Friday, July 20, 2012

Caturday Saturday!

What are you doing to keep yourselves busy on this Caturday?

Some of us, like Brighton, have to invent our own games...

If your human has time to get involved, and you have a Cat-a-Pole, you could do this...

Or, if all else fails...chillaxin' is nice, too!

Whatever you do this Saturday...we hope it's doing exactly what you love to do! Oh, and that includes
Doing The Hop!


  1. what fun!!! we love watching Brighton have the crazies..... though we aren't sure that those IN the cube are as comfortable as those ON the cube. :)

  2. What fun playing and chilaxing. Just stopping by from the Saturday pet blog hop.

  3. We invent our own games sometimes too, and we have a huge cat-a-pole that we play with. Is it weird for dogs to play with a big cat-a-pole? :)


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