Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...When Will Us ManCats Get to Go to #BlogPaws Again?

Yep, it's been five long weeks since you heard a HaHaMeow from us! That's cuz Teri and some Pink Catillac Diva were getting ready for and then running off to the 2015 BlogPaws Conference in Nashville!

We had to MeowHaHa to ourselves when she got stuck in the airport for 12 hours and well, she could have driven there in that time AND taken us ManCats, too!

We got to stay at a pleasant B & B while they were away though and didn't have to rough it alone! Our super cat sitter is the LVT where Teri works and she gave us lots of attention and even some one-on-one clicker training time...more than Teri's been doing for us lately!

In fact, it took her a month to unpack from the conference and her friend Emmy the Pet Sitter just met up with her yesterday to get her BlogPaws swag to her...we hope we can dig into that this weekend!

You might laff n laff, but Teri took all the stuff to make our signature mini-swag bags and never got around to making packed up the stuff and brought it home...maybe next year!

Teri said she kinda went through the post-BP Blues and just couldn't put pen to paper and compose anything for our more weeks of silence here! But she has a 3 day weekend coming up and wants to organize her thoughts and get a few BlogPaws memories posts out, and of course, the photos of all the fun she and Coco had, too!

You can read all about Teri and Coco's adventures at BlogPaws if you click on these links (and Coco says she'd love it if you followed her as well)

And yes, it's the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop and this's all about us pussycats!