Saturday, November 3, 2012

Caturday Saturday!

We have been very lax lately (in between chillaxin') about both posting more than cute photos and about making time to visit our friends.

We have been posting a bit on Facebook, letting everyone know we are ok after Hurricane Sandy, and then realized not all our CB friends are Facebookers, so we apologize for not posting on our blog that the storm passed us by mostly, except for rain and wind...

In fact, our last newsy post was a month ago! Teri had big plans to work on some things that have her 'stuck' including cleaning out her closet of shoes she no longer wears and donating them to 
Soles4Souls (she just found out she can drop off near her work).

And weeding through our closet so she can raise some green papers by selling our 'hand-me-downs' on Dog kidding, since she has been buying so many clothes lately! We are such fashionistas! This is Brighton's new 'Lumber Jack' coat from Sew DoggyStyle!

And Teri is such a shopper! The snuggly bed that Sammy is curled up in and this handsome coat Brighton has on, she found at Marshall's and couldn't resist. She will donate one of our older beds to a cat rescue she said...

She has sort of fallen off the wagon about keeping things neat around the house and keeping up with blogging. It makes her feel crummy, so much so that her therapist said she maybe needs to go back to seeing her twice a month to get kick started again.

Teri also just started physical therapy for her bad back and numbness in her feet and legs and that is happening on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. She is on a diet now, too (though she is cheating on the weekends!) and exercising by walking a couple of times a week.

Today, she thinks that she has more feeling in her toes, so the physical therapy might be working already. That feels really good, to see improvement already. Also, she had a 3 month followup on her eyes, because her eye doctor was worried about glaucoma as her IOP was high normal.

Nothing has changed in 3 months and the nerves are fine, so she has to go back in another 3 months to keep track of things. That's better news than she expected, Thank Cod! We don't know what we'd do if she had trouble finding our stinky goodness or the toys we hide under the fridge...

But she came down with a cold last night and that seems to be slowing her activity down today, so we said perfect time to sit and sniff at the computer and blog for us!

Disco is doing great, and just passed 3 months since his IBD was diagnosed. He looks normal in every way, even in the litter box, hahameow! His weight is stable (not up nor down, even though Teri would like him to slim down--better to have something to fall back on).

He just got to stop one of his meds, Sulfasalazine. And if all looks well in 2 weeks, the budesonide can be lowered from 2mg a day to 1 mg a day. He will stay on the Rx diet, z/d and get his B12 once a month and the Leukeran 3 days on and 18 days off.

Gizmo is still staying at the B & B (aka our sunny Guest Bedroom) because his house isn't ready yet. Yes, he is swatty, and has scratched Teri a few times, but no bites so far.

He also lets her put him over her shoulder and snuzzle his furs, and he likes being brushed, but Teri mostly sticks to his 'cheeks' with a stroke or two down his back and sides.

Teri ordered a couple of new 'cat condos' for the B & B Guest Rooms, from Auntie Em Creations. Coco had to check out the box, of course... that's because Auntie Em included a present! Catnip toys!!

The Condos function both as steps on and off the bed for when we have older arthritic kitties staying with us, and as loungers in the sun. Here's a couple of photos of them:

And from The Conscious Cat, we also won an Infinity Lounger and Teri made a spot for it at the foot of her our bed. We had admired them before, but Teri said there wasn't room for one anyplace in our house.

It's actually not too large, and while Teri hasn't seen us lounging on it, we do like to dig our claws into it! So we are very happy with our prize! (Teri said she'd show you a picture, but her bedroom is messy right now...maybe later!)

She was thinking of putting it in the Library Room for our guests, but she wouldn't really be able to disinfect it, so she just uses small inexpensive 'disposable' cardboard scratching pads in the Guest Rooms.

Well, we think that's about it for mews...we'll get back to blogging and visiting more when Teri gets her 'Tocks in motion and as Nike says 'Just Does It!'. 

We know some of our friends are in need of purrs, especially Little Pink Pig and Grover. They haven't blogged in a while, but they have both been sick this past with, with complications of IBD, Hyperthyroidism and Heart Disease. 

And that 'Sweet' cat, Armani, who was just diagnosed with Diabetes....Purr for them, will you.

Oh, and don't forget to Hop! We will Hop today, too!


  1. Mama enjoyed the update! I think you and her should talk more often. She has trouble keeping things clean too. It gets worse when she's feeling blue. Mama might send Harvey to stay in the B&B for a while. He's nutso!

  2. Lots of mews! Glad Sandy only brushed you by. concats on winning the lounger.

  3. Good to hear from you.

    Our mom can relate to some of the things your mom is going through.

  4. Thanks for the update. We are so glad that Sandy didn't impact you too much. I have trouble keeping things clean, too, though I am getting better at it.

  5. Thanks fur the update! So glad to hear things are well fur you kittehz and Teri. Hope you have a wonderfully easy Sunday. XOXO

  6. I am so glad that Sandy did not whap you too much! I hope your human gets back on track soon - what is better for her is better for you kitties!

  7. Nice to see your update and catch up on all the news. Glad you are ok.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Is that my MANCAT? In that dapper bow tie? *swoon* He just gets sexier and sexier. No doubt about it.

    That Woman sayz she took two of our hammicks and got longer pvc cut for the legs & did this. worked a treat. Now the boyz play king of the mountain!

    xoxo... for Mr. D

    xoxo...for Missy Teri

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. Oh, I should add that boyz are dorks and EVERYCAT knows it's QUEEN of the MOUNTAIN!


  10. Big healing hugs to Terri!! Awww Disco is looking wonderful and so is Gizmo!! Sounds like he's settling down minus a few scratchings! Ahem!!

    Take care


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