Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simply Sunday Morning 'n More...

Two weeks without a mewsy post?? What gives??? We didn't authorize a Blogcation for our secretary! Oh...the paw will whap, come Performance review time!! In the meantime, we have had to entertain ourselves, which we do quite well, thank you...

Sammy and his lil Nip Duckie, awww DuckieLove!

Brighton, whiling away the hours in the Sunny Seat...

Teri says she has an excuse for not blogging so much lately...Oh, we are all ears, hahameow!

She has been working hard to get the house in shape for the Basement Grand Re-Opening Party next weekend (yep, we still haven't been allowed down there, but we will be partying down there again come the 18th!) and trying to squeeze in staining the deck on the weekends in between thunderstorms has her worn out, but pleased with the results so far...

She's going outside after we let her 'clock out' from her office duties and she's hoping to get it finished today. Friday and Saturday it was so hot (upper 90's) that she only could work outside for about 15 minutes and then she had to come inside to cool down. And she knew to put on 70 SPF sunblock before she went outside too and drink plenty of gatorade!

Oh, the other exciting news since we blogged last is that Teri saw Mama Katz again!! Yes, after disappearing around the beginning of February this winter, she appeared again last Sunday night about 11 pm! She looks fine, so we don't know where she has been, but she has come back to eat a few times since then and we are happy to see her again!

TuTu has been hanging around and dipping his toes in the 'wading pool', hahameow!

And last but not least...the other mews is that Cheddar and Colby were hand delivered to their new home last Sunday and Teri spent the afternoon there...a very fun time! They live on a street named Milkshake Lane, hahameow! (named after a dog, they told her) in a house that was ferried across a river to the place it is now!

They share their new home with another Cornish Rex named Punky and they are getting to know each other 'under the door' and the transition is going perfectly--no hissing or swatting on anycat's side. This weekend they were going to get to spend some time together, and Teri will phone in for an update tonight.

Here's some sweet pix she took while she was there...

As you can see, they have made themselves right at home, right from the start (and yes, those pretty curtains are now up out of kitten claws way til they 'grow up' a little...Curtain Climbing is not a recreational sport! But there are lots of sun puddles, comfy chairs, fun toys and wide windowsills to watch the birdies and squirrels from...Life is Good!

And us grown up kitties now have the place to ourselves and can't say we miss the little rug rats...we know all our followers will miss their 'kitten fix' pix though, so Teri said she will pull out photos from our albums and share them with you from time to time...

Well, that's all the mews for for Party Pix next weekend!


  1. Basement grand re-opening! It sounds exciting!!
    It's a great news about Mama Katz...glad she is looking fine :-)

  2. Such excellent news about Cheddar and Colby! I am looking forward to the grand re-opening of the basement!

  3. We´re happy with your news!!!!
    And hope you´ve a great week!!!!

  4. Oh, we can't wait to come on over and fur up the basement a many naps until the 18th? Your Teri is very industrious, we need a nap just reading all about her house chores! The deck looks quite nice.
    Hurrah for Mama Katz, too!

  5. Yay for Cheddar and Colby!! OH wow - they are so grown and so beautiful!!! Me and Charlie are so happy for them - they're gorgeous!

    Yay for Mama Katz and wonderful Tutu! Awwwwww how lovely!

    We are glad that you all kept busy and helped mum while she finishes all her decorating and basement fixing! The Grand Re-Opening sounds so exciting!

    We hope you have a great Sunday! Take care

  6. It's great to have you back and catch up!

    The Chans

  7. Oh we love a party and will certainly be there on our best behavior too. The deck looks speckle-tacular.
    It has been so hot, and it is good that Missie CurlyswirlieTeri put on sunblock.
    Cheddar and Colby look quite happy in the new house and we wish them the very best, and many happy fun days ahead with Punky and the people.
    I know all of you kitties will be very happy to have your own party room in the basement with all of that out door activity going on, it will be GREAT!!
    bonks and bronkies to all of you from Pierro and Milesington, and the people here.

  8. I'm so happy to hear that Mama Katz is back! And although I will miss seeing Cheddar and Colby, I am SO happy that they are home now, and adjusting so well!

  9. Wowsers, your mom has been busy! Yay for Mama Katz and the kittehs new home. Until next time :)

  10. It sounds like things are going very well! Happy Basement reopening! xoxo

  11. Will there be a party when the basement reopens??????

  12. Me loved to read all your mews! It is so nice to catch up!

  13. We were kinna wonderein where ya been, but we are relieved ta see that things seem OK!

  14. We like to read so much good news in one post. Glad life is grate, um, great, for you these days.

  15. the deck looks awesome! great job!! @ your Teri

    and omg those "kittens" have gotten so big! glad they're doing so well in their new home. :))

  16. We are glad Mama Katz has shown up again. We enjoyed seeing all the photos as we haven't been doing much visiting for the last few weeks. We can't wait for the basement opening party.

  17. yep - good help can be hard to find. MOL

    Glad Mama Katz came back! It is hard to worry about those kitties.

    The boys look like they moved right in. And mom loves the first picture of the kittes crammed in together!!!

  18. Wow, your Teri has been working very hard. And it is so awesome that the boys are together in such a great home!

  19. Love your kitty story. Dropping by on the blog hop today.That's what the world needs today - another talking cat - but it's cute! Stop by my blog to see a cat say "Let me in" at his owner's window.


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