Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Caturday!

OhMyCat, this posting once a week sure makes me think of the week in review! This time last Saturday, I was on baby watch, and 1 week later, I am happy to let everyone know that Spottie and Dottie are thriving and have more than doubled their birth weight, just as they are supposed to.

Spottie weighed 83 grams at birth (just under 3 oz) and today is 161 grams. And Dottie weighed 66 grams (just over 2 oz) at birth and she is 142 grams now (more than double and that's good as she was sooo small at birth). Kittens should weigh between 80-100 grams at birth though most CRex are between 80-90 grams. Here's a few more photos and a movie for your viewing pleasure (squees from the audience!)

Brighton is doing great, too! I've taken away the empty litterbox as he wasn't using it any longer, and he is being weaned off the valium now as he is exhibiting normal litterbox habits. Luckily he loves his 'treats--shh, they are really medicines--and he will stay on them for their anti-inflammatory effects.

He is on VetriScience Nu-Cat Soft Chews Vitamins, VetriScience UT Strength Everyday Soft Chews and VetriScience Glyco-Flex II Soft Chews , and of course, all canned food to increase his water intake. I am still anxious about a reoccurance of his urinary blockage, but I am doing everything I can to ward that off! Brighton loves these Chews, and we all know how picky cats can be about 'treats'.

Here's a link to info about these products CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

You all remember Bebe? She continues to be a 'good girl' here with no 'out of box' occurances in the 3 months I have been 'rehabbing' her and I know many of you wrote to me asking me not to let her go back to the home she was in, as the husband didn't bond with her and her peeing began when they kept her out of their bedroom at night.

She was her lady's cat first, before she got married and then she had to share her affections. And the lady really misses her a lot, as does Keebles, the other Cornish Rex (actually, her mother) I am going to let her go back to her home there to see if she will be happy. I know she WILL let us know if she is not (in fact, Keebles recently peed by the closed bedroom door too and so I know she misses Bebes, too!).

I know the whole issue is not that they can't sleep with their owners, as some of my cats in their homes don't have access to their humans beds either and they aren't showing us their displeasure in 'inappropriate' ways.

I know cats who have been very 'bad' in one home, can be happy in anothr, so I have 2 homes lined up for Bebes (and Keebles if need be) if they continue to show us they are unhappy by peeing outside the litterbox. I will be sure to keep you all updated on how they are doing, OK.

I am still trying to trap TomTom, but he is very wise and wiley! I should contact a couple of groups that do TNR to see if they could come out with a drop trap, as we might be able to get him that way.

I did trap my first raccoon the other night but it looked like a youngster and didn't get too riled up at being trapped and I was able to get the trap door unlatched (wearing leather gloves as I didn't want to get bitten or scratched) and he/she figured out the rest and let itself out of the cage with me safe inside the house watching...

I see Mama Katz from time to time too and she looks fine. I'd love to see how her spay incision healed, but that ain't gonna happen so I just have to hope her good attitude shows that she is healed up and feeling fine! The other great news is that her kittens have all found furrever homes!

Yes! One of our favorite clients at the cat hospital where I work took over their 'fostering' and someone contacted a friend of hers from
CATS ARE TOPS, as they had adopted from them before and Lydia pointed them in Carol's direction and they came out for a visit to meet the kittens and took the little girl with the injured leg!

Then a friend of theirs contacted Carol and visited and they took the little boy with the wonky eye! And the other boy now lives with one of the staffs parents and so a very happy ending for the little kittens born in the wild in a pile of leaves...

Oh, and the little girls leg? With the help of homeopathy and physical therapy and tincture of time--she is using it normally now and has no signs it was ever injured. The holistic vet said she may have joint or back problems later in life due to the injury, but for now is romping and walking without symptoms or pain and that is amazing!

And the little boy with the eye problem--the holistic vet said he hadn't ever seen anything like the defect on his eye either, but the eye exam didn't show any problems that needed treatment for now, and his new owners were willing to take on possible special needs kitty who might need treatment for his eye later on, as he bonded right away with their son.

Thanks so much to Carol from KEVIN MEMORIAL FOUNDATION for her love and care of little Tiger Lily and her brothers. (oh, her name WAS Tilly but the animal communicator said that Tilly thought that name was silly and didn't like it and that she wanted to be called Tiger Lily! After all, she is stripy and orange like a tiger!).

