Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening and an Award, too!

Coco sporting her new Rogz collar...

Oh...Teri had to push herself to work on the basement today! She wanted to nap at 3:00pm as she went out last night and listened to a band, had pizza and 2 beers and 2 White Russians (we thought Russians were blue, hahameow!). She said she didn't have a hangover but she did have a lack of ambition til zero hour approached!

But she was down in the basement again, from 4pm - 7pm and she tossed out some stuff, dusted, vacuumed and washed the curtains, too. So one more corner is clean!

And way back on January 30th, Clooney, Neytiri and Ducky over at Clooney's Num-Num Fund, bestowed upon us a classy award and it's taken Teri a month to get around to posting it! (We'll remember that come 2012's Purr-Formance Review)...

Along with passing the award on to 7 blogs we think are Stylish, too, we are to share 7 things about us that others may not already know.

1. Brighton's mom had almost no fur.

2. Brighton was promised to a home when he was a kitten but he had 3 leaky heart valves, so in the end they adopted his mom.

3. Furry Dance is an ancient festival held in Cornwall England, that's why Teri named her cattery Furrydance.

4. The only treat we all beg for is Hill's t/d Dental Diet, isn't that weird?

5. Teri's named her first cat after a beach in Portugal, Cascais. And she named her first Cornish Rex after a beach in Cornwall, Rusey Beach.

6. Someone at a cat show once said 'Those cats look like a bat gone wrong' rude!

7. We all like to drink out of the faucet, so much so that Teri got us a Sink Drink!

We looked around for 7 blogs we think are Stylin' and many have already been recognized for their Style and have this award already. Then there many, many blogs we love to visit cuz of their style, but they don't look like they post awards. And some stylin blogs may be slow like us and haven't put up their award yet.

It was furry difficult to only pick seven!!

Life with Fae

Miss Peach's Meowz

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The Poupounette

Beaded Tail

Friday, February 25, 2011

Caterday (and Kitterday) Saturday!

It's been a week since we posted anything! But we are through the T's on our blogroll visiting...some things get done, some slide.

Teri worked for 3 hours in the basement last Sunday and made some headway! One corner went from this:

to this:

Tomorrow she is going to work on the bookshelves and maybe vacuum, so it doesn't feel so gritty down there, and gather up 3 more boxes of stuff to donate to

We know you are all awaiting a kitten update, and great news there, too! Little Cheddar (Teri loves calling him 'Cheddah', hahameow) is up to 206 grams today and gaining 10-14 grams a day now. Brawny Colby Jack is 297 grams now...They're the Cheesiest!

Their eyes are open and they are looking at Teri when she talks to them. They can now regulate their own body temperature, and so Teri took the flannel sheet off the tent so they can get more light and begin to interact a bit with the 'cats outside the tent'.

When Teri is up in the bedroom, on the laptop or watching TV, she pulls the kitten box out of the tent and puts it next to her so she can coo over them and we get to sniff 'em, too.

They might not look like they are growing much from their photos, but they are! Here are some pix taken last Saturday when Cary came to visit--they were 128 and 207 grams then:

and taken yesterday...

And, Disco has been clawing at Teri's pantleg the whole time she's been typing, saying something that sounds like without further chit-chat...

And not to be forgotten, the other 'macho mancat', TomTom, hissing at her outside his new feeding station. Teri cracked the first one she made when she was cutting the entrance hole and it bugged her.

So when she saw this box on sale at Staples yesterday, so got it. She decided not to put the mat inside as he never 'stays long' and it often smelled like pee, so now she can just rinse out the box if he marks it (it may have been raccoon musk, who knows what they smell like...)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simply Sunday Morning...

A perfect way to spend a winter's day...This photo was sent to me by one of Furrydance's extended family and that little brown tabby Cornish Rex in the middle is Tigger, who will be 13 years old this year! Tigger's mother was Coco's great-grandmother!

Tigger lives with the Huey family in Oregon and her purrson, Robert, is graduating from High School this year. Here's a photo of Tigger as a kitten!

It is so wonderful to know they have grown up together and we stay in touch, as 'family' should...across the miles and through the years!

Caturday Saturday!

Cheddar has gained about 14 grams each day since Thursday and now weighs in at 128 grams, so in the 10 days since he was born, he finally doubled his birth weight...a little slow but he did it! Beefy Colby now weighs 207 grams!

And while we watch the kitten gain weight, Disco is still dieting and has lost 4 ounces in the past month and is looking good at 14# 11 oz...2# to go and at an average of 4 oz a month he will be ready for 'bathing suit weather' this summer, hahameow!

And here's some pix of Disco and Brighton sporting their new baseball caps! They will be stylin' at Blog Paws in August!

