Monday, September 30, 2013

ManCat Monday

Here we are, sunnin' ourselves in our Ham-Micks! We know you have all seen a zillion photos of us sunnin' ourselves in our Ham-Micks, but it's one of our most favorite things to do!

And soon, winter will be here and the sunnin' will come to an end and all you will see of us are photos like this, HahaMeow!

And here's a bonus pix of Sammy! You might wonder what he is doing in the tent in the kitchen...

When we have paying guests at the B & B, Teri has to do what she calls 'Cat Juggling' and so Sammy gets to camp out in the tent, while the foster kitties Carlos and Zeuss stay in Sammy's bedroom. That frees up The Country Suite for guests!

Friday, September 27, 2013

FaShIoN FrIdAy, DiScO 'n BrIgHtOn StYle!

Yep, that's us! Larger than life! Well, one of us is, hahameow!

Guess you've heard that Coco has started up her own 'Glamorous Life' blog, Coco the Couture Cat, and so we guess it'll be us you'll be seeing now on these Fashun Furrdays...

Our wardrobe isn't quite as 'large' as Coco's, as you can tell by the closet at the hotel we stayed at for the Wigglebutt Wedding, Teri and our clothes don't even take up as much room as Coco's!

We have Upcycled T's and Brocade Vests and even Rescue Ink Muscle Shirts! 

Not lacking in the Fashion Department, are we? MeWowZa, No Way!

But we even look great without any clothes on, too! 

Like those Chippendale guys, HahaMeow!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday. 

It is the day we should all pause a moment as give thought to the shelter pets waiting for forever homes, sometimes for years...

And to think of those who have been lost, never to find love again...

There is much sadness and horror in the world today, but there is also much kindness. It is the kindness that keeps us going and give us hope...

Each year, over 3.4 million pets in shelters lose their lives without ever having a second chance at happiness. And only 30% of owned pets came from shelters or rescue organizations. While we can't change the lives of all of them, we can change the life of even just one...

So today, if each of us would do something, anything, that would help make a difference in even one homeless pets life, then you would 'Be The Light'...

And by remembering those who have been lost, we can shine a light on the ones we can save!

One of Teri's biggest commitments is to the cats she has brought into this world, and she has been there for those kitties through thick and thin (and right now, times are pretty thin since Teri lost her job). But that did not make her waver in her 'Being the Light' for Kely and Bebe and Carlos and Zeuss and Al...

She knows they will find the perfect forever homes with her help, and she is just Thankful on this Thursday that they did not end up in a shelter, and that they did not become one of those millions that we are remembering today...

Get involved and become a part of this world-wide awareness movement by sharing on social media. If animal lovers unite around the world, we can make a difference!

To learn more about The Helen Woodward Animal Center and their involvement in this event, as well as Home 4 the Holidays and The International Pet Adoptathon, please click on this link HWAC

Ps: The photo in our post today was taken in our living room and just so you know...those are faux candles that have batteries to make the 'flame' flicker and glow. They are the only safe candles to have around us kitties!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

We don't know if we have ever shared this photo with our friends before. . . Teri lost her to intestinal cancer, and in this photo, she already was a grannie cat. 

This is Teri's very first kitty! Her name was Cascais (pronounced Cash-Caish) and she was named after a pretty beach town in Portugal. 

But this will make you smile.  .  the way Teri got her to sniff this flower is by rolling up a leaf of fresh Nip and sticking it inside, hahameow! Of course, she didn't let her nibble on it, as it's a Tulip and they are toxic to kitties!

Teri's family lived there for a while and when Teri visited them on vacation, she loved the town and the way the name sounded when you said it. We are not sure why she named her cat after a beach, but it started a theme cuz her first Cornish Rex was named after a beach in Cornwall, England.

Her name was Rusey Beach (pronounced Roo-Zee).

And now...there's Brighton, who is named after a beach in Cornwall, too!

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuxie Tuesday

Coco and her two Tuxie girl kittens, way back in 2010!

And here they, in the photo above, at about 12 weeks old

And in the above photos, they are about 16 weeks old, and in their new home...

