanna and Doug.

Now to tag five furrends...


The Wrigglebutts

The Casbah Kittens

The Meir Cats

Marley and Reggie

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frolicking Kitten Friday

I think everyone noticed that there was no "Kitten Mews" post last week...I even got a couple of worried emails asking if everything was ok. Oh yes, all is well...I just ran out of time! Two families came to visit the kittens and well, that entailed me cleaning house, and entertaining and educating and I was a bit bushed and thought...Oh, they will send me photos to make up for my lack of them!

Well, Rosemary and Lizzie (of Pierro's Happy Place) came over Saturday to meet me for the first time, and to see the rest of the Furrydance family and, meet the kittens! Rosemary said she had been very enamored with Love Bug in his photos, and that her husband, Rex (isn't that a Hoot!) had mentioned he had always wanted an orange tabby cat...but they were also thinking they wanted to wait for a girl kitten, to fill Princesses glass slipper. So, this visit was really just a "Meet and Greet"...which lasted about 3 hours!

It's hard to pull oneself away from cute kitten antics, and people often ask me how I get anything done when I have kittens small bits and stops and starts, because I am always looking in on them! But they took lots of photos (most of them blurry because the kittens were racing hither and yon) but the cute pix from yesterday was one that Rosemary took. And after getting back home and showing all the family the kitten consensus was arrived at...

If Love Bugs vet visit on Monday shows him to be in excellent health with no congenital problems such as heart, joints etc...then they want to adopt him!! I am so excited to think that soon Pierro will a kitten to "mentor" in mancatliness and someone to curl up and snuggle with...well, I am beside myself with joy! But, until they visit the vet...I am also in ignorant bliss and that is a happy place, too.

Bosco's family-to-be live in New York City, so they have only met him in photos so far, but he will be sharing his home with Bette Blu, a young girl cat they adopted from Furrydance last year. And the two red tabby boys? Well, one of them is going to live with a family close by, who lost their Cornish Rex to liver cancer and they miss the mischievious, unique personality that a Cornish Rex can add to life! I am not sure if they will pick Cassanova or Valentino, but they will be coming back for a visit soon!

Then on Sunday, the young couple who had spoken for Cupid, the little black former runt of the litter, came back for a visit and they said "Why, there isn't a kitten we don't like!" Of course, it made it a bit easier for them to decide as Amore' (now Bosco) was definitely spoken for, and the fact that I had posted some pix recently of Jacob, a handsome black Furrydance they said they were still going with Cupid...unless Love Bug was not chosen by Pierro's family.

So, lots of fun and anticipation growing as the kittens grow up, develop personalities and I get to meet wonderful new friends in addition to all that! They are all doing great, are eating eagerly and now weigh in at 1# 11 oz for Cupid (the smallest still, but by no means a shrinking violet) to 1# 15 oz for Love Bug (the biggest now, but just barely!). Amore' and Valentino are 1# 12 oz and Cassanova 1#14 oz.

Coco continues to be an attentive mommie, often sitting on my bed and watching them cavort around the bedroom, hopping down to break up any "wrestling matches" that get out of hand. This week was their first time they got to have free run of the bedroom while Teri was at was time! They are 7 weeks old now, using the litterbox 100% and at the stage where the bathroom wasn't "stimulating" enough for them! Coco spends quite a bit of time out and about in the house when Teri is home, while the kittens play in their bedroom, but at night, they are all bundled in to the bathroom to sleep (and so Teri can sleep too and the rest of the cats get some "Teri Time").

So without further chit-chat, here's today's photos and movie!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for happy, healthy kittens...

Thankful for wonderful families with pampered Furrydance cats of their own...

Thankful for free samples of FreshPet Select cat food (we are taste testing and reviewing it for the company, but we already knew we liked it!) Here's a link to learn more about it CLICK HERE

And thankful that the weekend is almost here which means more snuggletime with our mewmie!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Frootbat Friday

This is Furrydance Henry Oliver (Clover and Jasper's brother) with one of his 2 humans, handsome Thomas Mastillone!

Henry shares his home in South Carolina with another Furrydance cat, a sweet doggie named Sophie, and their personal R.N., Kristynn.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Brothers Jasper and Clover are thankful they have each other (oh and Lisa & James, too!). They live close by in Alexandria Virginia.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday

This is the Pop Art print we won, thanks to all our CB, Facebook and Furrydance friends!

Thanks soooo much, we just love it (I will try and take another photo without the flash today and it will look even better). We know there are lots of cute cat photos out there in the CB, so we're hoping you will enter and win, too!

They have weekly contests and you can only enter once every 6 months but as the saying goes "You can't win if you don't play!" Check it out at and then let the CB know so we can all vote for you, too!!

Here's the photo they made the artwork from:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mancat Monday

Mancats can be Office Managers, CEO's too, but they need secretaries to help them figure out the office machines! This is Furrydance Brinkley trying to figure out how to unjam the printer!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Simply Sunny Sunday!

Yay...the sun's back! And Furrydance Brinkley is taking advantage of the Sunday Sun in his elegant living room (remember, he also has an elegant kitchen, too!)

Caturday Saturday turned into Sunday-Kitten Edition

Almost didn't get kitten news in today! I took photos and a movie yesterday but today--had visitors (the new friend I'm going to BlogPaws with, Carol of Meir Cats, Chats & Fiber and then we went out for an early dinner, I came home and took a two hour nap with the cats and finally cuz I know you all are waiting...a kitten update! But by the time the video was Sunday!!

They are all doing great and are eating up a storm and 99.9% of the time are using the puddles found outside the box, just a occasional poop--mostly I think they don't quite realize when the are done and leave the box too soon--is that TMI? They are full of beans and play hard and then sleep hard, as the photos and video will show!

They had their first adventure out into the master bedroom today to show off for their visitors and of course, they kept us laughing at their antics! The family waiting for Cupid wrote me and said seeing the handsome photos of Jacob (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays photo kitty) made them fall for Cupid even harder. They are coming back for a visit next weekend and I can't wait for them to see them again, as they saw them as newborns and wow, have they changed!

Another couple of weeks and they will have their first V.E.T. visit, and will go in to work with me and get the VIP & TLC special attention all my kitties get! But til then, they just get to play and sleep and yes, still nurse Mama Coco, who is trying her best to keep them in line and make room for them all to line up at the "milk bar" which is getting harder as they grow and oh yes, have teeth now!

Well, without further delay, here's the latest pix to ooh and aww over (click on them to biggify) and a movie to giggle at!
Ps: the video wouldn't load onto Blogger, so I did it on YouTube first and it worked!