Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not so Wordless Whisker Hump Wednesday!

What, another one? How fast the weeks race by...kinda like Cornish Rex, hahameow!

It's been 3 weeks since Teri went up to Connecticut and visited friends who have 2 kitties that are part of our extended family, and she hasn't even posted any pix yet!!

Teri had a great time, easy ride from Washington DC to Old Saybrook CT on the train, and had lots of fun schmoozing with the kitties...

As well as nomming on some good foods and seeing the sights around the area...

Once Teri got back from her 'getaway', she started walking to help her bones and to lose some weight, and as a bonus, we got to get out strollering, too. She lost 7# and we got to do some real 'whiffin' in the nice Autumn weather!

And then last weekend, Disco and Brighton and Coco got to travel to Indianapolis to a big cat show! We are all good travelers and enjoyed investigating the hotel rooms...

(except for the one where Teri found disgusting things under the bed and reported it to TripAdvisor! Read her review here: Red Roof Inn, Dayton OH

The cat show gave us a chance to show off, and we got interviewed by two nice ladies from National Geographic, who took lots of pix of Disco and Coco for a future article they are writing for National Geographic Kids!

Lots of people took photos of us, but Teri was busy and didn't get many, but here's a few of the show...

There were lots of vendors there, selling all kinds of cat related things, from toys to walking jackets to food, and Teri bought a pretty necklace, bumper stickers and even some Susan Faye earrings!

She also talked to the founder of a new cat food company, Young Again Pet Food, that sounds good. She ordered a bag to feed to Disco in hopes of him losing weight on their dry kibble.

And since this is also a Whisker Hump Day, we wanted to share a photo of Miles (from Pierro and Miles' Happy Place) because we think he has enviable Whisker Humps (and he is one of Coco's sons!).


  1. He does have great whisker humps doesn't he?

  2. Hey! We want to go strolling too! You guys make it *sound* fun.
    Mom sometimes take Whisky out for a ride in her bicycle basket. :)

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  3. Wowza! Newsy post! OMC the hotel sounds like a nightmare! I'm relieved there were no dead bodies in the baff tubz! What horrible customer service too! It is fabulous that Ms. Teri is walking you and getting trim! That means more walks for YOU!

    We love Miles whisker humps but you can tell that Ms Stella is not writing this post or there wouldn't be words but only droolz on the keys after the picture of Mr. D. Shhhhh! We aren't telling her. She's busy sleepin in & gettin ready for Thanksgiving.

    Miss Jack

  4. EWWW! My human and I read that hotel room review and we were BOTH thoroughly disgusted!

  5. Oh that hotel!! Oh gosh - even to stay for one night knowing it's not been cleaned thoroughly..!! Oh no! We're so sorry you and sweet Disco, Brighton and Coco had to stay there!

    Aww but yay for a successful cat show!

    Happy Wednesday! take care

  6. Yuk! There are too many disgusting hotels.

    Love the photos and yeah for a sucessful cat show :)

  7. Mom didn't realize that Miles was Coco's son....

    Hope you at least had a nice time in Indy (despite the stop in Dayton).

    Keep up the good walking work!!

  8. You sure have been busy. Mom lived in Mystic CT for 12 years - lovely area.

    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wildcat Woods!

  9. Miles does have great whisker humps. That hotel sounds as though it's not likely to get any repeat bookings!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Great Whisker Humps, Concatulations on loseing 7#s (Mommy says she know where they went) and it looks like the cat show was fun. And that was pretty disgusting what was under the bed! Mommy says she hates what she finds when wes goes to hotels too. But usually the people is nicer than that place!

  11. YAY Milesie!!

    I like your great adventure, we love seeing Missie Cocoswirliemommy and Uncle Diskers and Uncle Brighterpants too. Missie Teriflower, you look great in the pics.

    We hope all of you have a happy snappy thanksgiving. Mom and daddy and Blizzie are leaving me and Milesington home alone all day tomorrow to suffer all alone in the freezing cold and darkness... okay not really, we get music and heat, and maybe some foods.

    big bonks to all of you!!!

  12. OH and the hotel sounds gross.
    Just as bad as camping

    and more big bonks

  13. Miles has great whisker humps. We read your review and several others, and that hotel sounds terrible.


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