Saturday, July 30, 2011

We got an Award, our 16th!

The cats over at Bengal Cat Domination gave us this Award cuz they think we are Irresistibly Sweet! Cats don't have sweet taste buds, but Teri says it's the thought behind this award that is so Sweet! It's only taken us 5 weeks to finally get around to telling you all about it!

In accepting this award, the rules say we are to share 7 unknown facts about us, but Teri says she's old and can't remember if these facts are really unknown, but let's just say some of these facts we'd rather not dwell on, hahameow!

1. Coco pees in the bathroom sink sometimes. Behaviorists call that 'The Sink Hole Effect' and is not uncommon cat behavior. Disco does it, too

2. Brighton takes his treats and runs into the living room to eat at a time.

3. Sammy likes taking baths, but it makes him pee in the tub when the water is turned on.

4. Disco grows a lot of fur for a Sphynx. But not all over, just in strange clumps. So every once in a while, Teri shaves him, hahameow!

5. Sammy hates car rides, gets nervous and usually vomits, poops and pees before we arrive at our destination, requiring a major 'clean up on aisle 3' scenario.

6. Coco has one favorite toy, a corduroy catnip Christmas 'sock' . She carries it around and cries like she has 'prey' in her mouth or is carrying a newborn kitten--same kind of sound oddly enough.

7. Brighton got his name because our petsitter nicknamed him 'Surfer Dude' when he was a kitten, because we had a waterbed and he was playing on it and they made it 'wavy' for him.

The cats over at Bengalcatdomination said the rules specify that we have to pick 15 Irresistibly Sweet Bloggers to give this award to, and we started down our blogroll and wow, we know lots more than 15 sweet bloggers. What to do??

Well, since BlogPaws, the Pet Blogger Conference is coming up, we decided to pick 15 pet bloggers that are new to us, that we will be able to meet in person at BlogPaws.

While they are new to us, too and we are just getting to follow their blogs, we thought our furriends might enjoy visiting here's who we picked, in alphabetical order...


  1. Hi Guys!
    Me did not know about the "sink-hole-effect". Hissy Old Licorice used to do it all the time and Mommy and Daddy thought he was weird. Now we know he was just a cat!
    Thanks for sharing all the interesting facts! Me enjoyed reading bout yous!

  2. Concats on your award! We laughed at the term "Sink Hole Effect."

    It was fun to read all those things, because we didn't know them. Of course, our mom won't remember them, either. LOL.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Conscat for your Awards !!!
    I really enjoy your unknown facts, wicked and Funny !!!

    I think your human still lucky in some way, Coco and Disco just pees in the bathroom sink, I did in the bath tube, Big Business..hee..heh..

    I think Brighton must be a very very skinny cat. No way, I will leave my bowl !

    And thank you so much to passed on it to me : )
    Have a great Sunday !

  4. I absolutely loved reading these really fun thingd! And hey, if you're gonna pee outside the box the sink is the way to go! Disco..I stilllove you sweet boy!!


  5. Huge congratulations with your very sweet award!! Yay! And thanks for these amazing facts about Coco, Disco, Sammy and Brighton!!! Me and Charlie have not heard of this Sink Hole effect! Amazing!! Take care

  6. Tell Sammy for #3 that it does the same thing for a lot human kids ;) so he's in great company :D

    Congrats on your lovely award!

  7. Congrats on the awardie! We loved all the strange stuff about you guys, but especially #1. LC used ta do that in the bathtub drain!

  8. ha ha ha! We are laffin about the Sink Hole! There are a few of us who like to do that, Mommy just mutters about "one less clump" and runs the water.
    You all are really sweet, we loved your facts!

  9. Concats on your award! Those were very interesting things about all of you. Mom says I do not like to share the litterbox, so I go outside of it, next to it, Mom learned to just buy those training pads. Now all she has to do is change those out every day...

  10. heheh random lumps of hair.. hehe. oh sorry, I wasnt laughing.. :D

  11. Hi! We stopped by here from Mr. Puddy's. Nice to meet you kittehz! Those are sum pretty interesting facts! We luf the "sink hole"effect! Purrs from Prancer Pie.


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