Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Friday, Coco Style!

We usually get Teri to do a long newsy post at the weekend, when she has more 'free time', but this weekends packed full of fun and fashion, so we may not be able to put pen to paper, but we know there will be lotsa photos to come!

Today, we are having a 'Spa Day' to get us looking our best for the Santa Paws cat show near Baltimore this weekend! Teri is expecting a package of hats from ZK Cat Couture today, so Coco will be Rockin' the Catwalk, fur sure!

Disco and Brighton will be doing their casual 'Ralph Lauren' look, which will be fashionable AND comfortable... they are happy about that!

Then tonight, Teri is going to see Neil Young and Patti Smith (yes, they are still both alive, hahameow) and she said she's glad it's not like the old days and she won't have a 'hangover' of any chemical kind, hahahahameowiewowie!

Hope all of you have a Rockin' Weekend, too!!
To help get it started, here's a Video for you Neil Young fans!


  1. Awwww such fashion icons!! Yay!!! We love the preparation!!

    Enjoy Neil Young and Patti Smith!! WOW!! Take care

  2. I love Neil Young!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  3. have fun!!!! love the matching hats and ties :)

  4. Wow - Lookin's good kitties! G&E saw Neil Young and Patti Smith this past Saturday when they rocked the socks off of Ottawa, ON! Let's just say you won't be disappointed!
    Have fun!

    Rams & Gordie

  5. I'm so glad I don't have to do spa days! The very thought of getting wet freaks me out!

  6. Spa day? Hmmmm somehow it doesn't sound fun to me...
    Hope you have fun at the Santa Paw Cat Show though!

  7. You are sure looking mighty fine! My Dad says he remembers Neil Young back when he really was young!

  8. Mowzers, you guys are sure brave to do all that dress up stuff!

    Mommy sez you've been there done that and she SAW you buy the T-SHIRT on facebook!

  9. What a fun weekend for all!! Enjoy and looking forward to hearing about everything!

  10. We hope you all have a wonderful time at the Santa Paws cat show and we can't wait to see the pictures!

    Pee Ess: We don't think the spa looks like much fun.

  11. Me can't wait to hear how yous guys ROCKED the show!

  12. Love the bonnet at the very beginning. Now about those chemicals...hope your Teri enjoyed Neil! Still trying to figure out how I feel about his latest release.


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