Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

Ok...while Disco's still stuck on that Plateau, we got a purrsonal phone call from the folks at Young Again, with some suggestions on getting Disco over that Hump!

While we are still eating Young Again Zero Carb, we also eat some canned food--Instinctive and Fancy Feast Classic style (no veggies, no wheat gluten) and an occasional can of something else--Paul Newman's, Avoderm, Halo etc. And a little bit of raw RadCat, too.

Teri steered away from anything with fruits or veggie's in them, to avoid the carbs, but Jen at Young Again explained that wasn't the whole picture! She had Teri read off the protein and fat content on the varieties we had on the shelf...

She said, that could explain why Disco is STUCK! She said to stick with canned foods that have a protein to fat ratio of 2:1, because if it's less than that...guess what? The missing %age is...carbs! For example, pick canned foods that have 12% protein and 6% fat.

Here's a link to a easy to understand explanation and a way to calculate the carbs in canned cat food:
How to read a Cat Food Label and guess what...some of the canned foods we were eating were 18% carbs! We had some stuff on the shelf that was 8% protein and 2% fat! This education thing is kinda hard, but Teri's learning!

Teri learned something, and then read some more, and now she thinks Disco can Jump That Hump!


  1. Truffle's digestive system got much better when Mom Paula switched her from the Fancy Feast to Wellness. We now eat Wellness, Avoderm, Weruva, and Merrick. We're both doing great with the better quality food.

    Good luck to Disco!

  2. Good luck Disco. Dieting is no fun at all! We only eat our Weruva and also our Indigo Moon dry food, although our vet said she likes Orijen right now so the Woman might look into changing us to that.

  3. Poor Disco! We just heard that the Katnip Lounge kittehz are on diets, too! We hopes that is not *catchin* like a cold! MOL! Good luck Disco.

  4. Ms. Stella says Disco can 'Jump her Hump' anytime he wants.

    that is all

    love and bandages

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. Paws crossed that this new change works for you, Disco!

  6. Gosh - there's all this maths involved!!! Good luck lovely Disco! You can get over this hump!! Yay! take care

  7. Disco, I have your metabolism...I understand your pain. We look at a carb and gain fat cells :(

  8. Poor Disco!!!! I live on a diet too. I know how is this!

  9. Dear Disco,
    Me hopes that helps yous get over your plateau! My Mommy needs to get over the top and start coming down the other side. Her fat shorts it too tight!


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