Friday, July 15, 2011

Blog the Change 7/15/11

Sometimes our Teri feels like she helps kitties every day, because her job is as a vet tech at a cat hospital. Often 3 or 4 times a week she spends an hour on the phone helping people who call her with questions about Cornish Rex cat care. And she donates green papers to organizations she believes in...Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Cat House on The Kings, and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, to name a few.

But still she feels like she could do, should do more. One thing she loves about blogging is reading about all the good things true animal lovers do to help--fostering, rescue railroad trips, just being there for pets in need...

So this is what she has plans to become a foster home for Cornish Rex Friends Rescue. She knows a lot about Cornish Rex's special requirements and has both veterinarians and behaviorists that she can work with.

She has a large isolation room that is Sammy's 'stud room' , but he is neutered now and if he can acclimate into become a housecat again, his 'room' will be available. She has kept one large walk-in Kalli-Ko PurrPalace Kathouse cage, as well as many extra litterboxes, food bowls and cat bed with just this reason in mind.

Her heart aches every time she sees a Cornish Rex in need, one who's breeder wasn't 'there' for it when it's life took a turn for the worse. While sometimes it is overwhelming to know that one person can't help them all, one person can make the difference in one cats life. And if a person can do that again, and many can be helped.

Over the years, she has helped foster one Cornish Rex kitty and one Devon Rex and help find new homes and she still keeps in touch with the people who adopted them. But she was reluctant to do it on a larger scale as she was still breeding and was fearful of bringing in diseases or causing behavior issues in her cats.

But now she is retired from breeding and there are just 4 of us cats, all fixed now, in the house, she has more time and less worries...and she hopes by this time next year that she will be part of 'Be The Change 4 Animals' in her small way...


  1. What an excellent idea!

    ::clapping paws::

  2. I think it is so great that you are wanting to get involved with rescue! Animal rescue is so important with so many pets out there in need of homes and fostering is a HUGE part of it!

    Good luck with it!


  3. We think this is a *fabulous* idea! Teri is purrfect for the role of foster mom for the breed, with her wealth of experience and huge heart!

  4. Teri - you are just wonderful being a great mum to your beautiful adorable kitties and for looking after all the other animals in your care!! Good for you! take care

  5. That is a wonderful idea. You are perfect for doing it with all your experience of Cornish Rex and also the medical side. We wish you lots of luck.

  6. yippeeee skippie. I know Uncle Diskers and MommyCocoflower will be big helpers, and of course Mister Brightpants will be an ambassador of comfort and encouragement for Rex kitties in need. We love them so much!!! I think Sammy could possibly show them the fancy hotel room too.


  7. That really is such a wonderful thing to do and it makes my heart smile!

  8. We think that is great that Teri is going to be helpin more kitties now!

  9. Teri, this is perfect for you! So many of these kitties will get the help they need because of your knowledge!

  10. I think you might just have the most perfect home for fostering! Thanks for fostering a Devon Rex before, too.

  11. What an awesome plan Teri, those kitties would be so lucky to have you as a Foster Mom.


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