Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whisker Hump, Wordless Wednesday...

Not all Whisker Humps are 'Mancatly'! These Lady Humps are Coco's!

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Tortie Tuesday...2 generations!

These two girls are mother and daughter (the daughter is the bigger one, HaHaMeow). Their names are Lyric and Lerryn and they live nearby, along with a Devon Rex and a Sphynx. They adopted Lyric first, and when Lerryn retired from being a momcat, they wanted to add her to the family, too. As you can see, they may not be very curly, but like to curl up!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

Ok...while Disco's still stuck on that Plateau, we got a purrsonal phone call from the folks at Young Again, with some suggestions on getting Disco over that Hump!

While we are still eating Young Again Zero Carb, we also eat some canned food--Instinctive and Fancy Feast Classic style (no veggies, no wheat gluten) and an occasional can of something else--Paul Newman's, Avoderm, Halo etc. And a little bit of raw RadCat, too.

Teri steered away from anything with fruits or veggie's in them, to avoid the carbs, but Jen at Young Again explained that wasn't the whole picture! She had Teri read off the protein and fat content on the varieties we had on the shelf...

She said, that could explain why Disco is STUCK! She said to stick with canned foods that have a protein to fat ratio of 2:1, because if it's less than that...guess what? The missing %age is...carbs! For example, pick canned foods that have 12% protein and 6% fat.

Here's a link to a easy to understand explanation and a way to calculate the carbs in canned cat food:
How to read a Cat Food Label and guess what...some of the canned foods we were eating were 18% carbs! We had some stuff on the shelf that was 8% protein and 2% fat! This education thing is kinda hard, but Teri's learning!

Teri learned something, and then read some more, and now she thinks Disco can Jump That Hump!

Simply Sunday Afternoon...

It's Sunday and after a big rain yesterday and cooler temps, Teri has the windows open and our tent out on the deck again! But before whiffin' the great outdoors, we all had to have baths today...

We usually get baths once a month, but we got them a little early, cuz Disco was kinda smelly! He, umm, pooped on his tail. Sometimes he curls his tail under his, umm, poop chute, and well, you can imagine the consequences...

Teri has other work to do while we are out enjoying the tent...cleaning out the linen closet, going through some clothes to donate, wading through another box of 'to-be-filed' stuff...she's a big procrastinator when it comes to stuff like that.

Then she's going to make some lamb shish kebabs for dinner. We'll probably get some lamb RadCat as our dinner treat instead. We get to have Raw on the weekends, when Teri is home and can pick it up within 20 minutes if we don't finish it all...

And maybe we will get to visit some of our bloggie friends, too. We did the Saturday Blog Hop and stopped by 3 blogs we haven't visited before and hope we have time to see what our pals have been up to this weekend! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Caturday Saturday!

What are you doing to keep yourselves busy on this Caturday?

Some of us, like Brighton, have to invent our own games...

If your human has time to get involved, and you have a Cat-a-Pole, you could do this...

Or, if all else fails...chillaxin' is nice, too!

Whatever you do this Saturday...we hope it's doing exactly what you love to do! Oh, and that includes
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Fashion Friday...Channeling Coco Chanel!

Here's Coco, not dressed up...

and here is my favorite Blog Paws photo of her...

It was taken by HuMa of of the blog,

She asked us to come up with a quote for this photo and Teri just kept thinking of Coco Chanel, and she came up with a couple of quote by that famous fashionable lady...what do you think fits best?
'Elegance does not consist of putting on a new dress.' or 'A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.'

and my 2nd fav BlopPaws photo, taken by By Becka

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

Two handsome ManCats, Beauregard and Napoleon!

What a lovely veranda they have, too!

And just like us, they like Whole Foods (and their bags, hahameow!)

Unpacking groceries can be tiring, so a nap is in order...

Kind of reminds us of Obi Wan Kenobi...

These two sweet boys, who just turned 3 years old, are part of our extended family and they live near New York City! Here's a link to our post about them when they were born--be ready to Squeee! 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordy, Whisker Hump Wednesday

Some of our newer followers may not know the kitty pictured above...It's Wishnwhiskers Sir Spoticus!

Spot was our Cat Daddy's kitty and part of the 'deal' when they got married, hahameow! He was a Turkish Van cat and a huge kitty. He didn't race up and down the stairs like we do...he lumbered and never ran anywhere, hahameow.

He had to be helped to the Bridge about a year after our Cat Daddy died, when his IBD turned into lymphosarcoma...Teri says he was a comfort to her, because it was like having a little bit of Mike still with us...

Spottie loved that basket and we still have it and it reminds us of him and makes us smile and not be sad, cuz we were lucky to have known him... and if you biggify his photo, you can see his awesome whisker humps up close!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Simply Sunday Evening and an Award, too!

We are purroud to accept an award from our new friends at Pepper's Paws! We met them at BlogPaws and they must have been impurresed with our blog (or Coco's Pink Wig) cuz they gave us this Kreative Blogger award. We say Woofie Woo (or whatever you say to doggies that means Thank You!)

Of course, there are a couple of responsibilities that go along with accepting this award...

1.  Share 10 things about ourselves that our friends may not know.

2.  Pass on this award to 6 bloggers we find Kreativ, too.

1. Teri didn't pick out Disco NoFurNo's name...he was already named when he came to live with us (but we did name a kitty Billy Idol, hahameow!).