And here they both are, all grown up! It's Soc and Spike, who are staying at our B & B!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

ManCat Monday, Kitten Style

Who doesn't love Squeeing over kitten photos?!

Even though there are no longer kittens pestering us, we thought it would be a fun and different way to celebrate ManCat Monday. . . with some kittens trying to be ManCats, hahameow!

Simply Sunday Morning. . .

It's the first day of Autumn! It's Teri's favorite time of year, and one of ours, too as we get to go out in our kitty condo all day long cuz the weather is cooler!

Teri spent hours yesterday, sucking up leaves and putting them in bags for the trash guys to pick up tomorrow. She finished just as it started to rain and we had to come back inside, too and find a snuggly spot for another nap!

Later on today, Teri is going to go over and visit one of our extended family, cuz her family is on vacation and even though Candi has a pet sitter coming in, they trust Teri to pop in and make sure she is feeling fine (she has IBD) and to play with her a little extra, too. 

Teri said she is going to take over our new Neko Fly toy and the laser light and if she gets any good photos. . . she'll come back and add them to this post! 

Then she has to come home and get The Country Suite ready for 3 new guests that arrive tomorrow. Their family just moved back from Okinawa and they are going to stay with us a while their humans get settled in a new home and are ready to bring their kitties there.

That is a great idea, as it will be less stressful for both the humans and the kitties if everything is in place when they arrive to their new house. That is what the pet behaviorists recommend. . . to bring the cats to their new home after you are all moved in and have a room set up with their familiar things and scents.

Hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Autumn like we are!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Caturday Saturday. . .

Ahhh,  tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!
The Days of Window Whiffin' and Rustling Leaves. . .

While Disco and Coco were out in the tent (Brighton was napping someplace inside), Teri took this video of them enjoying their outdoor time!

When we are out in the tent, Bebe and Kely get to have some time out of their bedroom to enjoy the house, too. 

They are kinda scared of us, so Teri just lets us meet with supervision.

You might remember that Kely is Coco's mom and she is 12 years old, kind of a Grannie Cat, but she is still playful as a kitten. Bebe is Kely's daughter and sasses her mom quite often, as kids do! 

Here's a little video of Bebe enjoying our Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain today. . .

We hope you are all enjoying your Saturday, too. . . and don't forget to join in the Saturday Blog Hop today!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fashion the Cat Show!

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
As our friends know, a couple of weeks ago Coco and Brighton got to attend the National Capital Cat Show...

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
They were there to be 'Pet Me' Cats and boy, did they attract a lot of attention, and petting, too!

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
Brighton let everyone know he was a very versatile Fashionista, going from formal to casual with his usual flair!

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
When was the last time you saw a kitty sporting Wayfarers, Hahameow!

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
Brighton's nickname is Surfer Dude, and with his Route 66 shirt and sunglasses, you can see he lives up to his name (also, he is named after a beach in Cornwall, England hence the nickname).

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
Both Brighton and Coco could have won the Congeniality Award, taking dressing up and all the attention in stride. Teri was very proud of them!

photo by Anji Martin, Potok's World Photography©
Some of you might wonder where Disco was and why he didn't come along...

Teri said juggling 3 cats is a lot of work and this was a huge cat show, so Disco stayed home this time, but not because he isn't a Fashionista, that's fur sure!

photo by CurlzandSwirlz ©

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meow Like a Pirate Day 2013

The dictionary calls this 'Reprising'...we call it a feeble excuse of 'Not Enough Time in the Day', but this is our PiRatTy Post from last year...

Ahoy thar mateys!

We come lookin' fer buried treasure 'n tasty lovely booty, Catnip 'n Cream t' be exact! 'n treats galore 'n feather beds, too!

Out o' t' way, ye bilge rats 'n scurvy dogs...our claws (cutlass) be unsheathed!

We'll pass on t' spiced grog, but a nice massage would be nice! We be land lubbers 'n we don't like rum much, but would sail t' Seven seven seas t' find some lovely booty!