Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Friday, Coco Style!

We usually get Teri to do a long newsy post at the weekend, when she has more 'free time', but this weekends packed full of fun and fashion, so we may not be able to put pen to paper, but we know there will be lotsa photos to come!

Today, we are having a 'Spa Day' to get us looking our best for the Santa Paws cat show near Baltimore this weekend! Teri is expecting a package of hats from ZK Cat Couture today, so Coco will be Rockin' the Catwalk, fur sure!

Disco and Brighton will be doing their casual 'Ralph Lauren' look, which will be fashionable AND comfortable... they are happy about that!

Then tonight, Teri is going to see Neil Young and Patti Smith (yes, they are still both alive, hahameow) and she said she's glad it's not like the old days and she won't have a 'hangover' of any chemical kind, hahahahameowiewowie!

Hope all of you have a Rockin' Weekend, too!!
To help get it started, here's a Video for you Neil Young fans!

Monday, November 26, 2012

ManCat Monday, TomTom Style

There's something about a pumpkin orange kitty in a pile of Fall leaves that just makes you go Awwww...
This handsome, hefty ManCat is TomTom, the introoder feral kitty that we feed (and he gets a heated 'cabin' in the winter, too).
But as you can see, he likes piles of leaves to lounge in, too.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Simply Sunday Evening...

Yep, it was morning when Teri started this post, now it's dinnertime! We snoozed most of the day away, so we aren't sure what Teri was doing but she had a bunch of To-Do's today---vacuuming, mopping, putting up wallpaper border in the bathroom and maybe taking us strollering again today!

Ummm, so far none of those things got done, cuz she got side-tracked downloading Cat Relaxation music....hahahahahhameow!! We are relaxed, most of the time, but she said it was for the Guests at our B & B. Here's a snippet of the 4 hours of music she put on the Shuffle...

Rusty's Ballad

Music for Cats: While You Are Gone

Relaxation Music for My Cat and Me

Yep, Gizmo is still here, so he is getting to listen to the music now and he is looking quite relaxed!

In a couple of weeks, a new kitty named Jack will arrive to stay with us. His owners are going to Taiwan for 3 weeks, so he will stay in the 'Library Room' and Teri hopes he likes it and um, doesn't knock all the knick knacks off the shelves, hahameow!

The past few weekends have been purrfect Fall days and we have gotten out strollering in our winter coats and blankies. Teri said the red stroller a friend gave us is soooo nice with it's air-filled tires that make it both quiet and a smooth ride for us!

Brighton had his yearly Vet visit last week, and his labwork all came back A-OK and the SpG of his urine is down a bit now that he is eating some c/d dry. Ever since his urinary blockage in 2010,  his urine specific gravity has stayed way too high (1.080 when it's best around 1.050) but Teri was reluctant to put him on a prescription diet...

But after she toured the Hill's facility and when Disco had to go on z/d for his IBD, she began feeding Brighton some c/d dry as a treat. And his SpG came down a bit to 1.060. So she is happurry about that. He also has gained a bit of weight and has a little pooch (no, not a dog, hahameow!). His 'show weight' was always around 8# and he now weighs 9.5# but still has a waistline and a greyhound shape, and looks quite dapper in his 
Sew DoggyStyle plaid coat!

But on his oral exam, he was found to have 2 teeth with FORL's, holes that  are very painful and have to be extracted. So the next day, he went back for a dental prophy.

Fortunately, no other problems were found and he did really well under anesthesia and bounced back quickly and was feeling fine by Friday.

Disco continues to do well with his treatment for IBD and is more playful and active, so his tummy must be feeling better! And he was able to stop one of the meds a couple of weeks ago, and this week, the vet said he could lower the dose of the Budesonide he is taking. So right now, he is just on 1mg Budesonide a day, Leukeran only 3 days a month and the z/d diet and all is good!

Oh, he did put on a pound this past month, cuz Teri was feeding him z/d kibble anytime he asked for it, so that 'snack' has been cut back to 1 tablespoon twice a day, which he is grumbling about! Teri is still hoping she can get him down to 13#, so he would hopefully be less prone to developing diabetes since he is on a cortisone-like medication.

Oh, Teri is still doing her Physical Therapy twice a week and trying to do the exercises at home every day, but so far no change in the numbness in her feet and parts of her legs. But she has lost 6 pounds so far on her diet and she thinks the exercises are making her back stronger, cuz she said she can feel it in her muscles that she is working them!

That makes her happy, as did the check she just got from Replacements, Ltd for the silverware they bought off of her! When her Dad died, she got the Towle silverware that was his and she has never used it, so her therapist told her she should look into selling it and told her where to look.

She got a check for $948 for about 7 place settings and some other serving pieces. Oh, she could have gotten more if she'd sold it on eBay, but she knew that she'd have trouble watching the bidding, getting around to packing it up, and mailing it out etc so this was easy-peasy! The money will come in handy to pay for Brighton's dental and put some in the bank, too!

Coco, well Coco is prancing around like Miss AmeriCat since her new 'Pageant' dress arrived from Poshy Pups! Teri says it's a Pink Confection, but us boys are just glad we only have to wear Casual Friday kinda clothes, hahameow! Oh, or the occasional embarrassing Halloween or Christmas get-up... No glitter, sequins or tulle for us, no way!

Teri has plans to take us to the Santa Paws cat show near Baltimore in a couple of weeks, but if us boys luck out, we'll get to stay home! Coco always gets most of the attention from the Pawpawrazzi anyway. Go for it, GirlCat!

