Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mancat Monday

Here's the Mancats who reside at the CurlySwirly house, for your viewing pleasure!

Disco, in a very 'manly'setting, black leather couch, a jungle of fake plants and a leopard (?) print velour throw...hubba hubba!

TomTom, looking cool in the garden!

Sammy, looking spiffy after a 'Spa Day'

And Brighton, posing ever-so elegantly and non-chalantly cool!

Simply Sunday Evening...

We had a very chillaxin' weekend, how about you? We sleep in our burrow bed or right on top of the heating pad no matter the season...and no pix of this, but we all got baths this weekend, too.

We got to watch birdies and squirrels...

and we even spied a mouse or vole coming out of it's vole hole to grab some seed! Biggify the photo to see if you can spy it, too!

Here's a 'live action' video for your viewing enjoyment!

We don't know how to use the camera, but if we did, you would also see a video of Teri that would make you laff and laff! She had to get up on an extention ladder to spray wasp killer on a nest in our eaves.She went online and read that the best time to nuke their nest was when they were sleepy and slow at dawn! So she set the alarm for 6am on Saturday and put on a raincoat, cinched tight the hood, put on rubber gloves and tucked her pant cuffs into her socks (that's that laffin and laffin part) and climbed up about 10 feet and sprayed the foam all over the nest.Then she ran back inside and watched the the dead wasps fall from the nest. Then she waited a while. sprayed again and then knocked the nest down with a long pole. We think she was very brave, protecting us and the universe from those stingers!
The new Ant Proof Bowl is working 100% and since it's kind of a 'Dog Size' bowl, Teri put a smaller stainless steel bowl in the middle and that works well and is easy to clean and doesn't harbor bacteria like plastic can.

Here's Mama Katz, who shows up every few days to grab a bite to eat

And courtesy of Carolyn, over at The Happy Litterbox, we are 'test driving' a new product, Smart Scoop. We have tried the Littermaid in the past and Teri found it too cumbersome, not easy to clean and not worth the expense. But she wanted to try this new product to see if it's simpler to clean and if the box was large enough. We'll give you an evaluation next week!

We got a nice update on Kiki today, too! She is not wanting to share prime lap space or the humans bed yet, but silly young Cheddar doesn't hold that against her, hahameow. He sleeps on the cat perch at the end of the bed and lets Kiki be the boss of lap space, and he'll find a spot on a lap but not too close...

And Colby doesn't seem to miss his brudder, and the mature Punky is happier without two rambunctious kittens in the house, but hasn't warmed up to Colby yet. No hissing or standoffs, just no mutual grooming or play yet...but it often takes a while for older kitties to befriend a silly kitten! Punky was used to living with a senior girl Cornish Rex and he loved her dearly. We hope he decides a boy buddy is ok, too...

And last but not least...Disco is now under 15#...14# 14 oz!! In celebration of that, he had a 'Day at the Spa' today and got a 'haircut and a shave' in preparation for meeting his admiring fans at BlogPaws in a few weeks!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We got an Award, our 16th!

The cats over at Bengal Cat Domination gave us this Award cuz they think we are Irresistibly Sweet! Cats don't have sweet taste buds, but Teri says it's the thought behind this award that is so Sweet! It's only taken us 5 weeks to finally get around to telling you all about it!

In accepting this award, the rules say we are to share 7 unknown facts about us, but Teri says she's old and can't remember if these facts are really unknown, but let's just say some of these facts we'd rather not dwell on, hahameow!

1. Coco pees in the bathroom sink sometimes. Behaviorists call that 'The Sink Hole Effect' and is not uncommon cat behavior. Disco does it, too

2. Brighton takes his treats and runs into the living room to eat at a time.

3. Sammy likes taking baths, but it makes him pee in the tub when the water is turned on.

4. Disco grows a lot of fur for a Sphynx. But not all over, just in strange clumps. So every once in a while, Teri shaves him, hahameow!

5. Sammy hates car rides, gets nervous and usually vomits, poops and pees before we arrive at our destination, requiring a major 'clean up on aisle 3' scenario.

