Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

We are thankful for people like Matt Beswick, who both educate and entertain all the cat lovers out there!

Matt is in the UK, as many of our followers (and those we follow) are...

He runs a cat related Facebook game app, Cute Catz, along with Pet365, a pet supply store and blog. Pet365 has been around for a couple of years and they test and review many things for our pampered pets!

They seek out new and unique products and prefer to endorse those things which they have found to provide good value for money, high quality or just down right good fun or cool, and they have recently started writing some guest posts for BlogPaws.

Not too long ago, Matt made a fun AND informative cat 'infographic'... an alternative, fun look at Cat Anatomy!

Cat Anatomy
Cat Anatomy graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365.

For all you dawggies out there, here's a link to his woofie graphics!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

One of our extended family, Angel...and her lap partner Slate, a Chihuahua! They both have Frootbat Ears, don't they?!

Angel (who was nicknamed Blueberry when she lived with us) lives in New York and her owner Eddie says 'This is where Angel and Slate sit in the early morning when i am working on the computer on my church work'.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Toysday! Our Review of the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers

What kitty doesn't like...Chewing on cardboard and also getting treats?

Well, when the very cool cat blog, Catsparella, had a contest way back in September (see, we aren't just behind in visiting, hahameow), we entered to see if we could win the Amazing Treat Machine Rollers!

This cool company, aptly named Amazing Treat Machine, makes all kind of cardboard interactive toys for kitties and doggies and birdies and small rodents, too! They have earned lots of kudos from pet related blogs, magazines and companies like Moderncat, Dog Fancy and Animal Wellness.

The Amazing Treat Machine Rollers are interactive toys, that stimulate our 'foraging' instincts when filled with treats. And most cats love the 'crunch' of chewing on cardboard, too. And, to top it off, they are eco-friendly and printed with non-toxic ink and are recyclable!

And guess what, not only cats can have fun with these! Little dogs, birds, bunnies, and rodents can also have fun playing with them. When batted, they have a wobbly roll... forward, backward and even sideways!

Even though Teri has thumbs, she had a little trouble putting them together!

She stuffed one Roller with catnip (included in the package) and one with our favorite treat, Hill's t/d dental diet.

In fact, we finally curled up under a blankie on the couch cuz she took so long...

They are made of sturdy, thick cardboard and are great for batting, kickin', carrying, nuzzling and pouncing upon! Sound like the purrfect toy? We thought so and give them our Paw of Approval and thank Catsparella for having this giveaway, too!

Here's some pix and a movie clip of Brighton & Disco investigating the Roller...(note, a little behind on the learning curve? Even Disco, who says he is starving, will take a few more 'training' sessions to 'get it'...)

You can 'Like' Amazing Treat Machine on facebook

And they have a blog, too

and your servant can buy you your very own Rollers via Amazon or directly from the Amazing Treat Machine's own website!

Disclaimer: We're happy to review this product, which we won from the Catsparella Give Away. However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company or Catsparella.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

We are featuring Disco NoFurNo on this ManCat Monday in honor of his new diet starting today!

Yes, some of you kitties who have been following us for a while probably remember when Disco participated in Nulo's 'Simply Fit' weight loss campaign...but that was way back in the Fall of 2010 and Teri's been very frustrated by his plateau weight of around 15# for the past year...

Of course, while we had kittens around, he was always sneaking kitten kibble. And Teri is the first to admit, she has been very lax in exercising Disco to encourage burning those calories...but at his 'show weight' he was around 11# and at his most obese, 16#...Teri would be happy if he could get down to 12#

It is hard, in a multi-cat household, to restrict everyone's food intake, so to get around that, she leaves dry food out in the guest bathroom and lets Brighton and Coco in there from time to time every day so they can snack on dry food, which Disco can't...

But at the last cat show in Indianapolis last week, she learned about a new dry food, Young Again, that is very low in carbs, and without the 'veggies' that she just doesn't think an obligate carnivore needs. She grabbed a bunch of samples and everyone liked it. Of course, Disco will eat any kibble, that goes without saying.

So she ordered a bag, and she is going to feed it to Disco for 90 days and see if he will lose the fat and gain the muscle, as the company says he will. If he does well on it, she may even start feeding it to everyone in the house!

