Thursday, June 30, 2011

Environmental Stimulation for Cats!

We Wants!!

And this is more of a Mancat game (Human Viewer Discretion Advised...but Mancats will love it!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Third Annual International Box Day...we almost missed it!

Box Day...what a great reason to celebrate and have a day off?...No, we think that's Boxing Day in England.

We especially like boxes that the guy in brown shorts brings...

Here's Disco...hoping for a case of Nulo, hahameow!

Kittens in a mini box fort and Brighton kinda bummed he won't fit inside!

Brinkley, one of Curlz & Swirlz extended family, thinking of a trip back to his birth home?

We kitties here at Curlz and Swirlz have been known to party in a box or two or four!

our 'condo' of Catty Stacks

But we think the very best box(s) belong to Pierro and Miles...check out what we mean! It's the third wonder of the world and certainly worthy of an International Box Day trophy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Weekend Caturday Saturday-Basement Grand Re-Opening Party!

A little 'backstory' on this basement, aka Cat TV Rumpus Room, Grand Re-Opening...

Back in 2008, Wishnwhiskers Sir Spoticus (aka Spot) had an error in judgement and while Teri was away on vacation, he was lounging in his favorite spot (hahameow), the bathroom sink.

While this is only conjecture and circumstantial evidence, we believe as he was exiting the sink, he grabbed on to the faucet handle and turned the water on. Unfortunately, because he was also a large cat, he had pushed down the plunger in the sink...So the water only had one place to go...over the edge like a waterfall!

Our petsitter came in at 5:00pm as she did every day when she was watching us then, and heard water running. It was raining outside and she thought it was the rain she heard, until she looked up and saw the ceiling sagging!!

She ran outside and got her husband and they proceeded upstairs to find the catastrophe! They went above and beyond the 'call of duty' and secured all the cats in one room, sucked up all the water they could, pulled soggy jute rugs out onto the deck and filled up a huge garbage can with wet drywall chunks, and mopped and vacuumed as well as they could.

But it could have been worse, really! The cats were safe and hadn't crawled into the ceiling or anything. And the insurance company was great, putting me up in a Residence Inn for a week. Our petsitter took both momcats and kittens, Brighton and Spot stayed with Teri in the hotel, and the rest of the crew boarded at t he cat hospital where she works.

But after all the repairs were done, Teri just couldn't get the initiative to get the basement back in order. The flood had damaged all 3 floors and the basement turned into a catch all, storage area while the repairs were being done and it kinda just stayed that way...for 3 years!

It was a place that Teri and Mike and us cats spent a lot of time together in, too...he playing World of Warcraft or watching TV...Teri on her computer, corresponding with cat friends and learning more about cat health and she hadn't even started blogging way back then! And we watching 'Cat TV'...

Depression affects everyone differently, but keeping the basement a mess was one way of Teri keeping herself from 'moving on' and making a life for herself...We kitties tried hard to help, but well, we don't have thumbs, so we can only do so much.

But with the help of her therapist, and putting one paw in front of the other, it is with great fanfare that we opened up our house for a party and celebrated our basement aka bird n squirrel watching station with our furrends!

There weren't any Niptinis, but there were Mojitos with mint, Sangria, Chili Dogs and a kitty litter cake, hahameow!

Oh, yeah...and Teri finished staining the deck too, MeWowZa!

For our CB furrends who couldn't be here to help us celebrate, here's our 'Home Movie' of us cats showing off our Cat TV Room, from the inside and the outside!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who's Going to Blog Paws?

We are! Well, at least Disco and Brighton and Teri are! One knows how tempurrmental Girlcats can be, and Teri's not sure if they will be 'In the Mood' for schmoozing, so our furrends will have to make do with... Flat Coco and Flat Kiki.

And Sammy, well he has led a kind of quiet life as a former Daddycat and he might not care for all the crowds, so Flat Sammy will stand in for him...Guess what, there is even a Blog Paws seminar on How to Make a Flat Pet!

Teri is making up little 'Swag Bags' for the bloggers we know who will be there, just like she did when we went to BlogPaws in Ohio in April last year. But this year, we follow some bloggers we didn't know back then and Teri's having a hard time figuring out who's going to be there that we know.

