Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday--Late Edition!

OK, Disco had to resort to giving Teri the 'Laser Eye' to get her to help us with our blog again!

We really, really have a lot of mews to share cuz pretty much all that Teri has had time to do is post a few pix and videos in the past 3 weeks. And she said she'd let us catch up visiting our friends and we started at the end of our blogroll and are only to the O's and that's taken 3 weeks, too!

So, where to start??

As our followers might remember, Colby and Cheddar were adopted by 2 families...the parents AND their daughter and her husband.

They have spent the last month at the daughters home, because the parents where in the midst of palliative care for their Cornish Rex in kidney failure...and he had to be helped to the bridge 3 weeks ago.

Now, daughter and husband already had one Cornish Rex named Punky, but he isn't wild about having 2 hooligans in the house...sooo, here's the plan they came up with, with Teri's help...

CurlieSwirlie Kiki has begun a new chapter in her life and is going to share her life with the parents, Mary and James and then be joined by Cheddar. Teri wanted to make sure that Kiki settled in and was ok with Bear, the Lab/Husky (who is kitty friendly, as it was his buddy Cornish Rex that so recently went to the bridge). But Kiki has never met a dog before so we weren't sure if she would be happy sharing her abode with a woofie...

Then if she does get comfortable (and in just 10 days, it looks promising) then lil Cheddar with be joining her (right now he is still romping round with his brudder at Cary and Russ's place--Cary is Mary and James' daughter).

People often ask Teri how she can say goodbye to a kitty she has loved and lived with for so long. It's not a quick or easy decision, and more difficult even than with a kitten. Almost all of the kitties that have retired from being mom and dad cats here have gone to homes where there is already at least one of our kitties already.

That way Teri already knows the families, and how they care for the kitties they already have. And Teri thinks that Kiki would be happier in a home where she doesn't have to share one-on-one time with 3 other kitties and just one human, like in our house.

Time will tell and if Kiki isn't happy, then Cary and Russ want to give her a chance at their house, with no woofie around, and then her parents would take both Colby and Cheddar to live with them and Cary and Russ's older kitty just might be happier sharing his home with a mature ladycat rather than a kitten anyway!

Confused yet? And if Kiki tells everyone she would rather be back with Teri and Disco and Brighton and Coco and Sammy, well we will welcome her back with open arms, of course!

OK, so that's the Kiki, Colby and Cheddar news...wanna see some pix? Of course you do! Here's a few Teri snapped of Kiki in her new home and excerpts from a couple of email updates on her:

I really think KiKi did well last night and she was probably exhausted as she had such a big day yesterday! Kathy asked if you missed KiKi and I told her I thought you did. She said "I can certainly understand why". Kathy keeps making trips upstairs to check on KiKi too. I feel that she (KiKi) is really part of the family and we must have had a christening or something yesterday! Can't wait for her to feel comfortable and come downstairs whenever she wants. I think getting used to the dog will take longer, thank goodness he is a good boy.

Just wanted to let you know that KiKi is doing well - Today I have been home all day. I put Bear in the kitchen with a sliding gate and brought KiKi down stairs. She did hiss at him a couple of times when she saw him - he didn't do anything. I think he wants to meet and greet but she isn't ready yet. She did stay down stairs for a long time and we even had a nap together on the sofa this afternoon. When James came home she sat on the headrest of his leather chair and watched TV with him in the chair. At least now I don't have to keep her door completely shut.

Once KiKi is adjusted to Bear we think we will be getting Cheddar! Hopefully it won't take him long to adjust to Bear and KiKi to him. Sometimes we think she is looking and calling for the other cats. Cheddar will be company for her. She has been such a sweet kitty and so feminine. She is a real delight and we love her! She is just like a little black wooley lamb that purrs!

and of Colby and Cheddar...

We finally purchased a new camera! The kittens are starting to get their "big boy" teeth! I think Colby was looking for the change that fell out of his pocket in the couch cushions!

I love this picture of Cheddar -- "OMC, You're wearing your fur how?"