Oh, and I almost forgot (see, in reviewing the week--it HAS been busy!)...remember Hiro, Coco's little black kitten--Mile's brother? Well, he never settled into his new home and that's only the second time that has happened in all the years I have been breeding Cornish Rex. He was constantly vocal, couldn't even settle to play with toys and after many conversations back and forth, watching videos of his anxious behavior and seeking the advice of a behaviorist at


we decided he needed the companionship of cats to satisfy his needs, so his sad new family brought him back to me.

He arrived back here at Furrydance on Tuesday and while he had left here over 6 weeks ago, he settled back in within a couple of days (oh, the hormonal ladycats of the house weren't too happy at first, but even they are ok with him now). Not once has he yowled or prowled, and he is playing with toys and with Brighton and Disco, too.

I have a family who have 2 cats from me, as well as a Sphynx and a Devon Rex and a young son too and he will be going to live with them next weekend. They couldn't be happier, as they were on my waiting list for a kitten and as you know, two of Coco's babies were stillborn and so their hopes were dashed when that this is a blessing in disguise for them.

Although Hiro's first family are very sad right now, as you can imagine, and they are trying to decide to adopt again, maybe next time trying a girl, as they are a bit more independant. Or maybe trying to adopt an adult Cornish Rex who is already mature and it's personality more settled? Or maybe going with a breed that isn't quite as intense and needy to fit their life best. I have been happy to help them in any way I can and appreciate the contacts and the knowledge I have gathered in my work as a vet tech, as it helps the cats in so many ways...

It's been fun watching Miles and Pierro together and see what great buddies they have become, making each others lives all the more meaningful with a friend to share it with! It's one of the highlights of my weekend to check in on them on Mon-Wed-Fri!

Pierro + Miles' Happy Place

And here's a cute photo of one of Miles brothers, Bosco...with his 'BFF', Bette Blu.

The vet I work for is away at the Cornell Feline Veterinary seminar so I got an extra day off work (a 4 day weekend!) and so I am catching up with visiting our bloggie friends and even though it's HOT! outside, laid some more stepping stones in the garden and planted some (dying) clover that needed to be put in the ground a few weeks ago when I bought the flat of red clover to hopefully have a 'mow-free' lawn but at least it was 50% off so if even 50% survive, I'll be happy!

Even with all the heat, the other new plantings have survived--a wisteria and a honeysuckle vine but I sure am wilted! I am going to make one more run through the local nurseries as everyone is having 50% off sales and might come home with a few more things--I'd love to have a hydrangea to replace the one lilac that isn't doing well in the shade and heck, I could use another cat statue or two...

Oh yeah, I gotta get back to working on that basement, too! My therapist says it's coloring every part of my life, and not in a good way! I have a friend coming over next weekend to help 'jump start' me again and I have cleaned off a spot on the couch for her to sit...that's a start!

(this is an old's worse now!)

And, last but not least...a friend sent me this good news this morning...
U.S. House Votes to Prohibit Sale and Distribution of Crush Videos's a step in the right direction!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coco's Kittens Report

Coco had a difficult time with her delivery this time :-(

She went into labor about 3:00am Sunday morning and the first kitten arrived about 4:20am, a typical length of time. The the first kitten, a black and white male, was stillborn. Coco then stopped labor for 4 hours. No contractions visible but she was content and comfortable and I could still feel kittens kicking.

After that long without progression, my vet recommended giving her an injection to help with contractions, but just one, in case one was blocking the birth canal or she had a 'twist' in her uterus which would be life threatening for her and any live kittens.

Within 15 minutes her contractions began again, and the 2nd kitten, a cream and white male, was delivered, but he was stillborn also. I was very sad, that they wouldn't be able to add joy to someone's life. I couldn't feel any movement from the two kittens yet to be born. I was devastated.

But as my vet advised, it would be better for Coco to deliver the kittens on her own rather than have to do a c-section on her, so I gave a third injection. Coco then delivered 2 live kittens, both black and white girls. A happy ending to a very stressful and sad morning. Both girls are spoken for by a couple who have been waiting for over a year for 2 available sisters.

Coco is always very anxious the first 24 hours, wanting to take the kittens out of the kittening box and even though she is confined to a large tent, you have to worry about hypothermia or trauma, so I am glad I am home today and also can go to bed early tonight and try and catch up on the sleep I didn't get last night. Coco, too! Disco's kinda mad he's been locked out of the nursery--he sprayed on the 'nursery' door (really mewmie's bedroom).

