ANNOUNCEMENT: I am retiring this summer and moving back to Oregon to be closer to my family once again. As of May 15, 2019, I will no longer be accepting cat boarding reservations. To all my clients & their precious cats, I will miss caring for your kitties and providing the TLC you all so appreciated. I hope to start up again once I get settled in Oregon if I can find just the right home to continue providing a "home away from home" for feline guests!

Furry Dance B and B For Cats.
Your cats home away from home

Furry Dance B and B For Cats provides a home-like experience for your feline companion.

Established in 2012, after receiving many requests to cat sit for cats that don't do well in a typical boarding situation, or for cats that have special needs such as medication or fluid therapy.

Furry Dance B and B For Cats opened it's guest rooms up for those very cats, as well as for cats who just want a relaxing place to stay while their humans are away.

Our Guest rooms are warm and inviting, with all the comforts one would expect in a B and B. The Country Suite, with a cozy double bed, large windows and perches to watch the birds and wildlife.

Or The Library, with a comforting rocking chair, lovely view and soothing music.


Proprietor Teri Thorsteinson has over 45 years experience as a Veterinary Technician, and worked at an all feline hospitals for the past 15 years. For cats with health issues, that is a comfort to cat owners who entrust the care of their cat to Teri.

Teri continues to attend veterinary conferences, cat care/behavior seminars and is active in the pet blogging community, and Teri is also available to help with health, nutritional and behavioral concerns pertaining to cats, or assist you in finding 'cat-centric' experts in those fields.

Teri also bred and exhibited Cornish Rex cats for 22 years, and now that she has 'retired' from that vocation, she has the time and the room to start up a new venture, continuing to focus on caring for cats, giving guests the same pampered care as she gives her own cats.


At Furry Dance B and B For Cats, your cat will have an experienced feline caregiver attending to it's every need. We feed and recommend Life's Abundance Cat Food and provide toys to entertain, and soothing music to relax your cat, too.

Of course, you are welcome to bring your cats regular diet and favorite toys and bedding to help comfort your cat while your cat stays with us.

We also that your cat be current on the Core Vaccinations, have a negative FELV/FIV and fecal tests and treated for external parasites before they stay with us.

With two guest rooms, we can provide care for up to 3 cats from one household in each room if they are companions that enjoy each other's company, and feel that it is especially nice for the cats to stay together!

Here is a short video of The Country Suite

and of The Library Room

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and we look forward to caring for your cat companion in the future.

furrydance at gmail dot com
and visit our Facebook page at
  Furry Dance B & B For Cats

Note: We were interviewed recently by the esteemed Ingrid King, of The Conscious Cat!



  1. We love this!!
    What a fancy place, definitely five star accommodations and service!

  2. Fantastic! Shame they don't have anything like this where we live <3


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