Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday is Wordy today!

Well, it's almost Halloween, and while we don't confine our dressing up to just holidays, there is something about Halloween that brings out the 'Please Don't Dress Up Your Cats' pleas...

Our friend, Ingrid Kind, of The Conscious Cat, did a post today which we give our paw of approval to, because as she says... most cats don't enjoy dressing up or the attention it brings... 

And thanks, Ingrid, for linking to the Coco le Chat book that is helping make Coco famous and $1 from every book we sell goes to local cat rescue organizations!

And Pam Bennett-Johnson, the cat behaviorist we so admire, wrote a timely article today giving the reasons not to dress up your cat at Halloween, too! And every reason she lists are based on her wide experience as a behaviorist and Teri read each item and gave each reason some thought, too...

But those of you who have met us personally, and know Teri wouldn't do anything that was detrimental to our well-being...know we like socializing, being out in public and strutting our stuff on the cat walk...because when we do that, it's benefitting homeless pets!

We don't dress up at home...

We don't dress up without supervision...

We do have custom fitted clothes, designed with our comfort in mind.

We do love rolling around in our stroller, and being the center of attention.

We do get lots of Fishy Flakes as a reward and are even learning tricks like siting pretty and giving our paw High Five! 

And Teri doesn't force us into clothes that are uncomfortable or dangerous. In fact most of our outfits are actually harnesses, with a D-ring to attach our Bungie leash we are always safe and not running amok!

Teri truly feels like the time she spends with us, out and about in stylish fashions, is part of the human-animal bond the enriches both her life and ours. And if dressing up in costumes wasn't something we were ok with, Teri would let us stay at home, content to burrow into our Kitty Clam!


Sammy doesn't like to travel and gets car sick (though he has been known to put on a costume for a photo shoot a time or two) so he stays home and prefers it that way. Kely, who never put on a dress until about a year ago, enjoys going to work with Teri every day, and surprisingly, also is comfortable wearing dresses, too.

Some of it may be the personality and temperament of the Cornish Rex breed, but we think it's because Teri is calming and gentle and lets us be cats as well as fashionistas and therefore makes wearing costumes a good experience for us...

So whether you dress up or put on a virtual witches hat or just have some fun with JibJab... we hope you have a Safe and Sane Hallow's Eve!


And it's Wednesday, so don't furget to join in the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog don't have to dress up, we promise!