2. Coco has freckled paws! (She is a brown patched tabby, which is like a tortie, so she has patches and streaks of orange, most notably on her paws cuz her waves make it hard to see on her body).

3. Brighton is named after a beach in Cornwall. (Cornish Rex were discovered in Cornwall, England in 1950 and Teri has named many cats after places in Cornwall, and her first Cornish Rex started that theme, her name was Rusey Beach).

4. Sammy is the oldest cat in our house, he is 11 years young!

5.  Disco sometimes takes a shower with Teri (when she doesn't have time to give him a real bath, she will take him in the shower for a quick shampooing)

6. Coco was the only girl in a litter of 3 boys (that is why she is so sweet, she was bathed in testosterone in utero--really, studies show that girl cats and dogs born in boy litters are as sweet as boys!)

7. Brighton tested positive for heartworms 3 years ago! (Yep, even though he doesn't go outside except in the stroller, one of those pesky skeeters bit him! He was coughing a little. Teri thought hairballs, hahameow, and he had some lung changes visible on xray, so now all of us are on heartworm preventative to keep us safe!).

8. Sammy has a custom litterbox, cuz he likes to stand up and pee...

9. You all know that Cornish Rex have wavy fur, but did you know they call it marcelled fur, like the old hairstyle popular in the 20's (there is a lot of variation in how much fur we have, and how crinkly our whiskers are though--we are all unique!).

10. And last but not least, something about Teri. She visited Cornwall England once! (She and our Cat Daddy went there in 2000, before they got married).

And it took us a while to narrow the Kreativ blogs we follow down to 6, but here are 3 cat and 3 dog blogs we love to visit and always come away smarter, happier and glad that there are people and pets like them in the world!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Caturday Saturday!

We wanted to tell you how we'll be spendin' our Caturday ( since Teri's heading off with friends to The Annapolis Irish Festival ).

We'll be hanging out on our new Auntie Em Creations Cat Condo!

Teri free-cycled our old perch to our petsitter and we are lovin' our new hangout, cuz there is room for all of us on it! And as you can see, TomTom wishes he had a Lounger out on his patio, too!

Here's a video Teri took before she left this morning!

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Fashion Friday..Sammy Got Style

This might be the first Fashion Friday featuring Sammy...we can't say he was too happy about dressing up, though...

But, he was a good sport about it, unlike many cats he didn't flop down on his side and just lay there, hahameow!

We think purple is his color, don't you?

After his photo shoot,  Sammy got to relax in the buff, hahameow!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday...

We like using Thankful Thursdays to post pix of some of our extended family, cuz if it makes us smile, we think it will make you smile, too...and that's something to be Thankful for!

Jacob (on the bottom and one of our 'kits) and his buddy Elliott (making a pillow out of Jacob)

Henry Oliver, looking very orangie!

Tater Du aka Teddy, such pretty eyes and contemplative expression

and handsome Percy and Brinkley!

We love getting photos of our kids after they leave home here, and we love sharing them with you, too!

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Wordless Wednesday!

We thought you might like to see our very first Wordless Wednesday post, from way back in August 2009!

When a kitty has a very special (or count 'em, 3 very special) one of a kind, from the heart, made with love...catnip mats...words are just not enough to express our catitude (that's gratitude not attitude) to Stacy Hurt, the most talented, cat loving quilter we know CAT LOVIN' QUILTER EXTRAORDINAIRE! for the most wonderous gift she bestowed upon the Furry Dance Cats today!

It all started with Paw It Forward and turned into her wanting to give our kitties something special...and OhMyCat, did she ever! Here's a few pix of some of the catfamily enjoying their artsy KatNipQuilts! (click on the pix to biggify them!)

And guess who our very first comment was from way back then! Chey and Gemini, whose mom we got to meet at BlogPaws a couple of weeks ago! How cool is that?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet 'n More!

Well, Disco's been hovering at the mid-fourteens now for about 8 weeks! People are gonna lose interest in this Battle of the Bulge saga soon...

But Teri isn't giving up...and since he doesn't have a lot of say in the matter, Disco isn't giving up either! We aren't sure what the slowdown in losing the poundage is, but maybe while Teri and Coco were gone to BlogPaws, Disco ate out of boredom, even though it's still just the Young Again Zero Carb kibble. 

Or  maybe the typical 15 hours napping turned into 22 hours napping and more calories were consumed than got sweated off by the nightly laser light zoomies! Teri said she will try and do better about the exercise routine, since she'd really like to see Disco get under 14# cuz that sounds so much closer to 13#, hahameow.

She actually ordered a new toy to help in Disco's Sweatin' to the Oldies routine! It's a toy she say at the Catification lounge and Coco gave it her Paw of Appurruval! It's the Cat-a-Pole. She thinks she can stand at the top of the stairs and have Disco do some 'Stair Climbing' to grab it and that should help burn off some ounces!

Talking about another burly ManCat, Teri took the cutest photo of TomTom a while back, before the 100 degree days made our clover grass lawn shrivel up. We don't know where else he is dining, but he can't be that fat on 1/2 a cup of kibble we give him every day...

And the other ManCat that is featured today, is our Sammy, who as you know is getting some time around the house getting friendly with us and he is doing better, not so much growling and swatting unless the other cats crowd his space. 

He settled in for a nice nap after Disco and Coco wandered off...

Oh, and people were asking about the 'speedo' he wears when he's out and about so he doesn't spray mark things. Here's a photo of Sammy wearing them, and also a link (with more pix) where you can buy them HERE