Friday, November 16, 2012

Frilly Fashion Friday

We posted this photo on Facebook, asking our friends to guess what it was...

These are some of the answers we got: 

Well, since this IS Fashion Friday... and our friends know what Fashionistas we are, pretty much everyone guessed right!

And here's the photo shoot of Coco in her new Pink Confection dress from Poshy Pups. You can visit her Etsy page by clicking HERE.

The End...HahaMeow!


  1. Hi Everyone. Teri I hope you dont mind me commenting. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the dress. My fb page is and here is my etsy page .
    Once again thank you everyone for the comments.

  2. Abby is jealous and says I have buy her one now. Finn says if I try to put him in one, there'll be trouble! - Bobbi

  3. she going on a date?

  4. My human had a tutu that looked a bit like that!

  5. I already saw the picture on facebook, but had I not, I would have guessed it was one of those fancy scrubby things you find at a spa to use a wonderful smelling foamy soap with!!

    You sure do look beautiful in that tutu, Coco!!

  6. Now THAT is one spectacular dress! \Even me might wear it!

  7. At first glance, my answer was a bathroom scunchy thing. The reality is much better!

  8. OMC, that might be the prettiest dress I have EVER seen!


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