6. Coco has one favorite toy, a corduroy catnip Christmas 'sock' . She carries it around and cries like she has 'prey' in her mouth or is carrying a newborn kitten--same kind of sound oddly enough.

7. Brighton got his name because our petsitter nicknamed him 'Surfer Dude' when he was a kitten, because we had a waterbed and he was playing on it and they made it 'wavy' for him.

The cats over at Bengalcatdomination said the rules specify that we have to pick 15 Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers to give this award to, and we started down our blogroll and wow, we know lots more than 15 sweet bloggers. What to do??

Well, since BlogPaws, the Pet Blogger Conference is coming up, we decided to pick 15 pet bloggers that are new to us, that we will be able to meet in person at BlogPaws.

While they are new to us, too and we are just getting to follow their blogs, we thought our furriends might enjoy visiting here's who we picked, in alphabetical order...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion Friday?

Here's Coco, being very 'Fashionable' (in fake fur)...don't you think?!

And this was too 'stylish' not to post today!

Thanks to Mousebreath for turning us on to this artist!

Click here if you can't view video, click here

Hello Kitty Pop Culture Series

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

One thing all us cats can be thankful for is a nice LapDaddy (or LapMommy) and here are a couple of cute pix of LapDad Dan and Edward Boddington Dickens, who is called Ed by all his friends! Ed is Coco's brudder and he lives in St Louis with Captain Billy Fawkes aka Billy, another Furrydance kitty! Looks like Ed is just as silly as Coco and loves tummy rubs, too!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

Brinkley, one of our extended family, obviously knows how to control dawggies...and nab the prime napping spot in the house!

Tortie Tuesday...3 generations!

Would our followers might like to see 3 generations of Furrydance Cornish Rex torties?
We think so!
So here are...Lerryn & her daughter Kiki & Kiki's daughter, Fifi

Makes for a great Tortie Tuesday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening...

Well, here is it the weekend and time for chillaxin for everyone! Teri even had time to take pix and help us with our blog!

And we had a visitor, Carol of Coffee, Cats 'n Yarn. She came over to help Teri make up BlogPaws Swag Bags and stay for dinner--bbq'd steaks, salad and fresh corn on the cob (we asked for some steak and butter but we didn't get any!).

Teri made a pretty drink with Prosecco and Raspberry Cabernet Sorbet, and they had Klondike ice cream bars for dessert (um, Teri had 2!). We love Carol and she gave us lotsa lap time, as you can see here...

BlogPaws is only 5 weeks away and we are gettin excited about our Meet and Greet with so many of our bloggy furriends and making some new ones!

Teri decided that Coco will be able to join us in the fun (not Flat Coco, hahameow!). So today she picked out our outfits and got a new carrier for Coco to travel in style in, a Sherpa Sport Pop Tote.

We are so luvin' our BirdnSquirrel Watchin' Station being open again! Teri gets to sit at her desk and watch the birds 'n squirrels and TomTom, too just like us! Of course, we distract her demanding attention, as this video clip of Coco shows!

and Disco got in some squirrel watchin', too! (Biggify to see him!)

Even Sammy gets some 'Window Shopping' time now! He is enjoying Disco, Brighton's and Coco's company (one visitor at a time or he gets kind of overwhelmed) and when he out and about, he has to wear 'shorts' so he doesn't spray mark anything.

Here's two pix of him enjoying some R & R, and the scenery outside...

Oh, and an update on Kiki, too! Once she began giving 'headbutts' to Bear, the dog...we knew she was thinking of him as 'family', and was ready to have rambunctious Cheddar join her! We are looking forward to hearing how they get along and of their T.H.O.E. events!

We got an update from Bosco and Bette Blu's family, too (you might remember them, two of our 'extended family'). Here's some pix of them their family sent us this weekend! They live the pampered life in New York City!

Lick, Lick, Bite...

Bette Blu Loves Spinach!

Bosco looking Fab!

Elegant kitties on an elegant countertop!

Recently, Au and Target asked how Teri found such good homes for the Cornish Rex she raised. She promises she will write a blog post about that someday soon, as it's something very important to her and might help people who help find homes for kitties anywhere...