Here's 2 pix Teri took today of Disco, weighing in at 14# 15.5 ounces...

So, join in cheering Disco on, and hopefully by March 1st, he will be down to his 'target weight' of 12#...

Simply Sunday Evening...

Well, it was another sunny day today...TomTom napped in a pile of leaves in our garden...

Disco, Brighton and Coco enjoyed lounging on their new Hammicks...

Teri went out walking for an hour, bbq'd a steak for dinner and watched a funny movie, Romance & Cigarettes...

And just for a giggle, here's a little movie of Brighton enjoying the TV after the movie ended, hahameow!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caturday Saturday

TomTom after Turkey Day 2011

We hope all our furriends had a tasty Turkey Day! Teri went off to friends for the day, and didn't bring home ANY leftovers...

But she did give us each a jar of Turkey baby food (she said that would be easier on our tum tums than Turkey dinner and all the trimmings...).

We spent the day snoozing and wildlife watchin' from our brand new loungers! Two Forty Paws Hammicks! Yep, Teri gave us our Christmas purrescent early!

We kept seeing our furriends out there in the Cat Blogosphere enjoying their hammicks and we told Teri that they would be purrfect for birdie and squirrel watching, so she put them right in front of the sliding door out to our back yard.

They are comfy and keep us off the cold tile floor too, and we are lucky kitties to have such a considerate mum, don't ya think?! And we like supporting Forty Paws, too...

Teri's exercise regimen was interrupted by our trip to Indy and well, all the calories consumed on Thanksgiving, but she told us we are going out walking today as it's partly sunny and not too cold, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow to, so we may get to stroll again!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fashion Friday!

A long time ago, when Teri had a MySpace page, she came across an artist named WiLLiAm PoP ARTiST, who took that sophisticated photo of Nani, our kitty in the pink wig, and transformed it into a truly unique work of art...We wanted to share it on this Fashion Friday!

We surfed the web today, looking for info on him but nothing current came up and that made us sad. We did not know him personally, but he none-the-less has had an impact on us by just giving us a piece of his art for us to treasure...

As you can read on his bio, and all we really need to know to feel a connection to him, is that he loved his dog...

You can see some examples of his work if you click on the links below:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

We give thanks today for being loved by Teri, for tasty noms today and every day, and for all our friends out there in the Cat Blogosphere....Happurry Feast Day to all!

Dressing up we aren't so thankful for, but we know it makes our furriends smile, and that's a good thing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not so Wordless Whisker Hump Wednesday!

What, another one? How fast the weeks race by...kinda like Cornish Rex, hahameow!

It's been 3 weeks since Teri went up to Connecticut and visited friends who have 2 kitties that are part of our extended family, and she hasn't even posted any pix yet!!

Teri had a great time, easy ride from Washington DC to Old Saybrook CT on the train, and had lots of fun schmoozing with the kitties...

As well as nomming on some good foods and seeing the sights around the area...

Once Teri got back from her 'getaway', she started walking to help her bones and to lose some weight, and as a bonus, we got to get out strollering, too. She lost 7# and we got to do some real 'whiffin' in the nice Autumn weather!

And then last weekend, Disco and Brighton and Coco got to travel to Indianapolis to a big cat show! We are all good travelers and enjoyed investigating the hotel rooms...

(except for the one where Teri found disgusting things under the bed and reported it to TripAdvisor! Read her review here: Red Roof Inn, Dayton OH

The cat show gave us a chance to show off, and we got interviewed by two nice ladies from National Geographic, who took lots of pix of Disco and Coco for a future article they are writing for National Geographic Kids!

Lots of people took photos of us, but Teri was busy and didn't get many, but here's a few of the show...

There were lots of vendors there, selling all kinds of cat related things, from toys to walking jackets to food, and Teri bought a pretty necklace, bumper stickers and even some Susan Faye earrings!

She also talked to the founder of a new cat food company, Young Again Pet Food, that sounds good. She ordered a bag to feed to Disco in hopes of him losing weight on their dry kibble.

And since this is also a Whisker Hump Day, we wanted to share a photo of Miles (from Pierro and Miles' Happy Place) because we think he has enviable Whisker Humps (and he is one of Coco's sons!).