Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fashion Friday...

Coco, going all Cyndi Lauper on us!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Jacob (one of our extended family) and buds!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday...

Coco is the epitome of a model...Here she is at a fund raiser for animal rescue, giving it her all!
(You will notice, she isn't wearing shoes on her hind paws...she accepted them on her front paws for photo ops only!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

And because our friend, Bernadette Kazmarski, reminded us of cats in mirrors, one final favorite photo...

All of these sweet tabbies are Furry Dance Cornish Rex Cattery offspring... and here's Coco as a kitten!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mancat Monday!

Disco's got the beads! What ladycats will show him their Tata's, hahameow!

Simply Sunday Evening

Well, Teri said she was going to tell our friends all about her upcoming vacation, and the 'retreat' that Disco, Coco and Brighton are going on, too.

Sammy and Al are staying back at the house, as they aren't used to change and travel and while they may be a little bored and lonely, they will be safe in familiar surroundings and Teri thinks that's best. 

Sammy and Al will be looked in on once a day by Sasha (the LVT at Teri's day hunting place) and she has 2 sweet kids, who Al will adore as we are sure he misses the little boy he left behind.

Since Disco is on meds for his IBD, and Brighton is on some nutriceuticals for his FIC and Coco is on Glyco-Flex III for her knee joint, Teri is taking us three to a B & B! Yep, a good friend of Teri's (who is also an LVT) has a spare bedroom and bathroom that we will get to relax in! 

Teri already took over our sleeping bag and heating pad and litter boxes  and food and all the room needs is us! When we are all loaded up in our PTU's, then Teri will gather up our favorite bed and blankie, and our small window perch and we'll be off to 'holiday' for 10 days, just like Teri!

We will get lots of attention and hopefully help Laura smile at our antics, cuz she is sad right now cuz she just had to help one of her elderly kitties to the bridge. Both Laura's kitties got to stay at our B &  B over Christmas and we are glad Teri got to know her before she crossed the bridge. 

Teri's vacation will be a lot busier than ours will be, hahameow! She is flying out to San Francisco to attend a wedding for a niece. 

Teri and her niece, Leah
Teri is excited to see her family (Mom, brothers, step-brothers, step-sister and other relatives) again as it's been over 2 years since she last got to visit them!

The wedding is at Grace Cathedral 

and the reception at The Mark Hopkins

So Teri put together quite a nice ensemble to wear. It's all kind of vintage style and most importantly, comfortable shoes!

See, we aren't the only ones Teri dresses up, hahameow! In fact, Teri will wear this same ensemble at the Wigglebutt Wedding in June and Coco has a lovely outfit to wear to that (us boycats will stay back at the hotel while they attend the wedding and reception).

Teri and 2 of her 3 brothers & Steve's wife Elena
Then after the wedding, Teri is heading up to Oregon to visit with her brothers and step-sister for a week, and she and her brothers have rented a log cabin in the woods, The Red Blanket Cabin, for 3 days so they can do what brothers and sisters do together--talk, drink, eat and relax. 

At this cabin, there is a BBQ, and fire pit stocked with wood (time for S'Mores) and they even provide snowshoes in case anyone wants to drive up to Crater Lake (one of Teri's brothers works there) and shuffle around in the snow.

Teri said she might just stay back at the Lodge and keep the fire going, hahameow! But if the weather is nice (that means sunny) then she would be up for trekking around in the snow since she hasn't done that in years!

So that's what we will be up to for the next couple of weeks! Teri said she promises to keep blogging for us while she's away and give our friends updates and photos and catch up with visiting you all, too!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Caturday Saturday...

Where have the past 49 days gone??? Did we take an extended nap? Where have we been? Inquiring minds (and nosy cats) want to know!

Yep, that's how long it's been since we have composed a blog post! We don't know what's gotten into Teri, but if we were going to do a Performance Review on her (which by the way, is long overdue and may be part of the problem---No consequences to bad behavior!!) she would be fired and replaced with a servant who really is at our beck and call!

Teri's been very busy at work with some extra duties and by the time she gets home at night, she says she doesn't have any brain power left to put pen to paper, so to speak. By the way, she uses the same excuse for not exercising!

And to top it off, she is going on vacation next week, so while she should be packing right now, we insisted she get back on track and write us a Caturday Saturday post! We think what really pushed her into it is that we are a 'Featured Member' on BlogPaws Community today and well, it would be kinda embarrassing if we had nothing new to say!

So what have we been up to? Well, Sammy and Disco had their COHAT's. What's a COHAT? It's a Comprehensive Oral Health and Treatment and they both had to have teeth extracted because of resorptive lesions, Disco 1 tooth and Sammy, 2 teeth.

As you can see, Sammy has very few teeth left because of resorptive lesions! He had that major procedure a few years ago and he put on weight and did so much better without those ouchy teeth in there! He still eats dry kibble, along with canned food.

Teri started adding Oxyfresh to our drinking water to help with gingivitis and plaque formation, so we hope that helps. Teri says she thinks it will cuz it's actually keeping our water fountain cleaner!

Oh, we got a new fountain, too! We had a Drinkwell 360 and we liked it and Teri said it was easy to clean. But Drinkwell came out with a new version, The Pagoda, that is all ceramic and Teri feels better about that. And it was on sale, so that's even better!

Let's see, what else... Oh, we 'celebrated' Mardi Gras and here's the proof!

And the B & B has been a getaway for a two kitties the past couple of months, too. But only one gave his consent to post his photo, so here's a pix of Czechers, a handsome tuxedo older gentleman cat. He is a wonderful guest and easy to give his meds to, and loves being brushed! We give him a large low litter box so it's easy for him to get in and out of, and he comes with his own automatic feeder so he gets a little meal every few hours. 

What else has been going on? Well, last month we got one of our extended family back, due to severe environmental allergies in this families young son. Teri is committed to being there for the kitties she's brought into the world, and she was happy to take Al back and see if she could find him a new home someday.

He has always been an only cat, so he is not sure how to interact with us, but he loves humans (and kids) so even though he is 12 years old, Teri thinks he would be happy in a new home. 

Al arrived on March 15th and had the guest room to acclimate in and this past week he has met us and there's been a few swatting matches and we don't like sharing Teri's our bed. While Teri's not home, Al is confined to keep us all 'happy'. 

She took him to the Vet (aka her day hunting job) and he passed his exam and labwork with flying colors and while he needs his teeth cleaned, cuz he has a resorptive lesion too, he is in excellent health for a young senior!

But today, on the stairs, there was a confrontation between Al and all us kitties and Teri had to throw a towel on Al and shoosh the rest of us away. Al was the aggressor, and Teri said it happened cuz we were all 'trapped' on the stairs and none of us could escape with discretion and valor. 

So we are back to step one and Al is separated from us again. She might try him on a behavior med to see if that helps, and of course, we always have Feliway plug-ins going in the house anyway. She says Al is a little like Sammy, in that being alone for so many years makes a kitty not have the social skills to live happily in a multi-cat home and adjustments need to be made to keep everyone happy and safe.

And then last weekend was Easter, and cuz Teri is trying to get enough holiday photos of us to make a calendar, we obliged her with sitting for some more costumed photo shoots!

OK, Teri says she has to get on with packing for her trip, so we'll let her stop for now, but we promise to be back tomorrow with some news about her trip and the B & B we will be staying in while she is away.

She says she will dictate our posts while she is on the road, and she says that she will visit our friends and let us all know what you have been up to, too! We hope you all are having a Purr filled Caturday!

Oh, and don't forget to Hop today, too!