We haven't gotten to visit our CB furriends much this week, only making it to the L's on our blogroll, but we were very sad to learn that Tristan had to be helped to the Bridge and Penelope and Kozmo's buddy, Sammy, is now flying free, too and not hurting anymore. We know her family got to spend some very treasured extra time with her as she had been battling kidney disease, but still there is never enough time to spend with a beloved kitty, is there?

This week, Teri has been helping a couple of kitties of the CB with dieting advice. You all may already follow Mr Puddy and Yogi and of course, all our followers know of Disco 'Battle of the Bulge' and Teri has shared his diet info with them and thinks we should form a 'Weight Watchers Club for Kats' (and give a prize to each when we reach our goals!).

Teri is still not being a good 'personal trainer' though and hasn't been Stairclimbing with Disco, but she says she will do better, so he maybe can lose some weight before they go go BlogPaws in a month!

Here's a link to an easy to use calorie calculator that Teri shared with Mr Puddy and Yogi, that maybe some of the 'overconditioned' kitties of the CB can check out:

Disco is stuck at 15# 2 oz, and Teri is cutting down on his treat of t/d kibble and bought him a bag of Stella & Chewy's Chick, Chick, Chicken Dinner. It's a dehydrated Raw Diet, but Teri is feeding it as a treat, in it's 'pellet' form, and Disco loves it. He would love more than 2 morsels but it will give him some variety and she may even feed it rehydrated for him if he likes it that way, too. It was recommended to us by the cats of Coffee, Cats 'n Yarn.

Their website says their patented food safety process was designed by a Professor of Food Safety at Kansas State University and the food safety programs in place at Stella & Chewy's would be in the forefront of human food manufacturers and are years ahead of the pet food industry. Here's a link to their website if you want to check it out:
And for your viewing pleasure, here's another pix of Disco and a movie clip, too! (especially for Stella):

Teri got a few more things crossed off her 'to-do' list this weekend, too, besides helping us with our blog. She put a little more shelf liner on the kitchen shelves, so she's about 2/3 of the way finished. It had been so long since she started that job that they stopped making the pattern of liner she started with. But maybe no one will notice it doesn't match exactly, as who opens every cupboard at the same time, hahameow.

She also ordered an 'Ant Proof' bowl for TomTom and MamaKatz outside. Besides critters like possums and raccoons, keeping ants out of the kibble Teri puts out twice a day for them was a big problem.

She put the food in a small stainless steel bowl set inside a larger bowl with water in it, to make a kind of moat to keep the ants out. Trouble was that the kitties dropped kibble in the water and it would get smelly and gross every day.

She googled Ant Proof Bowl and thought this one was the best design, so she'll let you know how it works! This company donated a bunch of bowls to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, too and we thought that was a very nice thing to do!

She was also going to buy a new pump for our Drinkwell 360 fountain cuz it stopped working. But while looking round for the best deal, she came across this site that told you how to take the pump apart and clean she tried it and MeWowZa, it works again! That saved her about $20, so she wanted to share the link with our furriends!

She cancelled her TV cable to save some more green papers, so we won't get to watch the Animal Planet channel anymore, or watch Jackson Galaxy on The Cat from Hell either, but she then spent some and got a new 32" digital TV for 'our' bedroom and tonight we get to watch a show about cheetahs (we hopes it's got a happy ending but sometimes those nature shows don't...we'll keep the kleenex handy). Once she's saved enough by not having cable to pay for the TV, maybe she'll get it back again if she finds she's watching enough TV to make it worthwhile again.

The big screen TV in our Rumpus Room isn't digital so we won't get as many channels on it, but can enjoy all the shows on PBS on it, like this one on endangered species called "Lonely Animals' like Iberian Lynx that Brighton and Teri watched...

Oh, the other mews is that Teri has a 'date' on Thursday! She says she hopes she doesn't look too tired cuz this 'Meet and Greet' happens after work on Thursday. Just to be safe, a couple of friends will know who she's meeting and where she'll be...that's what friends are for, right?! Of course, if they hit it off, the guy will still have to pass muster with us!! You know...Must Love Cats!

Well, that's all the mews we can remember, and's past dinnertime and we are hungry!