Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening...

We had a very chillaxin' weekend, how about you? We sleep in our burrow bed or right on top of the heating pad no matter the season...and no pix of this, but we all got baths this weekend, too.

We got to watch birdies and squirrels...

and we even spied a mouse or vole coming out of it's vole hole to grab some seed! Biggify the photo to see if you can spy it, too!

Here's a 'live action' video for your viewing enjoyment!

We don't know how to use the camera, but if we did, you would also see a video of Teri that would make you laff and laff! She had to get up on an extention ladder to spray wasp killer on a nest in our eaves.She went online and read that the best time to nuke their nest was when they were sleepy and slow at dawn! So she set the alarm for 6am on Saturday and put on a raincoat, cinched tight the hood, put on rubber gloves and tucked her pant cuffs into her socks (that's that laffin and laffin part) and climbed up about 10 feet and sprayed the foam all over the nest.Then she ran back inside and watched the the dead wasps fall from the nest. Then she waited a while. sprayed again and then knocked the nest down with a long pole. We think she was very brave, protecting us and the universe from those stingers!
The new Ant Proof Bowl is working 100% and since it's kind of a 'Dog Size' bowl, Teri put a smaller stainless steel bowl in the middle and that works well and is easy to clean and doesn't harbor bacteria like plastic can.

Here's Mama Katz, who shows up every few days to grab a bite to eat

And courtesy of Carolyn, over at The Happy Litterbox, we are 'test driving' a new product, Smart Scoop. We have tried the Littermaid in the past and Teri found it too cumbersome, not easy to clean and not worth the expense. But she wanted to try this new product to see if it's simpler to clean and if the box was large enough. We'll give you an evaluation next week!

We got a nice update on Kiki today, too! She is not wanting to share prime lap space or the humans bed yet, but silly young Cheddar doesn't hold that against her, hahameow. He sleeps on the cat perch at the end of the bed and lets Kiki be the boss of lap space, and he'll find a spot on a lap but not too close...

And Colby doesn't seem to miss his brudder, and the mature Punky is happier without two rambunctious kittens in the house, but hasn't warmed up to Colby yet. No hissing or standoffs, just no mutual grooming or play yet...but it often takes a while for older kitties to befriend a silly kitten! Punky was used to living with a senior girl Cornish Rex and he loved her dearly. We hope he decides a boy buddy is ok, too...

And last but not least...Disco is now under 15#...14# 14 oz!! In celebration of that, he had a 'Day at the Spa' today and got a 'haircut and a shave' in preparation for meeting his admiring fans at BlogPaws in a few weeks!


  1. Well you know--we MUST congratulate Disco! We know how hard loosing weight is!

  2. Ah HEM... Mr. Disco, you have my permission to RIP that catbed off the wall and bunnie kick the crap outta it! Please tell yer human that is what it is for. If she must have a quilt for her wall she can very well ask for one! Cod knows she deserves it and it won't be some stinky ol catbed neither.

    all my love & nip
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. What a nice relaxing weekend! Have an equally good week you cats.

  4. Great pictures we can tell by them that you all had a great day and weekend. We had a fairly restful day today. We slept while Mumsy and Popsy visited with their company. Have a great week. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Oh boy!! Lots of updates at your place!! We like the ant proof bowl ;)
    We are glad to hear the kitties are getting used to their new homes too :)
    Have a great Sunday!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  6. Birdies and squirrels are the best!! We are glad you had a restful weekend! Kiki and Cheddar! I gets nervous about the dogs too.

  7. How fun that your shared your Squirrel and Vole TV with us! And that is GREAT news about Disco! My human will be at BlogPaws again, so she will want to say hello!

  8. Oh my goodness, you kitties are just adorable!! Yay for a fun weekend full of squirrels and spas!! Hooorah too for Cheddar and Colby!! Take care

  9. Baths!?? Aaaaiiieeeeee!!!

    We saw that lil' vole, and we wanted it soooo bad.

  10. The first picture is our favorite! :-)

    It is very nice to hear how the cheese brothers are doing. and of course princess Kiki. she is so beautiful. We love her and hope that she continues to be very happy. You kitties have the very best back yard with all of that exciting activity. Miles and I feel deprived. The birdies do not get close enough and we do not have squirrellies.

    Mr. Disckers you are one buff looking mancat and we are proud of you for getting in shape which will add ten years to your life!

    bonks to all of you

    <3 <3

  11. We saw the mousie! Well done Disco in getting under the 15lbs mark. Your mum was very brave to get those nasty old wasps.

  12. That was very brave of Terri, getting rid of those wasps for you! Mom's going to BlogPaws too, hope she gets to meet Disco there!


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