I will have both kittens that were stillborn necropsied (have an autopsy done) to find out if there was a cause, such as a virus or internal abnormality, but they were normal birth weight and looked fine from the outside. Doing the pathology is the responsible thing to do, to help ensure the continued good health of the remaining kittens and to know if there was a cause, in which case it might be time to let Coco be spayed and retire...

I will rest a little easier when these girls, Spottie and Dottie, have made it through the critical first 72 hours and relax a bit as each week passes. Kiki is due to have her kitten(s) around August 23rd, and by that time, Coco's babies will be 4 weeks old!

Someone recently commented on my blog, 'Didn't Coco just have babies?". Yes, and no...Her last litter was born January 27, 2010...almost 7 months ago (that's Miles' litter--you know, Miles, from Pierro's Happy Place)

Cats are stimulated to ovulate by the lengthening days, so between February and October, unspayed female cats are essentially in heat a week, out of heat a month and the cycle continues until the days get shorter, until they are bred or they are spayed. That is why, in 'the wild', one female cat can have up to 5 litters a year and contribute to the homeless cat population and the sad fact that many are euthanized.

People sometimes ask me why I breed cats when so many cats need a home. Well, most of the homes my kittens go to, also have mixed breed rescued kitties in them. Sometimes, just like with dogs, people are looking for a distinct temperament and physical look that they are attracted to. Oftentimes, people want to know how their cat was raised, see the parents and have a breeder such as myself, be there to help with any problems that may come up in the future. Both Coco and Disco went to new homes which didn't work out, and I took them back with open arms (and missed them so much the short time they were gone, that they have their furrever home here with me). Funny how that helped me decide that.

The cat in the photo above was returned to me when he was 12 years old, and I was able to seek a new home for him, although unfortunately he succumbed to nasal cancer a short time later. But I keep in touch with the people who have my cats and am therefore able to 'be there for them' should the need arise.

Many rescue groups do have a lifelong commitment to the cats they find homes for as I do, but many shelters do not, nor do they have lengthy adoption applications or foster homes to help evaluate a cat or kitten either. I am in awe of many rescue groups for the hard work and effort they do in springing cats from kill shelters and in the professional manner they find the best home possible for the cats in their care.

In breeding cats, the best way to keep them reproductively healthy is to breed them twice a year, so they are pregnant--which keeps the uterus healthy and lessens the chance of uterine infections or cystic ovaries due to repeated heat cycles without being bred. One health issue in breeding females is mammary cancer, due to not being spayed before their first heat cycle, but I am fortunate that none of my retired momcats has developed breast cancer.

As long as I have people on my waiting list for kittens, I will bred my momcats when their kittens are 12-14 weeks old and have finished nursing and the moms are fit and healthy. I have 6 people on my waiting list and only two kittens, so some people will wait for my next litter and some will seek a kitten elsewhere, and that's ok it enables me to be very particular and choose the very best homes I can that way.

Well, besides a kitten update, hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about girl cats, too!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kitten Count Update...

Coco and Kiki went in to work with Mewmie on Monday and the vet said Kiki is pregnant, but she only felt 1 'bun-in-the-oven…but she has been ‘off’ before and at this stage she doesn’t want to squeeze too hard, as all we are really wanting to know is a Yes or a No.

And Mama Coco, got xrayed, twice cuz she was so full o' babies and um...poo, that it was hard to count heads! But after everyone looked and looked and pointed and counted, we came up with...4 kittens, not 2 as felt in early pregnancy!

So we are looking forward the weekend, and being on baby watch and crossing our fingers that Coco has an uneventful delivery and all goes well and that both Mama and Mewmie can rest and get some sleep after the 'Big Event'!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simply Sunday Evening...

Is the weekend gone already? Our mewmie has been working overtime for two weeks cuz her day hunting place is short of hunters. She says she likes the extra green papers, but not the less time at home (with us!).

She did sleep in this morning, though she said she could do that better without us, so about 8am, she tricked us by feeding us our morning t/d treat in the kitchen...then she ran upstairs and shut the bedroom door! We didn't know what she was doing til it was too late!

For all our furrends who have been asking how Brighton is doing, sorry to make you worry for so many days without a post...but he is doing better this past week, fangs for askin'. Here he is, just waking up from a nap...

He certainly is feeling great, and now is spending the typical 'squat' time when he pees, even though he still seems to be going frequently. But, he is on canned food only and that might make enough of a difference to make him have to run to the box more often.

