Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening and an Award, too!

Coco sporting her new Rogz collar...

Oh...Teri had to push herself to work on the basement today! She wanted to nap at 3:00pm as she went out last night and listened to a band, had pizza and 2 beers and 2 White Russians (we thought Russians were blue, hahameow!). She said she didn't have a hangover but she did have a lack of ambition til zero hour approached!

But she was down in the basement again, from 4pm - 7pm and she tossed out some stuff, dusted, vacuumed and washed the curtains, too. So one more corner is clean!

And way back on January 30th, Clooney, Neytiri and Ducky over at Clooney's Num-Num Fund, bestowed upon us a classy award and it's taken Teri a month to get around to posting it! (We'll remember that come 2012's Purr-Formance Review)...

Along with passing the award on to 7 blogs we think are Stylish, too, we are to share 7 things about us that others may not already know.

1. Brighton's mom had almost no fur.

2. Brighton was promised to a home when he was a kitten but he had 3 leaky heart valves, so in the end they adopted his mom.

3. Furry Dance is an ancient festival held in Cornwall England, that's why Teri named her cattery Furrydance.

4. The only treat we all beg for is Hill's t/d Dental Diet, isn't that weird?

5. Teri's named her first cat after a beach in Portugal, Cascais. And she named her first Cornish Rex after a beach in Cornwall, Rusey Beach.

6. Someone at a cat show once said 'Those cats look like a bat gone wrong' rude!

7. We all like to drink out of the faucet, so much so that Teri got us a Sink Drink!

We looked around for 7 blogs we think are Stylin' and many have already been recognized for their Style and have this award already. Then there many, many blogs we love to visit cuz of their style, but they don't look like they post awards. And some stylin blogs may be slow like us and haven't put up their award yet.

It was furry difficult to only pick seven!!

Life with Fae

Miss Peach's Meowz

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The Poupounette

Beaded Tail


  1. ConCats on your award, and Teri's persistence in the basement! We thought your seven facts were cool, especially the origin of your cattery name.

  2. Concatulations on the award, but I think even bigger kudos are in order for getting the basement straightened up!

  3. BTW my Kalei loves that Hill's T/D... the Cat doctor recommended it because she noticed a bit of gingivitis happening...She only gets a few of those a day.. she loves it.

  4. Bats gone wrong?!?!? How awful!!! Bats are super cute anyway and Cornish Rex Cats are just perfectly gorgeous!!! Yay!!!!

    Congratulations with your brilliant award!!!!

    Take care

  5. lookin' stylin' in that new collar, Coco. ;)

    congrats to your mom on getting more work done in your basement even after a long night! i wouldn't have been able to accomplish that, lol.

    and thanks a lot for the award! :)) i've already posted the award once so i won't post it again, but me and Fae are honored that you like our blog enough to pass the award on to us. :) thanks!

  6. Concats!!! I loved learning new things about your babies.

  7. That Sink Drink is neat-o! I haven't heard of that before.

  8. Congrats, y'all really are as stylish as it gets!!!

  9. Congratulations on your award and also on your purrsistance with the basement Teri - we know mum would have chickened out!!

  10. Concats on your award, and thanks for passing it on to us. We had this award a while ago and posted it here:
    We are always thankful for our awards, and if we get them more than once, we appreciate them just as much as the first time.
    Well done on keeping at the basement.

  11. Just came across your blog and I am quite fascinated with the Cornish Rex. I have never known one and I have not had the pleasure of caring for one with my kitty-sitting service yet. Hope I do some time. I am your new follower. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  12. Congrats on the awardie! We especially liked the name an origins items.

  13. ConCats on your award. Bats gone wrong??? Grrr, how rude!

  14. concatulations on this very honorable and worthy awardie.

    We are very very impressed with the cleaning of the basement. Are you sure you kitties did not set Missie CurlieTeri's butt on fire? this is a major accomplishment -- she needs a superb awardie too -- like a BIG CAKE!

    WE like these important facts about handsome Brighterpants. He is a great uncle and we love him.
    His mom is reeeelly pritty too

    bonks and bronks

  15. Concats on the award! Our mom could use some of Teri's energy :) We enjoyed learning more about all of you and thanks so much for thinking of us to pass the award along to :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  16. Yay Folks! (Hey concats on that award, huh! As you would say hahameow!)Theese are mighty interesting facts! We have never seen a sink drink either.

  17. Yay for your award! Oooh, lots of things I never knew, like Furry Dance. And I love that you named your first cats after beaches!


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