Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday? Well, Mewmie rambled on a bit...

This post today is for Jeannie over at Peggy's Place ...Good luck at the groomers today!
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This is WishnWhiskers Sir Spoticus (Spottie to us) before and after his summer hairdo. He looked sooo cute as a shorthaired cat! Mewmie doesn't care for booties or pom pom tails or a huge ruff so he got shaved down like a took almost 2 hours and since he doesn't like brushing, he was 'asleep' while we groomed and bathed him.

He was our daddy's kitty--and he had to be helped to the Bridge on May 12, 2009 because of intestinal lymphoma. He was a Turkish Van and while their soft, silky furs don't mat, Spottie didn't like being brushed at all and sometimes left the litterbox with well, once a year he would get shaved down and the rest of the time, just get a 'sani-shave' or what the vet calls a potty clip, hahameow!

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  1. I like that shaved look...My Johnny is getting bad despite being groomed every day. I may get him shaved like this. Thanks for the post!

    MomKat Trish

  2. I am lucky that I don't have to get shaved...but Delilah..she hates being brushed and Mommy keeps threatening it! Good luck to Jeannie!

  3. Hi Spottie! I am so glad to know him. He looks great in the military cut, I like it. Ready for action!
    Even a potty clip would be kinda cool looking.
    Only a year ago... time just continues to move ahead. It ia good that you have photos and many memories.
    Stay cool Missie TeriSwirlie. It is too hot outside today
    bonk and bonk for a happy day

  4. We had a similar cat at our shelter. Big Tom had been at the shelter for several months and was pretty matted. A local groomer shaved him for us and he was adopted over the weekend with his new haircut!! I am sure he felt much better too!

  5. Aww..I think Spottie looked very handsome sporting that short haircut! My cat Zoolou could use one of those "potty cuts"! She's had her share of "cling-ons" from the litter box!

  6. Spotty was adorable with both his long hair and his short hair cut! And that is a really nice clip (we've seen some that don't look as good!)

    We feel lucky to be shorthairs in the summer!

  7. Spottie is handsome with long glorious hair or in disguise as a DSH. I LOVE his name.

    My Vet calls is a poop chute and I call the klingons (LOVED that!) "hang fires".

  8. Spottie looked very handsome with his long fur, but he also looked very good with his clip.

  9. It looks fine. I bet its much cooler without all that floofs and furs.

  10. We are sad he left ya, but he sure looked great as a DSH!

  11. I think that the short hair looks a lot better, I bet he is mad up that you done it for him.

    I wanted to get my olivers hair cut but he won't allow it. Every time me and my partner mention anything about haircuts he gets out of the area with immediate effect. It's like he knows what we are saying.


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