She jots it down when she sees the 'I'm Going to BlogPaws' badge on blogs, and she was hopeful that the 'RSVP' list on the BlogPaws Community site would help her out too, but it looks like maybe people who are going haven't joined the Community or maybe don't know about this RSVP list, so here's a link to it:

So far, the names Teri has jotted down are:

Teri's outfits

Disco and Brighton's Outfits

The cats 'Swag'

Furrends & Flat Skeezix!

It was great being around people who truly cared about animals and wanted to 'Be the Change', just as it is to be a 'member' of the Cat Blogosphere and feel the Love, and being at BlogPaws only makes it better as we get to meet paw-to-paw and give real hugs and head bonks instead of virtual ones!

If any of our fellow bloggers are going, please let us know and we look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fashion Friday!

A Fabulous Furrydance kitten!!

Sexy Ms Coco, ready for a Party!

Disco, sporting a flattering fleece jacket

Brighton, ready for the Islands!

Kiki, again, wearing a hat fit for the Derby!

and Disco in a Kitty Wig and a pink frilly dress, HaHaMeow!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tussle or Toesie Thursday?

A cute little 'Lick Fest' starring Cheddar and Colby...

...and the 'Toesies' part? HaHaMeow!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Brighton, looking very 'Zen'...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tortie Tuesday, starring Kiki!

The lovely Furrydance Gweek, affectionately called Kiki,
enjoying some Birdie Time on the new Sunny Seat.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mancat Monday!

A Man, and his Mancat!
This is Jasper, who lives his brother, Clover with 2 artists in Alexandria Virginia

Simply Sunday Morning 'n More...

Two weeks without a mewsy post?? What gives??? We didn't authorize a Blogcation for our secretary! Oh...the paw will whap, come Performance review time!! In the meantime, we have had to entertain ourselves, which we do quite well, thank you...

Sammy and his lil Nip Duckie, awww DuckieLove!

Brighton, whiling away the hours in the Sunny Seat...

Teri says she has an excuse for not blogging so much lately...Oh, we are all ears, hahameow!

She has been working hard to get the house in shape for the Basement Grand Re-Opening Party next weekend (yep, we still haven't been allowed down there, but we will be partying down there again come the 18th!) and trying to squeeze in staining the deck on the weekends in between thunderstorms has her worn out, but pleased with the results so far...

She's going outside after we let her 'clock out' from her office duties and she's hoping to get it finished today. Friday and Saturday it was so hot (upper 90's) that she only could work outside for about 15 minutes and then she had to come inside to cool down. And she knew to put on 70 SPF sunblock before she went outside too and drink plenty of gatorade!

Oh, the other exciting news since we blogged last is that Teri saw Mama Katz again!! Yes, after disappearing around the beginning of February this winter, she appeared again last Sunday night about 11 pm! She looks fine, so we don't know where she has been, but she has come back to eat a few times since then and we are happy to see her again!

TuTu has been hanging around and dipping his toes in the 'wading pool', hahameow!

And last but not least...the other mews is that Cheddar and Colby were hand delivered to their new home last Sunday and Teri spent the afternoon there...a very fun time! They live on a street named Milkshake Lane, hahameow! (named after a dog, they told her) in a house that was ferried across a river to the place it is now!

They share their new home with another Cornish Rex named Punky and they are getting to know each other 'under the door' and the transition is going perfectly--no hissing or swatting on anycat's side. This weekend they were going to get to spend some time together, and Teri will phone in for an update tonight.

Here's some sweet pix she took while she was there...

As you can see, they have made themselves right at home, right from the start (and yes, those pretty curtains are now up out of kitten claws way til they 'grow up' a little...Curtain Climbing is not a recreational sport! But there are lots of sun puddles, comfy chairs, fun toys and wide windowsills to watch the birdies and squirrels from...Life is Good!

And us grown up kitties now have the place to ourselves and can't say we miss the little rug rats...we know all our followers will miss their 'kitten fix' pix though, so Teri said she will pull out photos from our albums and share them with you from time to time...

Well, that's all the mews for for Party Pix next weekend!