Saturday, July 14, 2012

Caturday Saturday!

We wanted to tell you how we'll be spendin' our Caturday ( since Teri's heading off with friends to The Annapolis Irish Festival ).

We'll be hanging out on our new Auntie Em Creations Cat Condo!

Teri free-cycled our old perch to our petsitter and we are lovin' our new hangout, cuz there is room for all of us on it! And as you can see, TomTom wishes he had a Lounger out on his patio, too!

Here's a video Teri took before she left this morning!

Oh, and don't forget to do the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop!


  1. I think I know what's goin on our Christmas wish list!

  2. That cat condo is totally PAWSOME and I know that Zee and Zoey need one... leopard pattern?

    Have a nice weekend and we hope Teri has fun at the festival!

  3. Cat Condo!!! And I thought a catio was the thing to aim for!! lol

  4. What a fun weekend! We hope Teri has lots of fun. We know you kitties will be enjoying the catio and your new condo. How great it has room for all of you!

  5. Looks like you're gonna have a fun weekend!


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