We are excited about
Blog Paws being in the DC area this year! The conference is inspiring, the hotel sumptuous and the camaraderie uplifting! Teri thought about just running back and forth each day as it's only an hour away, but then decided to kind of make it a mini-vacation and stay at the hotel, The Tysons Sheraton Premiere, and live it up a little!

Truth be told, it was because Disco and Brighton are attending, too, and she wanted them to have a nice place to 'chill' while she was in a seminar (though they attended all of them last year) or out to lunch and dinner! And that way, their adoring fans can see more of them, too! Here's a couple of pix from last years Blog Paws...

In fact, Teri reserved a room with 2 double beds, and if anyone is attending that might want to share a room and split the cost, Teri would be open to that (and you'd get to sleep with 'The Boys', hahameow!)

It's a bee-u-tiful Caturday here, windy but blue skies and 60 degrees. We had visitors come over this afternoon to visit the kittens (Cary and Russ are adopting one of the Banditos) and Teri did a little yard work and tomorrow--3 hours on the basement!!

Here's the latest photos of the babies and a little video, too...

Colby ^

Cheddar ^

Cary and Cheddar ^

and the Cheeto brothers chowing down!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Annual PurrFurMance Review 2011

Truth revealed...No lying! (Napping permitted)

You know that term, 'Herding Cats'? Well, trying to get five cats to attend a meeting and come to a consensus takes more than a last minute 'Hey, it's the 18th!' But it's not us that are purrcrastinors, it's the Purrson! So, without further delay, here's our Purr-Furr-mance Review of CurlySwirly Teri for 2011!

1.) Quantity of Output: Has your Purrson posted to your blog daily to give you maximum exposure worldwide and make you famous?


Teri doesn't post to our blog daily. We see there were 191 posts in 365 days. She tries to scoot by when she posts cute pix, but that doesn't cut the stinky goodness in our opinion!

2.) Quality of Output: Are you satisfied with your Purrsons photos, words: the creativity, imagination, truth, fun and general interest in your postings?


Teri does take good photos, and the videos while lacking in imagination, are fun, too (except when she catches us in compromising positions, ie: Disco's Lardiness shots). We get lots of compliments and comments on the photos and when she DOES take the time to compose newsy posts.

3.) Client Pawticipation: Does your Purrson provide sufficient ways for your fans to contact you and for you to contact them?


Our fans are the Best! They get 4 PAWS! We had 2,835 comments on our 191 posts in 2010! In spite of Teri's mediocre purrfurmance with newsy posts, they keep following us and leaving nice they haven't given up on her either! As to us being able to contact our fans?? Well, she is always behind, it takes her a month to roll down our blogroll and visit all our fans and she whines that it's her 2nd job! Well, Yes!! It is and her performance in this area is 'in the litterbox' as far as we're concerned and she gets 2 SWATS for that! We guess 2 SWATS and 4 PAWS = 2 PAWS...but we're kinda feeling sorry for her about now, aren't you?

4.) Pawticipation (Part II): Does your Purrson allow you to take part in fun blog world special events, parties, contests and more?

LOW, TWO SWATS (Only because there wasn't a THREE SWAT RATING!)

Just as in 2009, Teri still hasn't 'taken us out on the town' to get involved with special events, parties and contests! She was warned last year and showed no improvement whatsoever in 2010! And she wonders why we get bored? She talks about the importance of "Environmental Stimulation" for cats, but then we rarely get to get stimulated at House Wreckings, Birthday Parties or in Contests with Purrizes! That being mewed, we have had an excellent time with Auction fun!

5.) Client Satisfaction: Are your friends purringly contented with what they see and read on your blog?


We think our furrends are sweet and tactful when they mew satisfaction for our blog. BUT, we do hear they are disappointed when there isn't a new post every day, as we are! Teri says she is going to strive to improve in this area this year as she SAYS she'll have more time once the babies all leave home and we are all 'fixed'! That being said, all of us are MUCHO satisfied with the blogs we follow and visit and give FOUR PAWS to almost everyone!

Overall Rating: MEDIUM--TWO & 1/4 PAWS (that's 2 adult and 1 kitten paw)

Our Teri tries and that counts for something! She says she will do a better job when she retires, but we wonder if she will be too old then? She already has silver hair and wrinkles, so we hope she's not got cataracts by then and fingers stiff with Arthritis...then who knows, Alzheimers could set in!

She gives us a nice home, a wide array of napping spots, wonderful massages, and keeps trying to find new favorite foodies. We give her high ratings for the love and affection and care she gives us.

On the negative rating side, she needs to write mews on our blog more, and we don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let us go to more parties and festivals!