Teri said tomorrow she is going to confine him to the master bedroom by himself, so she can see how many 'clumps' he makes in the litterbox in 24 hours and that will tell her if he is 'back to normal'. An average cat urinates 3 times and poops one time in 24 hours, in case anyone was wondering, hahameow!

Mama Coco will start going to work with Teri this week, as she is in her last week of pregnancy and she needs close supervision in case she goes into labor early. She will get an xray tomorrow so we will all know how many babies she is expecting. Her due dates are July 16-18 and mewmie hopes she has them on Friday or Saturday so she can watch them closely (and go back to bed if Coco keeps her up all night birthing babies.

Kiki will go in tomorrow too, for a squeeze by the vet to see if she is expecting, too. Mewmie doesn't think she is pregnant as she didn't 'pink up' yet but she is still hoping! (Three weeks after being bred, a cats nipples become enlarged and red, which is known as "pinking-up"). So watch for an announcement on Tuesday with 'kittens-on-the-way' news!

Teri still hasn't been able to trap TomTom, but he keeps coming round to eat, so she will try again on Tuesday night. He does go into the trap (which Teri has secured in an open position with the food dish about 1/2 in. So on Tuesday night she will put the food all the way in the back of the trap and hope he goes in, and the door shut behind him.

The wound behind his right ear looks about the same, but she thought his left eye looked a little squinty yesterday so she hopes he doesn't have an abscess forming on that side. So far, she thinks he has only gotten one dose of antibiotic in his food, but when the vet sees him, they can give him an antibiotic that lasts up to 2 weeks. She is hoping he will be ok til she can trap him and that he isn't sick in other ways, too.

She will feel better when he finally gets into the vets and gets tested and if ok, neutered and his wounds fixed up! It is a rough life out there for feral cats and if she can't trap him, she will have to call on a local rescue group to maybe help her trap him with a drop trap instead. Here's a couple of photos of him, lounging in our garden after eating his evening dinner...

Mama Katz is doing fine, though we don't see her every day either. Her kittens are now in a foster home--the wonderful lady we told you about that does rescue and has a colony of barn cats she cares for, etc. She took them home with her last Thursday and is having her homeopathic vet the two of them with problems on Monday and she started the little girl with the injured leg on remedies he recommended and she is doing physical therapy with her leg, and said she is improving already!

This nice lady also works with an animal communicator and she told her that Tilly didn't like her name (thought it was silly) and so her name is now Tiger Lily and it fits her purrfectly. The little kitten with the eye problem will see her vet too, and last week the ophthalmologist vet called and said her colleagues said the 'growth' on his eye could be a birth defect but might be a tumor, which would mean removing his eye, so it will be good to get a second opinion on it, too.

While there has been happiness and sadness with these kittens, they are in wonderful hands now and we will be sure to keep you all updated on how they are doing and when they get furrever homes!

Mewmie worked a little in the garden, putting in some stepping stones, and she watched a movie and ate ribs and cole slaw, and we got her to update our bloggie...but we still didn't have time to visit our blogging furrends. Teri said she'll never catch up, so maybe she should just start from today and keep up for this week and not worry about catching up with back posts while she is off day hunting so much. But we sure enjoy your visits, they always brighten our day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday? Well, Mewmie rambled on a bit...

This post today is for Jeannie over at Peggy's Place ...Good luck at the groomers today!
CLICK HERE to visit Jeannie

This is WishnWhiskers Sir Spoticus (Spottie to us) before and after his summer hairdo. He looked sooo cute as a shorthaired cat! Mewmie doesn't care for booties or pom pom tails or a huge ruff so he got shaved down like a took almost 2 hours and since he doesn't like brushing, he was 'asleep' while we groomed and bathed him.

He was our daddy's kitty--and he had to be helped to the Bridge on May 12, 2009 because of intestinal lymphoma. He was a Turkish Van and while their soft, silky furs don't mat, Spottie didn't like being brushed at all and sometimes left the litterbox with well, once a year he would get shaved down and the rest of the time, just get a 'sani-shave' or what the vet calls a potty clip, hahameow!

CLICK HERE to visit Spottie

Mancat Monday--HahaMeow, Mewmie's a day off!

Raising little boys is a tough job...but I'm up to the task cuz I'm a ManCat!

This is Furrydance Altarnun, know by all as Al. And his little blurpy one is Ravi. Al was an 'only child' til Ravi came along, but obviously they are brudders already! Al lives in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Mewmie got an Award?

We are a little late in posting about this, seems mewmie is purrpetually late...with everything!

