Monday, September 9, 2013

ManCat Monday, Brighton Style!

As most of our friends know, Coco and I were 'Pet Me' cats at the National Capital Cat show this past weekend. People were trippin' over themselves to get photos of us fashionista cats! One of our friends said this photo of me looks like I'm a 'Made' man...kinda like part of the Florida Mafia, Hahameow. 

If any of our talented photoshopping friends can take that first photo and edit out all the background so Teri can use the photo of just me (minus the folding chairs and human)...she would try to do something nice for you in return!

As you can see, I am a very ManCatly cat, even though I had to share Coco's Pink Catillac!


  1. Pink is a very manly color... if you are a cat! I've seen lots of guykitties drawn to pink and it works well for them.

  2. We can't see the third pic but you do look stunning and ever so suave and chic lovely Coco! Yay! take care

  3. we are SURE you were both big hits with everyone. love the fedora!!

  4. You look very Miami Vice in the first picture Brighton!

  5. We bet you two were the hit of the show!


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