Us kitties are really enjoying having our birdnsquirrel watching station back again, too! For the first week, Teri didn't allow us down there while she wasn't home cuz she wasn't sure if we'd 'mark' cuz we saw TomTom outside, but so far, so good and all this week we have had 'free run' of all 3 levels of our house, and no spray marking found!

Here's some pix of our Cat TV channel, as well as a silly one of Disco (for Ms H) lookin pretty pleased with himself ingratiating himself with our friend, Doug, while he was working on hooking up Teri's computer after he and his wife helped Teri move furniture around to make OUR TV room more 'user' friendly, and Coco checking out the cat perch in it's new spot.

Now we can lounge on the couch and watch for introoders outside at the same time! And Teri has a nice view of the garden now when she sits at her desk, instead of a blank wall and we can watch the big screen TV again...we love nature shows, go figure!

Teri bought some more flowers for our garden, and brought home a pile of Nip from the cat hospital where she works (yep, they grow Nip there, ain't that too cool?!) and TomTom's been visiting us every day, too!


  1. Is that all?!! I think you need to get you mom to write lots more about all of you! You kitties aren't crackin' the whip hard enough! How's Sammy doing? Is Disco maintaining his weigh? Is Madam President, Coco thinking about making another run for office? These are the things we wants ta know!

  2. That is quite an update - we are sure no matter who ends up living where, it will work out.

    Mom wants to know if you rent out Disco for Halloween parties....he could be a great gargoyle. MOL

  3. WOW, there's been a lot going on at your place, but I'm glad everyone is settling in well!

  4. Quite an update :) No matter what happens, we believe that every bean and every cat and doggie will be happy :)
    Good to see that you kitties are doing well too ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  5. That is a lot of news. We hope Kiki soon gets used to the dog. Colby and Cheddar are very cute.

  6. OK - Charlie had to explain all this to me. Beautiful KiKi is going to live with Cheddar and Colby and dog Bear and other gorgeous kitties but it's going to be done in stages? Yay! LOL!!! Awwww but we are so happy that the everyone is being given lots of love and attention and more tlc! Yay!!

    Hello to Tom Tom and yay for Disco's amazing laser eyes! take care

  7. Great update Teri! It is so nice to heare how all the kitties is doing!

  8. *tap tap tap* "ahem... ffffft...Is this thing ON? Disco? D.I.S.C.O.? I know you is the studliest Mancat and you haz my heart of hearts (all nine of them!) but I needz to tell you that Moose is too much for you alone. You need a *partner* to bring down such a tasty morsel! LOOK NO FURTHER my love! all you haz to do is call my name; I'll come runnin' and we can haz moose steaks by moonlight (among other things...) *eyebrow~eyebrow*


    oh ya; That Woman was happy to hear all the newz of Miss Kiki the cheesietots. She was really glad she gots to talk to Missie Teri last week. The feral kittentots are doing fine! Mom cat is warming up and allowing pets. The Gurl went to see the kittentots and was all a googleie over them. That Woman very sternly (easy to be that from far away from kittentots) said 'Just Say No!'. She's right too; ain't now way I wants to gotta break in another kitten! Besides; That Woman won't say it outloud, but she has never quite gotten over the loss of Miss Coco so I'm pretty sure we won't be havin' any babies anytime soon. Thank Cod! There's four of us here now!

  9. Awwwww this is the best update
    We miss Kiki too, but she looks like she is living the pampered life there with great servants and even a dawgie to hiss at, wow
    Uncle Diskers is too cool
    We love nature shows on tv too
    Mom has not been letting us visit because she found out the result of her MRI and she was shocked to learn she got a herniated disc causing all her weird problems- well it could maybe just be responsible for every I'll in the world
    - or not

    Bonks for a happy week-end

  10. Ps: missie carol and co have the right questions
    Yeah what's up with the kids??
    More bonks

  11. Wow it sounds like its been busy around your house with all the furniture moving and with kitties getting new homes. It looks like everyone is happy.

  12. How on earth do you keep contact with so many people? We're also curious, how do you sort though potential parents to make sure you get the right sort of people?

  13. There really has been a lot going on at your place! I can't wait to hear more news about Kiki and the cheese boys!

  14. Reading your blog makes me realize something I already know..there is nothing like a cat. (or cats)


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