Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simply Sunday Evening and an Award, too!

We are purroud to accept an award from our new friends at Pepper's Paws! We met them at BlogPaws and they must have been impurresed with our blog (or Coco's Pink Wig) cuz they gave us this Kreative Blogger award. We say Woofie Woo (or whatever you say to doggies that means Thank You!)

Of course, there are a couple of responsibilities that go along with accepting this award...

1.  Share 10 things about ourselves that our friends may not know.

2.  Pass on this award to 6 bloggers we find Kreativ, too.

1. Teri didn't pick out Disco NoFurNo's name...he was already named when he came to live with us (but we did name a kitty Billy Idol, hahameow!).

2. Coco has freckled paws! (She is a brown patched tabby, which is like a tortie, so she has patches and streaks of orange, most notably on her paws cuz her waves make it hard to see on her body).

3. Brighton is named after a beach in Cornwall. (Cornish Rex were discovered in Cornwall, England in 1950 and Teri has named many cats after places in Cornwall, and her first Cornish Rex started that theme, her name was Rusey Beach).

4. Sammy is the oldest cat in our house, he is 11 years young!

5.  Disco sometimes takes a shower with Teri (when she doesn't have time to give him a real bath, she will take him in the shower for a quick shampooing)

6. Coco was the only girl in a litter of 3 boys (that is why she is so sweet, she was bathed in testosterone in utero--really, studies show that girl cats and dogs born in boy litters are as sweet as boys!)

7. Brighton tested positive for heartworms 3 years ago! (Yep, even though he doesn't go outside except in the stroller, one of those pesky skeeters bit him! He was coughing a little. Teri thought hairballs, hahameow, and he had some lung changes visible on xray, so now all of us are on heartworm preventative to keep us safe!).

8. Sammy has a custom litterbox, cuz he likes to stand up and pee...

9. You all know that Cornish Rex have wavy fur, but did you know they call it marcelled fur, like the old hairstyle popular in the 20's (there is a lot of variation in how much fur we have, and how crinkly our whiskers are though--we are all unique!).

10. And last but not least, something about Teri. She visited Cornwall England once! (She and our Cat Daddy went there in 2000, before they got married).

And it took us a while to narrow the Kreativ blogs we follow down to 6, but here are 3 cat and 3 dog blogs we love to visit and always come away smarter, happier and glad that there are people and pets like them in the world!



  1. Concats on that award! We love learning these tidbits about our furriends! Happy, easy, Sunday ya'll. xoxo

  2. Concatulations on the award! It was fun reading all those cool facts and learning more about you kitties!

  3. Concats on the awards....we loved reading new things about all of you!!!

  4. I love the smooth, marcelled fur on Cornish Rex. My fur usually goes every-which-way. My Mommeh says it is like a well-loved teddy bear.

  5. ConCATS on your award! We giggled about Disco showering with Teri!

  6. Concatulations for winning the Kreative Blogger Award!
    Wowwie! Me sure learned lots! Disco takes showers! Macelled furs! Coco was bathed in testosterone! Thanks for telling us more about yous guys and concatulations to the blogs yous passed it on to!

  7. Concats on your award. We want a litterbox like Sammy so we don't have to squat when we are indoors!

  8. Congrats on your award. We enjoyed learning more about all of you.

  9. Teri, I was just about to say I'm so glad for this because I learned so much about you and your felines--which I am glad for--and I see you've awarded me. Thank you!

  10. Great awardie and well-deserved! And we loved Sammy's custom litter box LOTS!

  11. Yeah!!!! Great award and good things about you!

  12. Barooo! Concatulations on your award! We love your blog ( & even 'tho I'm a dog, love the kitties) and just wanted to stop by and let you know that Coco's picture from Blogpaws was included in my post today!

  13. A special name for special fur? We love it!


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