Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simply, Way too Early, Sunday Morning 12:30am

How did it get to be Sunday so fast? Teri even had an extra day off so she had a 4 day weekend. She got done cleaning house and doing laundry yesterday. We didn't even snoopervise, or ask for warm towels out of the dryer! We were napping, and getting scritches from our scritcher, and playing with our birdies from Stacy!

And we know all of you have been waiting for a Coco update, and all's well there, too! Which means--No babies yet. Today is day 60 from her first breeding and that should be ok, but Teri would like her wait a few more days.

Coco also could make us wait until Friday to go into labor. If she has them during the week, we can hope for a daytime delivery, while Coco is with Teri at work (aka The Vet) so she doesn't have to stay up all night and then work the next day!

But, Saturday night Teri worked on our blog for us, watching movies and and watching Coco, and she made the rest of us hang out in the library so she could concentrate on Coco without us distracting her.

About 10pm Saturday night, Coco started digging under the blankets, so she might be getting ready! Teri said when she starts squinting, that she is starting to have 'invisible' contractions...Teri had plans to work on the basement today (cuz her therapist said she's at a standstill)...unless Coco keeps her up all night! She will set the alarm to wake her up every 2 hours to check on Coco and it's just past midnight now...

Disco is back to his 'marathon running' workouts, cuz just like Teri and the basement, he was at a standstill, too, as far as weight loss goes. He really enjoys his one-on-one personal training sessions, too...

And we have good news about the two orangey outdoor kitties, too. Tom Tom has been coming around every day and looks good, and yesterday Teri saw Mama Katz for the first time in a couple of weeks. She looks fine, also and Teri is so glad they are both fixed now!

We are still catching up with visiting furriends, and Teri said she's to the 'G's' on our blogroll. Even if we don't leave comments, we always look to see what everyone is up to, especially those needing purrs...We are so glad that Chrystal's auction is going so well and come spring the work will begin on her new cat house! The cats and humans of the CB are full of love and heart and caring!


  1. Well, 64-67 days is (in general) time, but there may be differences for specific breeds. But we await hopefully a safe and trouble-free delivery.

    Purring loudly...

    We expect you know all about the right kind of birthing locations for Momcats, so would you describe it for us who dont know that stuff? We are curius.

    Ayla and Iza

  2. You guys sure look like you're having fun!

  3. That sounds so exciting, having kittens! That would probably never happen here (my human is too squeamish and nervous to ever foster a pregnant mom cat), so what Ayla and Iza said, it might be kind of fun if you went into more detail about it, especially when the time comes for Coco.

  4. Lots of purrs for Coco and her babies! We'll be looking for an update...We, too, will read but not always leave comments...There's just not time enough in the days, unfortunately.

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Where did u find that great basket??? how cool is that!.

  6. Awwww hugs and purrs and lots of special love to Coco!!!!! How exciting!!!

    Take care and have a brilliant Sunday all at Life with Cornish Rex Cats! xx

  7. Yay! Babies!
    I'm anxious, I wonder how Teri is.
    Good "delivery"!
    A big hug to you all!

  8. Every time I see Disco I have this urge to hug him... :)

    Crossing our paws for Coco!!

  9. That overview shot of Miss Coco makes me think three of mine are pregnant too. I mean seriously, they are more giant than her so they MUST be right? Well, except they haven't been bred; theyh are hall been spayed & their tummys only wiggle when they run MOL! (kinda like mine_ sad but true)

    Loves to all my favorite curly swirls & can't wait to see bebe kittehs!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  10. ooooh, maybe you have kittens by now! Paws crossed for a safe delivery.
    Good news about the Outdoor kitties, your Mom is great to TNR them.

  11. That is exciting that it is close to Coco's time now. We can't wait to see the baby kits.
    Good news that Mama Katz and TomTom are showing up again.

  12. goodluck, Coco! not that you or the kittens need it. :)


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