This award and meme is for Teri to fill out and so she is doing that, even though she said she'd rather be napping (with us, of course) but she wanted to thank of Iza and Ayla of Mark's Mews for thinking of her and giving her this purrty nice awardie!

If you haven't met them yet, you should visit them...CLICK HERE

The Life is Good Award is for “Mom’s” who help cats blog (Mom's are busy people, usually working at a day hunting job as well as taking care of us, and if we can't get her to help us blog more often, we understand). Just like Moms of human kids, our mom is our maid/servant/chauffeur/beautician/chef/masseuse/and BFF...that is reason enough for an award cuz she does make Life Good for all of us!

So, here's what her meme looks like:

1. What would your perfect day consist of?
Picture this: house at the beach, deck with a hammock, relaxing all day, and at night, a big feather bed, light downy comforter and sleeping in, with the cats of course.
2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
3. What hobbies are you currently working on?
Are cats a hobby? That's about all I have time for. Maybe birdwatching--I just bought some binoculars.
4. Walking in the woods in wellies or barefoot on the beach?
Barefoot on the beach.
5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree
Yes (both--had a hippy dippy wedding were I did both!)
6. Growing your veggies or nipping to the Supermarket.
All the CB knows I have a brown thumb...let someone else grow it and I'll enjoy it more!
7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
Don't know much about my relatives...I kinda live in the present.
8.Slap up a meal in a posh restaurant or fish n chips from a wrapper?
Posh every time!
9. Which element do you most resonate with–earth, air, fire or water?
Astrologically I am an Aquarius, water for sure!
10. Do you believe in fairies?
Not really, but it's fun to imagine.

And now to pass this on to five other Cat Mom’s.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Indepurrdence Day!

Here's hoping your 4th of July is a Blast!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Caturday Saturday

It seems that we are down to posting once a is so busy and our mewmie has two jobs--one her day hunting duties at the Cat Hospital, and one--taking care of us, which is another full-time job.

(this is an old photo of mewmie at can tell cuz of the old computer monitor and the fact that she doesn't have as many grey hairs as she does now!)

(this is an old photo of can tell cuz he isn't carrying around 3 & 1/2 extra pounds...this was him at his 'show' weight!)

Recently, her therapist asked her what she would do if she didn't have to work...and she said 'Blog more, and get us Therapy Certified, and volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Tabby's Place'

But, til she can retire, she tries to squeeze in as much as she can and somehow, having blogging time seems way too short! It's been another busy week at Furrydance, some good mews...some bad.

Brighton continues to improve and we are purring about that! He is still on his meds as he seems to make lotsa trips to the box still but he is feeling and acting very perky and that's a good sign. Mewmie doesn't have any trips planned until September and October and she is hoping by then, he is back to normal.

He will be traveling with her anyway as one of the trips is to a Cornish Rex Specialty Cat Show in Wilmington Ohio and the other trip is to New York City, to the big Meet the Breeds Expo, where both dogs and cats will be in attendance (guess that worked out ok last year, though it sounds a big scary to us!). CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON MEET THE BREEDS!. Brighton loves to travel, but she is hoping the stress doesn't bring on another Pee Problem.

Remember last week we told you there were birdies nesting in the pretty birdhouse mewmie bought us (hahameow). Well, there IS the sound of tweets coming from it! Listen and watch this! Sorry, it's kinda dark but you can see and hear the mommybirdie talking to her babies tweets.

Mama Katz and TomTom have been around every night, as well as the possum, a deer and a limping scraggly raccoon (those other critters...not every night than goodness!).

TomTom has a wound behind his right ear and mewmie has tried hiding an antibiotic pill in a treat, in canned food and in a hamburger meatball...but all TomTom wants is DRY food--not stinky goodness! Go figure. So...twice the possum ate the pill! Here's a photo of him NOT eating the pill!

TomTom didn't cooperate and get anywhere near the trap last Tuesday night, so he didn't get to be neutered yet. So mewmie left the trap out (closed, so no other critters get in it) and has been feeding the cats right in front of the door to the trap.

Today she is going to put the food inside but secure the door open, so maybe he will get in and eat and then leave, so he gets used to the idea of eating in it.

She is hoping by the time next Tuesday rolls around, he will get in it and be able to be trapped. She doesn't want to trap the possum or the raccoon...wish her luck! And she hopes his wound won't be too bad by then, either and that she can figure out a way to get some meds into him before then.