We haven't had much time to visit...lately, still, for ages...but we know that that there is a fund raising auction going on for Random Felines, furriends of ours and you might just want to stop by and see if there is something for someone on your Christmas list there! Here's the link:

And we had to say Farewell to two friends recently, Herman and Squashies, and we are purring healing thoughts to their families, who we know are sad right now, at this time of year where we want to be festive and merry...

Well, we guess we have told you everything about what we've been up to, so this must be the 'End', hahahmeow!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Frilly Fashion Friday

We posted this photo on Facebook, asking our friends to guess what it was...

These are some of the answers we got: 

Well, since this IS Fashion Friday... and our friends know what Fashionistas we are, pretty much everyone guessed right!

And here's the photo shoot of Coco in her new Pink Confection dress from Poshy Pups. You can visit her Etsy page by clicking HERE.

The End...HahaMeow!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog Blast for Peace, 2012!

Today, November 4th, we Curly Swirly cats, and bloggers all around the world, are gathering together for a BlogBlast for Peace because...

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

Some of our hopes for the day...

Purr loudly

Don't hiss at each other longer than 15 minutes

Breath deeply (especially of catnip)

And love just as deeply (remember kneading = love)

Today, we are thinking especially of the pets and people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We wish for them to be at peace because they are together, or to be at peace because of compassionate people who are fostering their pets until they can go back home...we are purring for peace for them, too.

If you would like to find out how you can help those affected by the hurricane,  has a page that is updated daily:

Help is needed after Hurricane Sandy

 Ps: Thank you Zoolatry for our purrsonalized Peace Globe...want to learn more about BlogBlast for Peace? Click this link

BlogBlast for Peace

Caturday Saturday!

We have been very lax lately (in between chillaxin') about both posting more than cute photos and about making time to visit our friends.

We have been posting a bit on Facebook, letting everyone know we are ok after Hurricane Sandy, and then realized not all our CB friends are Facebookers, so we apologize for not posting on our blog that the storm passed us by mostly, except for rain and wind...

In fact, our last newsy post was a month ago! Teri had big plans to work on some things that have her 'stuck' including cleaning out her closet of shoes she no longer wears and donating them to 
Soles4Souls (she just found out she can drop off near her work).

And weeding through our closet so she can raise some green papers by selling our 'hand-me-downs' on Dog kidding, since she has been buying so many clothes lately! We are such fashionistas! This is Brighton's new 'Lumber Jack' coat from Sew DoggyStyle!

And Teri is such a shopper! The snuggly bed that Sammy is curled up in and this handsome coat Brighton has on, she found at Marshall's and couldn't resist. She will donate one of our older beds to a cat rescue she said...

She has sort of fallen off the wagon about keeping things neat around the house and keeping up with blogging. It makes her feel crummy, so much so that her therapist said she maybe needs to go back to seeing her twice a month to get kick started again.

Teri also just started physical therapy for her bad back and numbness in her feet and legs and that is happening on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. She is on a diet now, too (though she is cheating on the weekends!) and exercising by walking a couple of times a week.

Today, she thinks that she has more feeling in her toes, so the physical therapy might be working already. That feels really good, to see improvement already. Also, she had a 3 month followup on her eyes, because her eye doctor was worried about glaucoma as her IOP was high normal.

Nothing has changed in 3 months and the nerves are fine, so she has to go back in another 3 months to keep track of things. That's better news than she expected, Thank Cod! We don't know what we'd do if she had trouble finding our stinky goodness or the toys we hide under the fridge...

But she came down with a cold last night and that seems to be slowing her activity down today, so we said perfect time to sit and sniff at the computer and blog for us!

Disco is doing great, and just passed 3 months since his IBD was diagnosed. He looks normal in every way, even in the litter box, hahameow! His weight is stable (not up nor down, even though Teri would like him to slim down--better to have something to fall back on).

He just got to stop one of his meds, Sulfasalazine. And if all looks well in 2 weeks, the budesonide can be lowered from 2mg a day to 1 mg a day. He will stay on the Rx diet, z/d and get his B12 once a month and the Leukeran 3 days on and 18 days off.

Gizmo is still staying at the B & B (aka our sunny Guest Bedroom) because his house isn't ready yet. Yes, he is swatty, and has scratched Teri a few times, but no bites so far.

He also lets her put him over her shoulder and snuzzle his furs, and he likes being brushed, but Teri mostly sticks to his 'cheeks' with a stroke or two down his back and sides.

Teri ordered a couple of new 'cat condos' for the B & B Guest Rooms, from Auntie Em Creations. Coco had to check out the box, of course... that's because Auntie Em included a present! Catnip toys!!

The Condos function both as steps on and off the bed for when we have older arthritic kitties staying with us, and as loungers in the sun. Here's a couple of photos of them:

And from The Conscious Cat, we also won an Infinity Lounger and Teri made a spot for it at the foot of her our bed. We had admired them before, but Teri said there wasn't room for one anyplace in our house.

It's actually not too large, and while Teri hasn't seen us lounging on it, we do like to dig our claws into it! So we are very happy with our prize! (Teri said she'd show you a picture, but her bedroom is messy right now...maybe later!)

She was thinking of putting it in the Library Room for our guests, but she wouldn't really be able to disinfect it, so she just uses small inexpensive 'disposable' cardboard scratching pads in the Guest Rooms.

Well, we think that's about it for mews...we'll get back to blogging and visiting more when Teri gets her 'Tocks in motion and as Nike says 'Just Does It!'. 

We know some of our friends are in need of purrs, especially Little Pink Pig and Grover. They haven't blogged in a while, but they have both been sick this past with, with complications of IBD, Hyperthyroidism and Heart Disease. 

And that 'Sweet' cat, Armani, who was just diagnosed with Diabetes....Purr for them, will you.

Oh, and don't forget to Hop! We will Hop today, too!