Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Late Night Sunday Evening...

What! How many days since our last post? Too much frittering going on around the Curly Swirly house! We've just been watching the grass grow, hahameow!

It's not like Teri's working more hours, or even sleeping in more...

She says she's kinda in a rut and has been busy on the weekends, too.

And well, not much gets accomplished during the week around here (in the old days, Disco woulda pee'd on the pile of receipts and mail on the counter by now, hahameow!)

And we feel kinda funny just talkin' about us, when we haven't been by to visit any of you in well, dog years!!

But here we go, with a promise to try and get by to see what all of you have been up to lately!

Well, we went to a cat show and wow'd all the visitors with our Pink Catillac and stunning ensembles! We had loads of fun at the show and in the hotel room!

and Teri got to go out to dinner with friends, but she didn't bring us any leftovers cuz she ate it all!

Then the next weekend, Teri went to a Wine and Cheese FunRaiser for Fancy Cats Rescue, and once again, didn't bring home any leftovers even though she knows we love Cheese!

She had some raffle tickets but didn't come home with a TV or a Gift Basket for us, but her green papers went to a good cause...

And we are happy to repurrt that Disco is doing very well with his IBD treatments and is feeling very good, chasing up and down the stairs and playing a lot, so we know he feels better!

And Teri's doing ok, too, after her dentist visit. They say humans like her are 'long in the tooth' but she's short one of those teeth now.

Nope, she didn't look like a tasty chipmunk after the extraction she had to have (fractured root canal tooth) and as long as she takes ibuprofen every 8 hours, she isn't hurting either ('cept then Disco trod on her face last night in bed...).

Next week she has to have a mammogram and xray of her achy back, but that'll be easy compared to the dentist!! We told her we could give her a Cat Scan, hahameow!

And Gizmo is still 'vacationing' with us, as his house still isn't move-in-able! But he is doing fine and even let's Teri hold him and brush him now...though she still has to watch out for his swats! 

In fact, she is going to help counsel his humans when he goes home, so they can learn to live with his 'petting threshold aggression' issues. 

Here is a very good post by a friend of ours that talks all about Petting Aggression:


  1. We are glad to get a quick catch up, even if it's quick. And glad to hear the news for Disco is good! I bet you look great in those outfits too!

  2. You have all been busy! Goin to a Cat Show sounds too ecitin fer us though.

  3. You kitties have been busy! I am glad to hear that Disco is doing well.

  4. We is happy yous gots a post out! Yous has been online about as much as us!

  5. Sounds like Teri has been busy! It makes us so happy to hear Disco is doing well on his therapy. We've been purring so hard fur him. The pink catillac is adorable! No wonder efurrybody loves it. xoxoxo

  6. It's good to read an update, you all have been busy! Or Teri has been busy. Our mom is shuddering over the extraction and is sending healing vibes; we're sending Teri purrs for that.

    We're glad Disco's doing well, and Gizmo too!

  7. BTW, just read the article on petting aggression -- very good. I'm lucky with the boys, Nicki especially. They're not biters and they can take a lot of petting. If I stop petting Derry before he's finished, he'll sometimes put his teeth very gently on my hand--which means I pull my hand away and turn over (usually this is in bed) and ignore him. LOL.

    But even with my boys, I always watch their body language carefully. Nicki's very affectionate, but not a lap cat, for instance. Derry loves to be on your lap for a while, but then he's had enough. I'd never try to change their purrsonalities, why would I? I love them as they are. :-)

    Oh, and just a further note re: silly Nicki: He's a HUGE head butter. If you don't get down and head-rub with him, he gets frantic. And when you do it, he gets so excited that often all the fur on his back stands up and his tail bushes out. When that first happened I was a bit concerned, but he does that when he's happy excited, as well as when he's territorial re: another cat on the other side of the fence. So I guess it's just a matter of knowing your cat and his/her responses.

  8. Very timely reposting of that article. With our Clyde, he is a limp dishrag when you handle him, he will love and purr & drool and then just recently I have notice he will 'snap'. Which of course, isn't snapping at all, he warns me in not only body language but scent. I find that aspect is often overlooked in these articles. His scent changes, becomes stronger, more heady. I can always tell. Even Miss Jenga will do this (not the agression, just the heavier scent, I know then to stop petting her). They continue to purr like mad and seek affection but I will then just lay my hand next to them, if they want to rub that's up to them but I cease all body rubbing. I am always amazed at how fast cats are. Upon learning the hard way with Clyde that he is so sensative, even for a kitten he can snap, claw & bite in less than a second! Cats are such amazing creatures. I laugh when I think of them being likened to being 'ticklish' cos I my feet are the worst & that makes pedicures very interesting. I can just imagine if I were a cat, one day getting my pedicure and putting one of those poor tiny girls through the back wall of the salon with a swift kick when it gets too much! MOL!

    That Woman

  9. MOWZERS, you guys have been busy! We're very glad that - except for Disco's stomping - your mom's toofies don't hurt. YAY for ibuprofen!

    We're going to go read about petting aggression now - thanks for the link!


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