Saturday, November 4, 2023

Dona Nobis Pacem #blog4peace #blogblast4peace

November 4 2023...if peace and love was ever needed, it is needed now! We have not blogged since the last Blog4Peace post we did in 2018, but our human could not sit this year out knowing what is going on in the world currently and how much peace is needed!

A lot has changed in our house in the years we have been 'away'. Our human retired! And we moved to Oregon and are now Adventure Cats and have our own IG page, too! 

But we are just 2 cats now, as we lost sweet Disco in 2020 from complications of diabetes and heart disease, and pretty QTee is now living in Tennessee with the purrfect family and that makes our hearts happy! 

But when our human went to pick just the right photo for this years Blog4Peace , the one that touched her heart was one of 3 of us, Brighton and Coco and Disco, curled up together in the shape of a Peace Globe! We are feeling pretty peaceful, but feel anxious and uneasy when we know that the world isn't peaceful in so many people's lives. The theme of this year is "Change the Room, the transforming power of walking in peace".

So to show the world that we cats, and our human, care, we are Blogging4Peace today! In 2006, Mimi Lenox began this project and last year Peace Globes were created and shared around the world in hundreds of countries! Here's the link to learn more about this project!