Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Any day there is enough of a Sun Spot to share... is a good day!

Sharing the 'spotlight' are Furli and Lola, two of our 'Extended Family'.


  1. Sharing, Caring !! ..Very nice of you both
    Have a lovely day

  2. Yay for good days!! Take care

  3. Enjoy the sunshine on your furs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Ah, they look so sweet together!

  5. Own! The sun and friendship is always!!!

  6. Hello friends,

    After much back and forth with blogger.I was told today that they won't let me have re access to my blog for lack of information.I even filled out their form.Sent them photos of Ariel in email attachment to show them.Yet they said this proves nothing as anyone could crop a photo.How can I possibly give them the password lace and spice used to take over my blog.To lace and spice I'm not mad just disappointed that you had to steal my blog and could create one of your own.I was told by blogger I could create another blog yet I won't.Why because these are my posts,my photos,my blog,my fiends.So if you see any new posts there not from me.If you receive comments positive or negative there not me.I don't know if I and Ariel with ever create another blog.Yet if we do it so won't be with blogger.I suggest blogger up their security measures.Remember me Ariel love and miss you all.Blogger has really let us down.


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