Monday, July 9, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet 'n More!

Well, Disco's been hovering at the mid-fourteens now for about 8 weeks! People are gonna lose interest in this Battle of the Bulge saga soon...

But Teri isn't giving up...and since he doesn't have a lot of say in the matter, Disco isn't giving up either! We aren't sure what the slowdown in losing the poundage is, but maybe while Teri and Coco were gone to BlogPaws, Disco ate out of boredom, even though it's still just the Young Again Zero Carb kibble. 

Or  maybe the typical 15 hours napping turned into 22 hours napping and more calories were consumed than got sweated off by the nightly laser light zoomies! Teri said she will try and do better about the exercise routine, since she'd really like to see Disco get under 14# cuz that sounds so much closer to 13#, hahameow.

She actually ordered a new toy to help in Disco's Sweatin' to the Oldies routine! It's a toy she say at the Catification lounge and Coco gave it her Paw of Appurruval! It's the Cat-a-Pole. She thinks she can stand at the top of the stairs and have Disco do some 'Stair Climbing' to grab it and that should help burn off some ounces!

Talking about another burly ManCat, Teri took the cutest photo of TomTom a while back, before the 100 degree days made our clover grass lawn shrivel up. We don't know where else he is dining, but he can't be that fat on 1/2 a cup of kibble we give him every day...

And the other ManCat that is featured today, is our Sammy, who as you know is getting some time around the house getting friendly with us and he is doing better, not so much growling and swatting unless the other cats crowd his space. 

He settled in for a nice nap after Disco and Coco wandered off...

Oh, and people were asking about the 'speedo' he wears when he's out and about so he doesn't spray mark things. Here's a photo of Sammy wearing them, and also a link (with more pix) where you can buy them HERE


  1. Lose interest in Disco??? NEVER! (ya know the Mommy wroted that!) Good to see Sammy doin so well. That speedo pic is just adorable.

  2. He may be at a plateau at the moment, but I do think Disco is looking slimmer anyhow!

  3. Good luck Disco! The Woman knows how hard that battle of the bulge is!

  4. We think some cats are just big boned. Honest. that's what it is, Disco!

  5. I won't get bored with Disco's battle of the bulge. I have been trying to get some weight off Herman for a year now and so far no luck. He won't play with wand toys and the laser toy just bores him. Maybe taking him outside almost every day will get him some more exercise.

  6. Lovely Disco!! You must never give up! Yay!! Sammy in his speedos - too cute! Take care

  7. don't worry Disco - we love you no matter what.... :)

  8. He's doing his best, bless him xx

  9. A Speedo...? Stanley is really glad he's not around to endure that! Good luck with the diet, Disco--you should be dancin', yeah! Sing and repeat.

  10. Maybe hovering at a certain weight isn't so terrible. At least he's not gaining any more poundage. Much like we humans, dieting sucks & sometimes making sacrifices in what we consume STILL doesn't melt away the extra pounds. My suggestion: moving around, walking, exercising, dancing, whatever works... just keep it moving! Besides, it's good for the heart.

    Good luck, Disco!


  11. *covers screen so mommy can't see speedo* (not that we spray or anything, but MOWZERS, we wouldn't wear ANYthing, not even collars! Sammy, you're sooo tolerant!

  12. ManCats in thongs and 'Cat-poles' just have my poor head spinning. Now that my pain meds have kicked in That Woman won't have any problem guessing why I'm smiling in my sleeps.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. Bless his heart, Disco is probably at a plateau. We think Sammy is cute in his little thong! TomTom is undoubtedly like a cat visitor my aunt and uncle have. He probably makes the rounds of the neighborhood :)

  14. OMD, yay for speedos!!! We LOVE!!! Disco needs a big man cat pair.

    Erika and Sebastian

  15. Sammy looks cute in his speedos! Don't give up Disco, our mum has hit a plateau too.

  16. Sammy looks fabulous! Hes should join Chippendales!
    Disco, purrhaps yous needs some lady cats to comes and chase yous around, Ms Stella is a little under the weather, me would be happy to comes over and do some chasing!


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