Sunday, July 11, 2010

Simply Sunday Evening...

Is the weekend gone already? Our mewmie has been working overtime for two weeks cuz her day hunting place is short of hunters. She says she likes the extra green papers, but not the less time at home (with us!).

She did sleep in this morning, though she said she could do that better without us, so about 8am, she tricked us by feeding us our morning t/d treat in the kitchen...then she ran upstairs and shut the bedroom door! We didn't know what she was doing til it was too late!

For all our furrends who have been asking how Brighton is doing, sorry to make you worry for so many days without a post...but he is doing better this past week, fangs for askin'. Here he is, just waking up from a nap...

He certainly is feeling great, and now is spending the typical 'squat' time when he pees, even though he still seems to be going frequently. But, he is on canned food only and that might make enough of a difference to make him have to run to the box more often.

Teri said tomorrow she is going to confine him to the master bedroom by himself, so she can see how many 'clumps' he makes in the litterbox in 24 hours and that will tell her if he is 'back to normal'. An average cat urinates 3 times and poops one time in 24 hours, in case anyone was wondering, hahameow!

Mama Coco will start going to work with Teri this week, as she is in her last week of pregnancy and she needs close supervision in case she goes into labor early. She will get an xray tomorrow so we will all know how many babies she is expecting. Her due dates are July 16-18 and mewmie hopes she has them on Friday or Saturday so she can watch them closely (and go back to bed if Coco keeps her up all night birthing babies.

Kiki will go in tomorrow too, for a squeeze by the vet to see if she is expecting, too. Mewmie doesn't think she is pregnant as she didn't 'pink up' yet but she is still hoping! (Three weeks after being bred, a cats nipples become enlarged and red, which is known as "pinking-up"). So watch for an announcement on Tuesday with 'kittens-on-the-way' news!

Teri still hasn't been able to trap TomTom, but he keeps coming round to eat, so she will try again on Tuesday night. He does go into the trap (which Teri has secured in an open position with the food dish about 1/2 in. So on Tuesday night she will put the food all the way in the back of the trap and hope he goes in, and the door shut behind him.

The wound behind his right ear looks about the same, but she thought his left eye looked a little squinty yesterday so she hopes he doesn't have an abscess forming on that side. So far, she thinks he has only gotten one dose of antibiotic in his food, but when the vet sees him, they can give him an antibiotic that lasts up to 2 weeks. She is hoping he will be ok til she can trap him and that he isn't sick in other ways, too.

She will feel better when he finally gets into the vets and gets tested and if ok, neutered and his wounds fixed up! It is a rough life out there for feral cats and if she can't trap him, she will have to call on a local rescue group to maybe help her trap him with a drop trap instead. Here's a couple of photos of him, lounging in our garden after eating his evening dinner...

Mama Katz is doing fine, though we don't see her every day either. Her kittens are now in a foster home--the wonderful lady we told you about that does rescue and has a colony of barn cats she cares for, etc. She took them home with her last Thursday and is having her homeopathic vet the two of them with problems on Monday and she started the little girl with the injured leg on remedies he recommended and she is doing physical therapy with her leg, and said she is improving already!

This nice lady also works with an animal communicator and she told her that Tilly didn't like her name (thought it was silly) and so her name is now Tiger Lily and it fits her purrfectly. The little kitten with the eye problem will see her vet too, and last week the ophthalmologist vet called and said her colleagues said the 'growth' on his eye could be a birth defect but might be a tumor, which would mean removing his eye, so it will be good to get a second opinion on it, too.

While there has been happiness and sadness with these kittens, they are in wonderful hands now and we will be sure to keep you all updated on how they are doing and when they get furrever homes!

Mewmie worked a little in the garden, putting in some stepping stones, and she watched a movie and ate ribs and cole slaw, and we got her to update our bloggie...but we still didn't have time to visit our blogging furrends. Teri said she'll never catch up, so maybe she should just start from today and keep up for this week and not worry about catching up with back posts while she is off day hunting so much. But we sure enjoy your visits, they always brighten our day!


  1. We love to hear all the news! We are SOOOooo happy to hear Brighton is better! Mommy thinks we do pee more now that we eat canned food exclusively. And that the kittens are being cared for. And that TomTom mat soon be TimTim...AND that kitten tots are imminent!

    Paws crossed that all goes well with the upcoming delivery.

    Don't fret about the back posts; you'll drive yourself crazy and we don't want that!

    Happy Monday and have a great week.

  2. Kittens on the way! How wonderful! Can't wait to fall in love all over again somemore with those curly swirly love muffins!

  3. That is such a sweet cat pile. I am glad Brighton is doing pretty well.

    We hope things work out soon for trapping Tom Tom.

  4. Great news that Brighton is feeling better. There certainly is a lot of exciting things going on at your place. We're hoping for a smooth and safe arrival of all the kittens.

    We're hosting a Super Sunday Giveaway. There is still time to enter. Come see.

  5. That is good news that Brighton is feeling better. We are on wet food only now and pee about the same as when we were on dry, but we used to drink far more water then. We poop more with wet food. We look forward to seeing the new babies when they arrive.

  6. We are pleased Brighton seems better and hopes his litter tray test shows normal.
    Looking forward to seeing the new babies when they are born.

  7. wow, there is always so much happening at your place!

  8. I could not be more or mommy at this wonderful news about Brighton (I am waiting to hear how many clumps he produces.I make 4 usually) and about the babies with the eye problem and the little girl with the injured leg. I am SO glad these babies are doing better. We were worried.

    I hope to goodness Tom is successfully trapped. he's going to be mad for awhile but he needs his meds and a check up..a vaccination and a neutering.

    You are a wonderful mewmie. me and Mommy adore you for all you do for the outside babies. Thank you.

  9. Great update post, it was nice to catch up on everything...We are so glad to hear Brighton is doing better=YAY!!!...We are looking forward to seeing Coco with more kittens, she is such a wonderful, sweet Mommy!...Good luck traping TomTom and getting him fixed up, we hope his injuries are not too bad...Best of luck to the kittens, especially the one with the bad eye...We hope Teri gets some rest!...Happy week sweet friends...kisses x3...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. mom said she forgot to ask about Brightboy yesterday. This is great news that he is improving.

    We are excited for Mommie Coco! It would be pretty fun if Kiki is gonna have kittens too, what a fun houseful haha
    Miles is a good helper and now I can take naps instead of following mom all day. We work in shifts or together. A great deal and we do get overtime pay.

    Mom cannot keep up with the comments either, lots of times she reads pages and just does not leave a comment unless it is something important of concern.

    bonkbonks to all of you
    Stay cool, don't sweat

  11. Thanks for that update! We're glad to hear Brighton is doing better!!


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