Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

We are featuring Disco NoFurNo on this ManCat Monday in honor of his new diet starting today!

Yes, some of you kitties who have been following us for a while probably remember when Disco participated in Nulo's 'Simply Fit' weight loss campaign...but that was way back in the Fall of 2010 and Teri's been very frustrated by his plateau weight of around 15# for the past year...

Of course, while we had kittens around, he was always sneaking kitten kibble. And Teri is the first to admit, she has been very lax in exercising Disco to encourage burning those calories...but at his 'show weight' he was around 11# and at his most obese, 16#...Teri would be happy if he could get down to 12#

It is hard, in a multi-cat household, to restrict everyone's food intake, so to get around that, she leaves dry food out in the guest bathroom and lets Brighton and Coco in there from time to time every day so they can snack on dry food, which Disco can't...

But at the last cat show in Indianapolis last week, she learned about a new dry food, Young Again, that is very low in carbs, and without the 'veggies' that she just doesn't think an obligate carnivore needs. She grabbed a bunch of samples and everyone liked it. Of course, Disco will eat any kibble, that goes without saying.

So she ordered a bag, and she is going to feed it to Disco for 90 days and see if he will lose the fat and gain the muscle, as the company says he will. If he does well on it, she may even start feeding it to everyone in the house!

Here's 2 pix Teri took today of Disco, weighing in at 14# 15.5 ounces...

So, join in cheering Disco on, and hopefully by March 1st, he will be down to his 'target weight' of 12#...


  1. Good luck Disco! Mommy lufs efurry ounce of you! She sends kisses!

  2. 12# is a nice compromise. We need to get Cosmo and Ling to lose some weight too (and Meow-Me who is terribly overweight) we are eager to know if the kibbles work.

  3. MeeeEEEyyOOOWWW! What a LOT a MANCAT!

    *I need to lie down now*

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. Disco, I thought only humans had a tough time taking off extra weight! I guess it crosses all species - good luck on your diet!

  5. Beautiful Disco - me and Charlie have everything crossed your new diet will get you all nice and fit! Yay!! Take care

  6. Good luck, Disco, I know you can do it!

  7. Good luck, Disco! I am also on a diet. I'm getting there, slow and steady :)

  8. Good luck Disco!! Mom says the same thing about us...everyone loses weight here when mom decides to restrict the kibble - except the chick who needs to lose it. :)

  9. Oh best of luck, Disco! Will be rooting for you :)

  10. Go Disco, you can do it!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. Good luck Disco.We are cheering you on! And we know exactly how your Mama feels 'cause Mitalee is gaining too much weight but Esme nibbles all day long so it is difficult to pull up the kibble without causing major uproars.And now of course everyon wants the rich calorie weighted kitten food so what to do...

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  12. Oh going on a diet! I hope the new food works and the diet will be successful!!

  13. Good luck Disco. Diets aren't so bad when it is food you like.

  14. Just looking in on your blog for the first time... fabulous cats! :) I shall be following Disco's progress!!



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