Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Here's hoping your 4th of July is a Blast!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, B & B Style

This fine floofy kitty is Pearl. Pearl is a guest at our B and B along with her buddy, Henry.

Pearl loves being brushed, and Teri said she could make a whole 'nother cat out of the fur she has combed out, hahameow!

Henry has Diabetes, but he is a very good patient and lets Teri test his blood twice a day and takes his medicine without a hiss or a swat, and Teri appurrciates that!

Henry and Pearl even got a postcard from their family, who are vacationing at their Cool Cat Cottage

You might recognize Henry and Pearl from The Sandpiper Cat Blog, as they belong to our friend Rachel and her family! Teri said it's been fun getting to know them both on a purrsonal level and their family is glad we are cat sitting Henry and Pearl so they can relax and enjoy their vacation!

Teri Tuesday...

Well, here is it Tuesday and Teri's home with us! What gives with that, we say? We aren't complaining, mind you, cuz we like having her around, hahameow!

She told us that she lost her day hunting job, 
so that explains it.

Teri can't retire yet, even though she tells us that she feels really old some days. She says she needs to work another 7 years to be able to retire and while her job was stressful lately as two other employees had left...she was hopeful that everything would smooth out eventually.

Well, maybe they will, but Teri won't be there to experience that, and she said that makes her kind of sad. But what makes her happy is knowing that there is another job out there for someone like her and so she is working on getting ready for that!
She is redoing her resume, and meeting with friends in the same field and going out to buy new interview clothes, since she outgrew the ones from 11 years ago, hahameow! Her mom is going to fly out from Oregon for 10 days and help Teri clean and purge and organize and just be around for moral support, so she will be ready to start a new job soon...

Teri's Mom
She will be busy for the next month, but she said she is going to try and post to our blog every day, but on some days, she will go back into our 'archives' and recycle some old posts, especially the kitten ones since there aren't any kittens 'round here any more and who doesn't love to squee over kittens?!

Baby Bo