Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caturday Saturday

TomTom after Turkey Day 2011

We hope all our furriends had a tasty Turkey Day! Teri went off to friends for the day, and didn't bring home ANY leftovers...

But she did give us each a jar of Turkey baby food (she said that would be easier on our tum tums than Turkey dinner and all the trimmings...).

We spent the day snoozing and wildlife watchin' from our brand new loungers! Two Forty Paws Hammicks! Yep, Teri gave us our Christmas purrescent early!

We kept seeing our furriends out there in the Cat Blogosphere enjoying their hammicks and we told Teri that they would be purrfect for birdie and squirrel watching, so she put them right in front of the sliding door out to our back yard.

They are comfy and keep us off the cold tile floor too, and we are lucky kitties to have such a considerate mum, don't ya think?! And we like supporting Forty Paws, too...

Teri's exercise regimen was interrupted by our trip to Indy and well, all the calories consumed on Thanksgiving, but she told us we are going out walking today as it's partly sunny and not too cold, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow to, so we may get to stroll again!

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  1. We were worried when you said you didn't get any leftovers, but having your own special turkey food makes up for it. Those are very nice Ham-Micks from Forty Paws.

  2. Those beds look perfect for you guys! I think our cats should have some- then maybe they'd quit laying on OUR beds!

  3. That is so wrong that you didn't get leftovers. Thank heavens you got your own!

  4. Oooh! I think I should get Austin one of those loungers! He uses my lap mostly!

    Well at least you guys got turkey of sorts lol

  5. Thank Cod for turkey baby fudz, or Teri would've had a catriot on her hands! Your hammicks are way spiffy, and what a wonderful spot for them.
    Happy Caturday!

  6. Yay for Turkey baby food! Glad you all had a brilliant thanksgiving! Yay for Tom-tom!! Take care

  7. No leftovers? Well! We hope you got double helpings of turkey cat food :-)

  8. Those hammicks are amazing! We're getting two more fur Christmas! Enjoy! (of course, Mommy sends Disco kisses!)

  9. OMC, that turkey looked amazing! I am not sure that turkey baby food made up for not getting any of that! And yes, the hammocks are very cool, and getting them as an early Christmas present is a bonus, but I think you guys should clamor for some real turkey breast!

  10. No leftovers? Really?
    We love those hammicks!

  11. Aww, looks like everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love the hammocks. Great for catching the rays! Sending warm wishes to you all! xo


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