Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Disco, was this caught in the middle of a zoomie? You look pawsome DOOD!

  2. You look so cute! hugs and purrrrrrs

  3. Looks like someone's having fun with photo filters! Very Renaissance!

  4. Beautiful, look at those eyes buddy!

  5. thank you for visiting Diamond's blog. I appreciate your kind comments. Missing him very much!!!
    best wishes,

  6. Cool picture!! Love the style and it is purr-fect coloring for a beautiful fall day!

  7. My Dearest Love,

    I have been bereft of spirit since not seeing you for so long. That Woman was so busy with her own working & stuff (can you imagine? *shudder*) that I haven't been able to write you.

    A few weeks ago I had caught a rat and saved it for you. Did you see it? (though admittedly I was a wee bit hungry so I only ate it's eyes). Then a week later I left you the big half of another rat. I know you need the best, most natural raw food diet. Well, after all that time not seeing you I was getting pretty frustrated and I gook it out an a dumb finch. I didn't save you any of that cos there really ain't that much good eating on one of them. Mostly good for fang-picks.

    That Woman has heartlessly kept me locked up this past week during the days so I lounge and pine. (luckily I have the beastie boyz to beat up on at least)

    I miss you so my darling, That Woman has at least let me print out the photos of you that get posted. Maybe this Halloween we can meet up in the tunnel of love and engage in some screeeyouwling at the moon!

    All my love my darling, hoping you are doing well and not suffering much.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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