Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday, Curly Swirly Coco Style

We almost don't know where to start when it comes to posting our fashion fotos!

Teri has kinda been on a shopping spree the last month and we had to 'sit' for a shoot last weekend!

Here are the best o' the best of Coco...we'll post Disco, and then Brighton on the next Fashion Friday posts!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Percy and Brinkley
(part of our extended family you have met before)
A very Autumnal, cozy scene, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...Squeee!

I sometimes forget to go watch my YouTube videos for a smile or two...

Someone commented on this one tonight, saying
'I think I just died of adorableness overload :|
...yep, I did.

So thought you would enjoy it, too!

We haven't Blog Hopped in sooo long, but we'll get back to it soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Trendy Tabby Tuesday...

While Teri says Disco is Sweet Potato color, he is really called Red. He has a few 'ghost' stripes on his legs, which sometimes just look like dirt, hahameow!

Coco is a Brown Patched Tabby, which is kind of like a Tortie with stripes...

Brighton is a Cream and White, but even his tail has a few stripey rings on it, too.

So there's the Tabby part of Tuesday...Here's the Trendy part!

For Coco...Her custom made 'Love Hurts' Harness Dress from FooFooFido

For Brighton, his custom made 'Surfer Dude' Harness from FooFooFido

All to coordinate on the Cat Walk with Disco's Vintage Tattoo Harness from FooFooFido!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mancat Monday

Disco's Da Man!
Teri made this photo in Photo Booth and she loves the artsy look to it, and the look in Disco's eyes, and the way his Red Dingo Peace tag shows up so well, too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Late Night Sunday Evening...

What! How many days since our last post? Too much frittering going on around the Curly Swirly house! We've just been watching the grass grow, hahameow!

It's not like Teri's working more hours, or even sleeping in more...

She says she's kinda in a rut and has been busy on the weekends, too.

And well, not much gets accomplished during the week around here (in the old days, Disco woulda pee'd on the pile of receipts and mail on the counter by now, hahameow!)

And we feel kinda funny just talkin' about us, when we haven't been by to visit any of you in well, dog years!!

But here we go, with a promise to try and get by to see what all of you have been up to lately!

Well, we went to a cat show and wow'd all the visitors with our Pink Catillac and stunning ensembles! We had loads of fun at the show and in the hotel room!

and Teri got to go out to dinner with friends, but she didn't bring us any leftovers cuz she ate it all!

Then the next weekend, Teri went to a Wine and Cheese FunRaiser for Fancy Cats Rescue, and once again, didn't bring home any leftovers even though she knows we love Cheese!

She had some raffle tickets but didn't come home with a TV or a Gift Basket for us, but her green papers went to a good cause...

And we are happy to repurrt that Disco is doing very well with his IBD treatments and is feeling very good, chasing up and down the stairs and playing a lot, so we know he feels better!

And Teri's doing ok, too, after her dentist visit. They say humans like her are 'long in the tooth' but she's short one of those teeth now.

Nope, she didn't look like a tasty chipmunk after the extraction she had to have (fractured root canal tooth) and as long as she takes ibuprofen every 8 hours, she isn't hurting either ('cept then Disco trod on her face last night in bed...).

Next week she has to have a mammogram and xray of her achy back, but that'll be easy compared to the dentist!! We told her we could give her a Cat Scan, hahameow!

And Gizmo is still 'vacationing' with us, as his house still isn't move-in-able! But he is doing fine and even let's Teri hold him and brush him now...though she still has to watch out for his swats! 

In fact, she is going to help counsel his humans when he goes home, so they can learn to live with his 'petting threshold aggression' issues. 

Here is a very good post by a friend of ours that talks all about Petting Aggression:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Live Strong...2012

We Curly Swirly cats, and Teri, join the Cat Blogosphere in focusing awareness of those affected by cancer, by going Yellow for LiveSTRONG Day 2012.

In October, Pet Bloggers worldwide come together, to honor those fighting against cancer, to remember those lost to cancer, and to celebrate those whose cancer is in remission.

Bloggers 'go yellow' for LiveSTRONG Day, and a special blog was created for one and all to share their posts, their photos and their thoughts.

We didn't know we had any yellow outfits, but we do and to show our support, we thought old photo of Kiki was a good choice!

LiveSTRONG Day helps raise awareness of cancer, those who are fighting the good fight and those who are survivors...both human and animal! While our Teri has not lost a family member to cancer, we are all thinking of the friends in the CB we had to say goodbye to this past year because of cancer. We get very blinky when we think of Fin, we still can't believe she is gone. And so recently, Dear Poppy Vic, a real man who loved his kitties!

Teri has lost two kitties to cancer, and knows that every battle can't be won, but we still fight on because of love!

Her very first kitty, Cascais, had intestinal cancer (like Fin), as did one of her Cornish Rex, Skiddy. They both lived many months after their diagnosis, and Teri knows each extra day with them was a gift.

And brave Trevor, who lived in a home with heavy smokers for most of his life, came back home to Teri when he was an old cat and not too long after that, he was diagnosed with nasal cancer, most likely due to inhaling all that cigarette smoke for so long. To think that his cancer might have been prevented makes Teri sad to have lost him to it.

We are proud to GO YELLOW for LiveSTRONG Day and spread the awareness with the message:

We believe in the Power of the Purr!

To learn more about LiveStrong, visit