There is sad news about Mama Katz' kittens though. Butters, the friendliest kitten who was caught first and who had the pneumonia, got very sick after his first vaccination and had to be helped to the Bridge.

Mewmie was feeling very angry that when the staff found him ill the morning after all the kittens had their shots, that the assistant said he might not have been feeling well the day before, that he was quieter than normal. Then to find out, they didn't even temp them before they gave the vaccine.

Just because they are stray little kittens, doesn't mean they should get substandard care and she wished she had been involved in what was going on at the time, but no one told her they were going to start their vaccinations that day. So she has to take some responsibility for not keeping herself in the loop when it came to medical decisions for these kittens.

We ran some bloodwork on Butters when we saw he was not feeling well, but it all came back normal. He was the runt of the litter and the only one who had been sick before, but we still don't know what was wrong, though we do know some things that weren't wrong.

He didn't have FELV or FIV, he wasn't anemic and didn't have an obvious infection. We did not run tests for Toxoplasmosis or FIP/FCV but both of those are possibilities. We will just have to watch the rest of the kittens closely, and hope they continue to grow and thrive.

Little Tilly's hurt leg is not any better either, and that's sad news. Our vet did talk to a neurologist about her and he explained all the things that might be wrong and in the best case scenario, she will gradually improve within two weeks and get back to normal eventually.

If the damage isn't reversible, there is a surgery that can fuse the joint so that she can at least place it properly and not drag it...but that's real expensive. And then, the other option is amputation, which is actually more expensive than the fusion.

So for right now, we are doing 'physical therapy' on her leg and waiting. As long as she isn't hurting (she isn't) or injuring and scraping it by walking on her 'wrist'...we will wait and watch. She was spoken for by one of the staffs parents, but they are on vacation and don't even know she has been hurt yet.

We aren't sure if they will still want to adopt her and then take care of her medical problems. Their daughter has offered to help pay for any surgery Tilly might need, by skipping a vacation this year. That might help them decide to take and help this little one...

Here's a couple of pix of the two boy kittens still looking for homes, and you can see how sweet they are and how they are thriving, too! We just sent out an email with these photos to some of our clients who recently had a kitty go to the Bridge, in case they are thinking about adopting again.

We hope they find their furrever homes soon...they are 8 weeks old now and ready to make their home more than an exam room at the Cat Hospital, hahameow!

Mewmie has been busy working in the back yard and garden and even got up early this morning instead of sleeping in with us, so she could do some stuff outside before it got too hot. But she ended up working on our blog for us and now it's hot outside! She said she'd come back in and take a nap with us this afternoon...that will make it about our third nap for the day, but who's counting!

Once she gets the yard prettied up, she will take some photos and share them with all of you, since we like walking through your gardens so very much!

Oh, and before she forgets, we got a very thoughtful awardie given to us by the lovely Admiral Hestorb and we want to thank her everso for thinking of us as 'Versatile'!

We weren't sure what that meant, so we had mewmie google it and it means 'having many skills, able to move freely in all directions, competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another.' Well, that certainly sounds like us cats and our mewmie tries hard, so one has to give her an 'A' for effort!

Of course, even though us cats don't like rules, there are some that go along with accepting this Award...

Rule #1. Thank the kitty who gave it to you
Thank you Admiral Hestorb! We learned we ARE versatile and we blog about many things! For those of you who haven't met this lovely ladycat yet, who's very nice mewmie calls Ashe, CLICK HERE

Rule #2. Share 9 things about yourself:

We love to drink from faucets (even more than our water fountain)

We get excited when we have visitors and watch them arrive on our porch from a nice window perch

We love our t/d dental diet (which we almost patiently wait for every's the one 'treat' we all love)

Our favorite time of day is naptime (that means we have lots of 'happy' times!)

We all have some annoying habits---Kiki chews on hair, Disco spray marks, Brighton steals plastic bags, Coco puts the bitey on people. Sammy, well, he doesn't get much chance to get into trouble really...

We all love strollering and now we are on Heartworm preventative, mewmie says we can do that more often!

We will sleep on our heating pads even when it's summertime.

Sammy and Disco weren't born in this house, but Coco and Kiki were

It's kind of a breed thing, but we all get yeasty toes and need regular baths and 'spa' pawdicures

and Rule #3. Pass this along to 9 other bloggers...that's easy cuz we currently follow 179 furrends...what's hard is to narrow it down!










Have a Catalicious Saturday...however you spend it!