Monday, November 21, 2011

Tasty Tuesday! Our review of FreshPet...

Way back in Spring 2010, we were selected to be Taste Testers for the new line of Freshpet Select Cat Food...weren't we lucky! Teri was happy we have found a good food that we all like, that is healthy and made right, and that's available in the grocery store.

The 5.5 ounce resealable 'tubs' , which we first tried last year, come in 4 different varieties--Chicken and Shrimp, Turkey and Liver, and Ocean Whitefish and Salmon, and each tub holds 2 servings for one cat. All their foods should be used within 2 days of opening. Each variety has fresh chunks of chicken, turkey or fish, mixed with spinach and carrots in a nice gravy.

While we do eat other food, Nulo and Life's Abundance, with a little Halo and Wellness thrown into the mix from time to time, we love FreshPet, too!

So we were very pleased (purr purr) when the folks at FreshPet contacted us again and asked us if we'd like to try their brand new product, Freshpet Select Roasted Meals. They shipped the food to us in this cool, green 'ice chest', so it arrived chilled and fresh!

As you can see, we kitties were very interested in what was inside that green bag! Teri unpacked it in the kitchen, so we figured it was FOOD!

Freshpet even included some of the tasty tubs which we enjoyed so much in our first Taste Test for them and get from time to time, in addition to our other 'diet'.

Teri unpacked it and put in all in the fridge, but we kept hovering around begging for a taste, right now!!

So, Teri went and got the camera so she could prove to all our readers, and the folks at Freshpet, how much we enjoyed the food...

Freshpet Select is a complete and balanced food for adult cats, lightly cooked, with added vitamins and minerals including Taurine. They explain their foods are "minimally processed" and "gently cooked".

Click here for more info

On their very informative website (not just a bunch of promos and cute photos) they have a lot of good info.

They also have a blog and a facebook page!

Click here for the Freshpet Blog

Click here for Freshpet on facebook

We loved all the varieties and unlike a year ago, when only one grocery store carried FreshPet, many grocery stores are now carrying it. If you don't find it where your servants shop, they can ask the manager of their favorite store to add the cat line! It is available here in Virginia at the Bloom, Safeway, PetSmart and Walmart, too!

And here's a video of us chowing down on our Freshpet Select!


  1. It looks yummilicious! Good thing they have different flavors cause we are very picky about what is a Real Food and what is NOT.

  2. Mommy saw sum pink delishusness in there enjoyin that food too! She sends kisses to that little head!Thanks fur sharin you review wif us.

  3. Cosmo and Ling like food with chunks in them so this does sound like something they might enjoy. Thanks for the review!

  4. This is the first time we've seen the food, probably not here in Canada yet, or at least not in our part of the country. We'll check out their web site, see if they have anything grain and veggie-free!

  5. We tried those little round balls a few weeks ago. I loved it, but Harley didn't like it as much. We can get that brand from our local Walmart!

  6. I think this may be a good choice for finicky eaters - it is very "stinky!" Ruby liked it (but she's not the best taste tester, she'll eat anything!), Allegra wasn't crazy about it but ate it.

    I feed raw, but I think this food is probably the next best thing, since it's less processed than canned food.I wish they'd left out the carrots and spinach, though.

  7. Wes gots some of their Doggy food. And Me LOVED it! If their cat food is as good as their doggy food, me would be a convert for sure.


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